35 Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl To Know Her Better

questions to know her better
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She caught your eye, you approached her, got her number, and texted her. Everything is going great until you realize that you’ve run out of topics to talk about. You want to keep her engaged, but don’t know what topics to broach. What questions should you ask a girl to get to know her better? Don’t worry, with the help of this article, you will have several conversation starters and enough fuel to keep the conversation going.

It could be your first date and you texted her after that and she agreed to go on a second one. Kudos to you! But before that, you are fretting over what to talk about on the second one and how to ask some deep questions to make it interesting. As exciting as it will be to see her again, you have to do your best to not mess it up. But don’t worry. We have your back. This article will arm you with a list of questions you must ask to know her better.

30 Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl To Know Her Better

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These 30 questions are sure to come to your rescue when you think you have nothing to talk about with your crush over text. Even otherwise, if you two are out and about and are running out of things to talk about — these questions to ask a girl to know her better will definitely save the day. Fair warning though. These aren’t the typical questions boys are accustomed to asking girls to get to know them better.

Here are 30 questions that are rather out of the ordinary and will help you keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Make sure to ask her follow-up questions to keep her engaged and show her how interested you are in talking to her. You can ask her these deep questions on a date or over text — whatever works for you!

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1. If you were stuck in an elevator and had to listen to a song on repeat, which one would it be?

Now you might have asked her about her favorite song, but it may or may not be her go-to song. You can have so many favorite songs but can you actually listen to them on repeat for hours?

This question will make her reflect on that. Music can tell you a lot about a person and knowing about her music taste will definitely help you in getting to know her better. You will know what kind of music makes her happy.

2. What are the worst pick-up lines guys have used on you?

This will give you a clear idea about the kind of guys she likes and the kind of guys who make her cringe. This will also add a touch of humor to the conversation. The worst pick up lines guys have used on her will help you get to know a girl better and even have a laugh or two.

They will give you an idea of how she needs to be addressed and the do’s and don’ts you should follow. Also, girls love it when they can make fun of other guys in front of a guy friend, so that’s a plus for you.

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3. I weirdly love the smell of petrol. What about you…any unusual smell you like?

Now, this is an uncanny question that you wouldn’t normally ask a person! But by giving her your own example, you’re putting her in a comfort zone where she is free to talk about any weird habits or likes she has.

This may not seem like one of the most impressive questions to ask a girl on chat, but it’s actually a very deep question that will make her think. Only a girl who is completely comfortable around you will share weird info about herself with you over text.

So, if she tells you, she knows she can be herself around you.

4. What are three things that you always carry with you in your bag/wallet?

This is an interesting and deep question that will definitely help you in the long run. Her answer could be a hairpin, a lipstick, a photo of someone she cares about or a note she cherishes. Hopefully, there’s a lot of sanitizer in there too. This is definitely an interesting questions to ask a girl on text, trust us.

These may seem like mundane objects but believe us, there is a more profound meaning behind them. These are a few of the essential things she cannot leave her house without! If you want to get to know a girl, this is a great place to start. And she will be happy to answer too!

5. What is your recent weird obsession?

This is a random question to ask a girl but one that will make her think and think a lot. She will be a bit surprised with the kind of questions you ask her over text, but will also kind of enjoy them.

These are questions no one would have asked her before and they might just intrigue her in a good way.

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6. Were there any instances where you were misunderstood?

This is one of the deep questions you can ask a girl over text. These memories come with emotional baggage so be prepared to hear her out, console her and give her suggestions if she’s looking for them.

However, it is important to note that this is a question that you should ask her only if she has opened up to you to at a certain level. Ensure that you have already been speaking to her for a considerable amount of time before asking her this. If this question is popped too early, it might be a relationship deal-breaker.

7. If you had to invent your own dance move, what would it be?

This is a fun question that will get her creative juices flowing, especially if she’s into dancing. She will use her imagination to come up with either a terribly funny or a really graceful move.

You must compliment both! You could try out the move with her the next time you meet. This could be a cute private moment that you both share and you could turn it into your Couple Thing.

8. What places do you like to go to when you want to be alone?

You can really get to know a girl by the kind of place that gives her comfort. She could be the kind of girl who likes to go to a secluded place and spend her time alone or someone who prefers to mingle with a crowd and forget about what’s bothering her.

Knowing her preferences will certainly give you an insight into the kind of person she is. Or she could tell you about the hiking trail she wants to hit alone.

9. If you had a time machine, what incident of your life would you like to revisit?

Need an interesting question to ask a girl? This is a genius way to have her tell you her fondest memory; one that she would like to relive, or her most embarrassing moment that she would like to change!

Either way, it will be a memory that has had a great impact on her. You will get to know a lot about her from this answer. Or she might tell you about a sad memory which she wants to revisit and change.

10. What is the most insane reason one of your friends picked a fight with you?

Nothing forges bonds like bitching sessions about ex-friends. Or even telling funny and crazy stories about your current ones. The best questions to ask a girl are those that make her really open up to you. And this surely will.

