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Tips from a successful trophy husband

Being a trophy husband is not to be sniffed at, but it's not easy to become one either. Tips from a man who has successfully married a richer woman
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How to be a trophy husband – a guide

I met some old school friends recently – the ones who had tonnes of daddy money. It was sort of a reunion where we were all expected to be happy for one another. But all each really wanted, was blow their trumpets and judge former classmates. So I picked my silk Gucci shirt, and a tie to go with. The boy who got stale bread to tiffin and recycled past year’s notebooks had finally made it – and how!

I had married rich, and not just any rich, but a let’s fly to Europe for the weekend getaway kinda rich. How did I get here? Simple – I spent all my energy and mind to woo my wife – a princess in every sense of the word. Today, I am her arm candy at all parties where I entertain her friends with wit, educate relatives with wisdom, and enthral with a charm that took 31 years to perfect. Arm candy, yes, or what some of you may consider a trophy husband.

Me, a trophy! Who would’ve imagined! I met my wife while pursuing graduation and realised she was the one. She was never the flashy kind, and I only realised her moneyed background 2 months into dating her. That made her more special – not the money, but her absolute comfort with it. It’s true – only the super rich can afford to go to a shop and not buy. We, middle classers, feel pressured to at least pick up something lest the shop assistant think we can’t afford it!

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