11 Ways A Sagittarius Woman Acts When In Love

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Updated On: December 18, 2023
sagittarius woman in love

Lo and behold, a Sagittarius woman in love! A Sagittarius woman is a free bird, unwilling to be chained. Sagittarius women are optimistic and cheerful, with a heightened sense of altruism. If there’s one thing she hates, it is sulking. Whether it’s herself or the people around her, she cannot deal with dull or negative vibes. 

They choose to remain single for a large part of their lives, because it isn’t easy for a Sagittarius woman to find a person she wants to be with. Sagittarius women in love can be a rare breed. However, it is worth mentioning that just because she is picky doesn’t mean she is judgmental. A Sagittarius woman strongly believes in allowing people to be themselves and expects the same from them. They are extremely social beings and also fiercely independent. If you’re wondering, “How to love a Sagittarius woman?”, the answer is to just let her be her authentic self.

Is she unfaithful in a relationship? No. Once a Sagittarius woman is in love, she’s in it for keeps and follows through with her commitment. Before getting into the details of what it’s like when your love interest is a Sagittarius woman, let’s address the basics of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Basics

Birthday: November 22-December 22

Type: Fire sign

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Key personality traits: Authentic, honest, funny, adventurous, spontaneous

Top life priorities: Independence, adventure, the ability to do whatever they want

So how does a Sagittarius woman act when in love? Read on to find out.

Ways A Sagittarius Woman Acts When In Love

There are some delightful qualities of a Sagittarius native — let’s dig deeper!

A Sagittarius woman in love goes all the way. She ensures that her man feels special and focuses on all the little things to prove her love. She tends to be possessive in love and detests dishonesty.

How do you know if a Sagittarius woman loves you? Here are some typical traits of a Sagittarius woman in love!

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1. If she’s in love, she’s all in

A Sagittarius woman is all in when she falls for someone. There is no one on her mind except her lover when she is with him. However, she might be skeptical in the beginning of a relationship. Attachment scares a Sagittarius woman in love because she is afraid to get her heart broken.

The moment she is assured of the fact that the attachment and feelings are reciprocated, she gets rid of all her inhibitions. A Sagittarius woman in love feels an intense level of connection with her lover and once she drowns herself in the abyss of love, it’s hard for her to resurface.

2. She detests stagnancy

A Sagittarius woman will run away at the first sign of stagnancy. Just like any other person, a Sagittarius woman in love needs stability. However, there needs to be an undeniable presence of freedom in that stability as well. A possessive partner would make a Sagittarius woman feel chained.

A Sagittarius Woman

Basically, a Sagittarius female in love tends to feel “the call of the wild” and needs to do things on her own. Sometimes, this attitude overwhelms her partner, but if you want to know how does a Sagittarius woman act when in love, this is it. Don’t try to tie her down.

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3. Her passion could be mistaken for bad temper

Sagittarius women are known for their temper, but this is simply because they are passionate about things that matter to them. When a Sagittarius female is in love, the passion for her partner takes over her. However, this fierce passion for her lover makes her seem hot-headed. She is quick to react, which could make arguments take an ugly turn if her lover reacts in a similar way. That said, Sagittarius women are also quick to diffuse. If her partner handles a fight with patience and maturity, she would pull up her socks and level with him.

4. Sagittarius women are not very egoistic

A Sagittarius woman does not have much of an ego. She barely remembers how she’s been wronged and is quick to forgive, because Sagittarius natives have fast paced lives. They are the last ones to be stuck-up on an issue. She would rather be honest about how she feels and bluntly tell her partner the same.

For a Sagittarius woman in love, who apologizes first does not matter as long as the matter is solved. She will not wait for her partner to come bearing expensive gifts to apologize. She will not act egoistically and risk her relationship by doing so.

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5. She can be dominating at times

If you try to claim her, you are bound to lose her. Let her be and she will never leave your side. However, if you try to gain control, she will show you how dominating she can be. Trust us, you don’t want to see that side.