This question is bound to have you both texting for hours, swapping stories. Get ready to be shocked by some insane drama or laugh your pants off at a hilarious story.

11. What is the weirdest thing about your family?

No family is perfect. You always have weird traditions or relatives that will either make you cringe or give you the giggles and laugh your heart out. We are sure she has a million such weird stories up her sleeve too.

This is one of the best questions you can ask a girl over text. Her excitement while telling you about her childhood memories or stories about family gatherings, will be palpable. Also, knowing her family dynamics will tell you a lot about a girl.

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12. If you ever won a beauty pageant/best actress award, what would your speech be?

questions to ask a girl
You can ask her about the speech she would give when she wins an award

Almost everyone imagines themselves winning one of these awards. This question will probably make her nostalgic about her childhood when she indulged in these fantasies. You might get some really hilarious answers to this question.

She might come up with an interesting, out-of-the box speech which would give you an insight into who she is. Such impressive questions to ask a girl on chat will definitely make you understand her much better as a person.

13. What is the dumbest thing you’ve done in the past 24 hours?

This is a lighthearted question and also a great conversation starter! The idea is to get to know as much as you can and use the information you get to continue the conversation or to use as reference points in the future.

This is a fun question, the answer to which could make you two laugh for hours. So if you are really confused about what to say to her, throw this question in the mix and you will not regret it.

14. Pineapple on pizza or not?

This is honestly a question that takes a lot of guts to ask because you have to live with the answer. If you think this is a deal-breaker or maker, go ahead and ask this question.

If you both love or hate pineapple on pizza, it’s a match made in heaven. Needless to say, you can collectively hate on the other group of people and bond.

15. Do you think we are happy from within? If not, then why?

What to ask a girl to know her on the inside? This is another one of those deep questions that you can ask a girl. This question is quite subjective and philosophical in nature. Her answer to this will let you know a lot about her perspective on life and happiness.

This will give you an opportunity to have a mature conversation that lets you go beyond the usual banter. A profound question like this will really allow you to get to know a girl better.

16. What is one TV series that you discovered on your own?

“Netflix and chill” is the mantra of the 21st century. There could be some less popular TV series that she could have just discovered and liked a lot.

This will teach you about her tastes in movies and TV shows. This is an important compatibility checker for you. You can watch the show she recommends and judge her taste for yourself.

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17. If there was a zombie apocalypse, what would you do?

Girls love a guy who can make them laugh. This question will tell you if your girl likes to be the hero of the hour or the damsel in distress. One of the best questions to ask a girl indeed, you could be discussing this one for a long time.

Put on your thinking cap and prepare for a zombie attack over text. You can role-play and be her partner in crime or her protector. Time to let your imagination run wild and have a good laugh!

18. What is the weirdest dream you ever had?

This is one of the fun questions to ask a girl. Her answer could be literally anything from an animated, candy wonderland to dreams about the apocalypse. Maybe even something sad or scary that will give you a hint into her soul.

You can share your weird dreams with her too. This will give you loads to talk about and bond over.

19. What is the one question you wish people stopped asking you?

There are a few typical questions that everyone keeps asking you and you’re tired of answering. The questions are very generic ones like why are you so thin or fat, or what your name means, or when do you plan to get married etc.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they get sick of being asked the same thing over and over again. Make sure you exclude this question from your list of “questions to ask a girl”.

20. If you had to trade lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

At some point in our lives, we have always imagined ourselves living the life of another person for a day. She will probably give you the name of someone who inspires her to the core.

You could get an interesting answer, learn something absolutely new which will help you get to know her better.

21. What is the one thing you’re most passionate about?

If you haven’t already asked her this, what are you waiting for? If you want to get to know about a girl, ask her about the things she’s passionate about, what inspires her to the core, and what her driving forces are!

You can get to know if she cares about the environment, animals, social causes, or making her career. This will give you a great acumen of the kind of person she is. Also, if you share passions, you can talk about them for days on end! Could she be your soulmate or is it just infatuation? You will have the answer.

22. What is something that others find weird but you don’t?

Pondering questions to ask a girl to know her better? Then run with this. You tend to bond faster with someone by knowing their weird habits. If you’re lucky, you might share the same type of weird habits. If this is the case, you have found your match!

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23. Do you want things to be in control or are you okay going with the flow?

This question will help you understand if control works for her and she wants everything her way or she is cool with things being a bit messy, going a bit haywire and she believes taking each day as it comes.

This is a great question to ask a girl to understand her character better.

24. What’s her opinion about a long-distance relationship?

If she tells you that a long-distance relationship works for her because she believes love has nothing to do with distance, then you know where you stand. But she could also tell you a long-distance relationship doesn’t work out for her and it inevitably ends. 

You would know that if you have to shift towns for your career whether she would wait for you or move on. With these interesting questions to ask a girl over text, you will get a hint of what you should expect from her in a relationship.

