11 Ways a Sagittarius Woman Acts When in Love

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Sagittarius woman in love

Those who have Sagittarius women in their lives know that she does not fall in love easily. A Sagittarius woman is like a free bird, unwilling to be chained. Does that make her unfaithful in a relationship? No. It is a task to make a Sagittarius woman fall in love, but once she does, she is not coming out of it anytime soon.

Keep reading to find out what is it like to date a Sagittarius woman.

11 Ways a Sagittarius Woman Acts When in Love

There are many wonderful qualities a Sagittarius woman has, that come out, even more, when she is in love. She would go all the way to make the man she loves, really special but she could feel upset when dominated. Read through the following traits to know a Sagittarius woman better.

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1. If she’s in love, she’s all in

A Sagittarius woman goes all-in if she falls for someone. She would not think about another person except the woman she’s in love with. However, she is always sceptical at the beginning of any relationship. Being “all in” scares her of getting her heart broken easily. Which is why the scepticism stays for a substantial time until she can completely trust her lover.

The moment she truly clicks with her significant other, there is no turning back. If a Sagittarius woman feels an intense level of connection with someone, she would feel herself drowning in the abyss of love, never to resurface.

Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius woman when loving Image Source

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2. She can never be stagnant

A Sagittarius woman will run away at the first sign of stagnancy. Just like any other person, she certainly needs stability, but there needs to be an undeniable presence of change and fluidity in that stability. A placid partner would make a Sagittarius woman feel chained.

Basically, even when in love, a Sagittarius woman tends to feel “the call of the wild”. This type of nature in a relationship might overwhelm her partner, but this is simply how a Sagittarius woman is, when she is in love.

3. Her passion could make her hot-headed and reactive

Sagittarius women are known for their temper, for they are very passionate. When a Sagittarius woman is in love, the passion for her partner and their relationship consumes her. However, this fierce passion for love makes her very hot-headed. She is quick to react, which can take a bad turn if her lover is equally reactive.

On the contrary, Sagittarius women are also quick to diffuse. If a Sagittarius woman’s partner handles a fight with calmness and maturity, she would not continue throwing tantrums. She would just as quickly calm down and sort the matter out.

She can lose her patience

She can lose her patience Image Source

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4. Saggitarius women are not very egoistic

A Sagittarius woman does not have much of an ego. She will not hold grudges for weeks at the end. She would rather be honest about what she feels and bluntly tell her partner about it.

For her, who apologises first does not matter, as long as the matter is solved. She will not wait for her partner to apologise to her with expensive gifts and pampered treatment. She would maturely step up and apologise with all her heart if she realises her fault in a fight. She will not act unnecessarily egoistic for no reason.

5. She can be quite dominant and boisterous

Don’t try to chain a Sagittarius woman down, for she is inherently dominating. Sometimes, her dominant nature steps up and she can behave very boisterously.

Restraining her is of no use. A Sagittarius woman needs to be herself, and there is nothing anybody can do to hinder her “call to the wild”.

They can be dominating

They can be dominating Image Source

This is why a Sagittarius woman should be careful to fall in love with a calm and mature person – someone who can handle her boisterousness and dominating personality but not be meek and completely submissive.

6. Her presence can be loud

In a relationship with a Sagittarius woman, her partner is going to be overshadowed. The presence of a Sagittarius woman can be loud. This can prove to be intimidating for a shy or introverted partner, but that is just how she is when she is in love. Her comfort with her partner is so high she will not shy away from owning the place.

The interesting fact is, despite having a loud presence a Sagittarius woman never tries to be the centre of attention. Her behaviour is such that it attracts the people in a room. But if she is in love, she would much rather prefer that her partner gets all the attention.

7. She is bluntly honest

A Sagittarius woman will not wear rose-tinted glasses even when she is deeply in love. Her outlook always remains very matter-of-factly, and she would prefer her partner to be just as practical as she is.

Sagittarius women are bluntly honest

Sagittarius women are bluntly honest Image Source

One of the most important aspects of her practicality is honesty. Sugar-coating wrong things and sweet talking can never be her forte. She will be blunt about what she thinks. This could potentially pinch the significant other, but a Sagittarius woman needs honesty in a relationship. She will be deeply in love, but she will still call a spade, a spade.

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8.Ask her, don’t tell her

Demanding a Sagittarius woman to tone her personality down is like clipping her wings. She might oblige if she is hopelessly in love, but it goes against her authentic self. Never demand, command, or tell things to a Sagittarius woman. Always ask. She will selflessly go out of her way to do something for her partner, if only she is asked with love. If her partner demands her to do something, she will lose all will and would become reactive.

She can readily throw fiery rages if her lover yells too loud, orders her to do something, or offend her for no reason. She needs a partner who is encouraging, not envious.

9.She seeks out for adventures with her lover

Spontaneity and thrill is in the blood of a Sagittarius woman. When she is in love, she would want to do new things with her lover. Travelling, going camping, long drives, etc. are all things that drive her closer to her partner. She cannot handle mundaneness in a relationship. Her partner will constantly find her coming up with ideas for a new adventure as soon as they return home from one.

Sagittarius woman is all for adventure

Sagittarius woman is all for adventure Image Source

A Sagittarius woman is restless and when in love, she would make several new plans with her lover because she would want them to be a part of her exciting life as well.

10. She would always indulge in interesting conversations

One cannot bore a Sagittarius woman if she is really in love. She is not one of those who would sit quietly and let boredom take charge of her relationship. She is talkative, and she would make sure her partner talks too.

Her brain is an abundance of questions and information which she will enthusiastically share with her partner. A relationship with a Sagittarius woman will go beyond romance. It will indulge in meaningful discussions and informative conversations.

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11. She is often confused between freedom and commitment

The Sagittarius troupe of women worship freedom as their deity. A confined relationship makes them claustrophobic. They relate themselves to fireworks, which are open in the sky and cannot be kept in a room. More often than not, you are likely to bump into a Sagittarius woman not pursuing her crush in the fear of being confined. This dilemma constantly juggles in her mind.

A Sagittarius woman is often confused

A Sagittarius woman is often confused Image Source

So, can a Sagittarius woman be faithful? The answer is yes. Granted, her nature makes her less willing to commit, but once she does, she is not going anywhere else as long as her significant other needs to make sure she gets all the freedom she wants. She just cannot be tied.

A Sagittarius woman can take a good amount of time to truly trust someone and fall in love, but the wait is completely worth it. She is new, she is exciting, and she is intelligent. To fall in love with a Sagittarius woman is to keep up with her overflowing and extroverted energies.

Once in love, she will do all that she can to not let the flame of passion die. Hold on to a Sagittarius woman if you find her, for she is here to stay.

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