How to love a Sagittarius woman> Give her the space to be herself. Restraining and tying her down will only make her want to leave. A bird in the cage is never truly happy and in the case of our dear Sagittarius, it couldn’t be truer. A Sagittarius woman in relationships needs to have some space to be herself.

6. Her presence can be loud

In a relationship with a Sagittarius woman, the partner is certain to be overshadowed. Her presence can be loud. Loving a Sagittarius woman can prove to be intimidating for someone shy, but that’s how she behaves in love. If she is comfortable around you, she will not shy away from owning the place. Being the life of every party, they are one of the most fun people to hang out with.

The interesting fact is, despite having a loud presence, a Sagittarius woman never tries to be the center of attention. Her aura is attractive to the other people in the room. When in love, there’s no limit to the attention she showers on her lover. It’s one of the Sagittarius woman in love traits.

7. She is brutally honest

A Sagittarius woman does not wear rose-tinted glasses even as she is in love. She always speaks matter-of-factly and she would need her partner to be as practical as she is.

One of the most important aspects of the personality of a Sagittarius woman in relationships is honesty. Sugar-coating things and sweet talking can never be her forte. She is blunt about what she thinks. This could create problems with her significant other but a Sagittarius woman needs complete transparency in a relationship. In love or not, she will still call a spade, a spade.

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8. She likes being asked, not told

Never ask a Sagittarius woman to “tone down.” She finds it extremely insulting and you’ll just end up frustrating her. She might oblige if she is hopelessly in love, but it goes against her authentic self. Never use a commanding tone. Always ask. She will selflessly go out of her way to do something for her partner if she is asked with love. If her partner demands her to do something, she will lose all her will to even try. It’s a sure-shot way to lose Sagittarius woman compatibility.

9. She lives for adventure

Spontaneity and thrill gets her blood pumping. If you are wondering, “What are Sagittarius women in love traits?”, it’s these: When a Sagittarius woman is in love, she wants to do new things with her lover. She loves to explore romantic places and different cultures with her partner by her side. She believes in living in the moment and not drowning in the worries of tomorrow. You will find her coming up with ideas for a new adventure as soon as she returns home from the current one.

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10. She loves engaging conversations

One cannot bore a Sagittarius woman if she is really in love. She is not one who’d sit quietly by the side and let boredom take charge of the relationship. She is talkative and would ensure her partner does engages with her prattle too. It’s one of the top signs of Sagittarius woman behavior when in love.

Her brain holds an abundance of questions and an overwhelming inquisitiveness to know more about life and her lover. A relationship with a Sagittarius woman goes beyond romance. She has the power to show you what lies beyond the box of our imagination and will force you to put on your thinking cap too.

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11. She is often confused between freedom and commitment

The Sagittarius troupe of women worship freedom as their deity. A confined relationship makes them claustrophobic. They relate themselves to fireworks – loud, bright and free. More often than not, you’ll find them not pursuing their love because they have a fear of commitment.

So, can a Sagittarius woman be faithful? The answer is yes. A Sagittarius woman honors and respects the sanctity of faithfulness and honesty in a relationship. Once you have them in your life, you will observe how truth is the one thing that all Sagittarius natives adore the most.

A Sagittarius woman can take a good amount of time to truly trust someone and fall in love, but the wait is completely worth it. She is unique, she is exciting, and she is intelligent. Loving a Sagittarius woman is to keep up with her overflowing emotions and her exuberance. If you can do that, you are deserving of Sagittarius woman compatibility.

Once in love, she will do all that she can to not let the flame of passion die. If you’ve found yourself a Sagittarius woman, she is here to stay. Don’t let go!


1. How to make a Sagittarius woman fall in love with you?

Shower her with love and attention but do it in a way that honors her authenticity and independence. A Sagittarius woman does not approve of domination, so give her enough space to be her truest self. Keep up with her intensity of emotions, her zest for life, and her need for freedom.

2. How to know if A Sagittarius woman likes you?

If a Sagittarius woman likes you, she will drop all her inhibitions and show you her most authentic self. She will keep coming up with fun, exciting ideas to spend time with you, she will shower love on you, and make you feel special in her own unique ways.

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