25. What would you do if your marriage becomes a loveless one?

how to know her better
Ask her what would she do if she is in a loveless marriage?

She might tell you she would try to find a way out of her loveless marriage, or that she would try to stay on and bring back the love. But what kind of person is she and why would she choose the way she does?

This gives you an idea of how practical, romantic or objective she is and if that’s a trait you like in her or not.

26. What would you do if your parents are against your love marriage?

She might tell you that she would try to convince them about her love without hurting them, or she could tell you she wouldn’t take the trouble to do so and go for an arranged marriage fixed by them.

Or her answer could be that she wouldn’t go into any trouble and just elope with her love. Well! You should best be prepared then.

27. How would you react to cheating?

What to ask a girl to know her and how she is in relationships? She could just tell you it is possible to love someone else while being happily married or she could tell you that she would be devastated if her partner cheats.

This would tell you a lot about her opinion about relationships and life. If you are looking for questions to ask a girl to know her better then this is a very important question.

28. What would you do if you have a manipulative mother-in-law?

How would she deal with a scheming mother-in-law? Would she be manipulative too, or would she just ignore her, or would she try to charm her? This would tell you a lot about how she believes in tackling difficult relationships.

Some interesting questions to ask a girl sometimes even give you an insight on how she might be as a potential, long-term girlfriend. This would also give you an idea of how she would gel with your mom in case your relationship goes to the next level.

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29. What would you do if your ex contacted you?

She could say she would just ignore her ex if he contacts her years later. Or she could tell you that she is already in touch with her ex and she is great friends with him. This is one of the most important questions to ask a girl.

This way you will not get a shock when you are on a date with her and the ex calls her up.

30. What would you do if a guy cancels a date?

ask your girl
How would she react when a guy cancels a date?

She could say that a guy cancelling a date is okay if he has a valid reason. But if he keeps cancelling and then keeps coming up with excuses she could tell you she wouldn’t like that.

You would get an idea of the exact things that you could end up doing that would piss her off. So now you know what not to do around her!

31. What is your take on having kids?

These days having children is not something that all couples are keen on doing. People’s mindsets are changing and many couples choose not to follow the tradition of having a child before you hit your 30s. Casually, you might bring this question up to see if she has thought about kids or not.

If you are dating for marriage or are serious about being with this girl, then these are the questions to ask a girl to know her better. This way, you can see if your goals align or not.

32. Who are the top three people in your life whom you cannot live without?

The people we love majorly determine who we are as people too. To really get an insight into who she is, you must know who are the people she cares about the most. Is it mostly her family or her friends or is she super close to her co-workers? This is one of those impressive questions to ask a girl on chat when you’re texting her late at night.

33. Do you have any angry or scary exes?

A funny question to ask; this way you know whether you should be on the edge of your seat when you’re out on a date with her. Many women do have a scary ex and this way, you will get to know all about him.

These are the best questions to ask a girl when you definitely see a future with her. If you like her a lot and do see her as your girlfriend one day, you definitely want to know if there’s a guy from her past relationships you should know about.

34. Which is your favorite travel destination?

Is she a girl who wants to go hiking up in the cold mountains or does she see herself drinking a martini on the beach? Does she prefer cozy, small towns to spend holidays in, or does the big city madness excite her? These are questions to ask a girl over text in order to understand how she enjoys life.

Is she chasing comfort or a rush? Either way, you now know what kind of places make her heart happy.

35. The world would be a better place with more…

Need the best questions to ask a girl? Then use a little twist and ask her to complete the above sentence for you. If she says dogs, who can blame her? That would probably solve all our problems.

But on a serious note, this way you will know what she really thinks and how she perceives the world around us.

How Hard Is It To Know A Girl?

Not everyone is an open book. People, especially girls, like to put their guard up until they know they can trust a person. They only open up once they know about the intentions of the other person.

They take time to bond with a guy. It is therefore important for you to first establish trust by talking to her and then only after that will you get to know a girl well enough.

Once she’s comfortable around you, she will slowly start opening up to you. When this happens, it gives you the opportunity to ask her deep questions over text to get to know her better. However, it is still wise to not assume that you know her completely.

There are several layers to a girl’s thoughts and she might not share all of them with you. These 30+ questions will help you get to know the girl of your dreams on a deeper level. These questions will also help you both bond; through serious conversation and lighter ones that might just make her smile in a way that lights up her eyes.

Always remember, the intention is to get to know the girl in a way that no one does. We are giving you some interesting questions to ask a girl to serve the purpose of getting to know her better. These aren’t just questions to ask a girl, but your ticket to stand out in a crowd. Girls like people who take a keen interest in them and surprise them by thinking out of the box. Be out of the ordinary so she remembers you. Don’t forget to ask her follow-up questions so that you keep the conversation flowing and easy-going. She will appreciate your interest in her and you will immediately come to her mind when she comes across something that reminds you of a conversation you both had.

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