In Love? Weaknesses of Zodiac Signs You Should Know

Shubhada Nishtala
Weaknesses of zodiac signs

If you’re an ardent believer of astrology and believe that your personality and unique characteristics are a result of your Zodiac Sign, then there are some flaws in your character too which are more explicit when you are in love. The weaknesses of Zodiac Signs when they are in love can help you understand them better.

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Weaknesses of Zodiac Signs in love 

All 12 Zodiac signs have some drawback that becomes apparent when they are in love. We list those drawbacks in this article so that you can take cognizance if you belong to a particular sign or you are in love with a particular sign. This will help you deal with your relationship better.
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1. Aries- Rushing into everything

A good Fire sign, Aries are hard workers. However, they have a habit of rushing into things, both professionally and personally. They make decisions without giving the situation a second thought which makes them difficult to keep up with. An Aries partner would impulsively make a big move like moving in together without putting in much thought.

Aries rushes into everything Image source

2. Taurus- Take things too slowly

If an Aries is too fast, the fellow Taurus is a tad bit too slow, almost to the extent of being lazy and sluggish.

They take ages to make a decision and this could prove detrimental for a relationship that is on the verge of moving a step further.

This laziness is triggered by the Taurus’s desire for a safe and secure relationship and they seldom experiment with newer things as they get accustomed to their old habits.

They are little bit slow

Taurus is a tad bit too slow Image source

3. Gemini- Won’t take a breather in between

The Gemini is always in a rush to accomplish multiple things in the shortest span of time, which often leaves them overworked and unable to actually fulfil all commitments. They are omnipresent which leads them to be nosey and interfering, which can be quite irritating in a relationship. Their curiosity is often annoying.

Rush to accomplish multiple things

Won’t take a breather in between Image source

4. Cancer- Too sensitive

Cancers are sensitive. They often tend to live in the past without even making an attempt to step into the present or think about the future. They’re too melancholic and not quite the risk-takers when it comes to relationships.

Cancers are sensitive Image source

5. Leo- Too arrogant

A Leo is often extremely arrogant and has an over-inflated ego. It can be annoying for a partner when he is trying to give suggestions or making a statement to a Leo. Leo’s don’t appreciate the beauty in smaller things and often prefer a pompous show, which can be a point of annoyance for their partner.


Leo’s don’t appreciate the beauty in smaller things Image source

6. Virgo-Too Anxious

Virgos are big worriers.

They worry about virtually everything which makes them extremely non-experimental and very traditional. They are also very critical and it takes a lot to appease them, which is their biggest weakness when in a committed relationship.


Virgos are big worriers Image source

7. Libra- Too indecisive

Decision making is a huge task for Libras. They’re often weighing the pros and cons of every situation which makes reaching a conclusion a lengthy process. Their hesitation to do certain things may annoy their partners as they may never be able to reach a solid conclusion to any idea or event.


Decision making is a huge task for Libras Image source

8. Scorpio – Non-Communicative

Scorpios aren’t the strongest communicators. They’re quite secretive which makes them complex personalities to understand. Their complexity makes it difficult for their partners as a Scorpio will never tell you what’s wrong or bothering them and it will always remain a big question mark.


Scorpios aren’t the strongest communicators Image Source

9. Sagittarius- Moody

A Sagittarius is moody as they’re caught between their gut feelings and their heart.

Their mood swings are uncertain which can leave their partners feeling lost. They’re also extremely guarded and secretive as they don’t like showing weakness and vulnerability.


A Sagittarius is moody Image source

10. Capricorn- Temper tantrums

Capricorn has some anger management issues. They’re either fire or ice, and in, either way, the extremities of their personality will only cause heartache. They like being in control and don’t like change, a trait very similar to the Taurus. They hold grudges for long, which makes them extremely moody.


Capricorn has some anger management issues Image source

11. Aquarius- Too introverted

While Aquarius loves to socialize and make friends, they actually don’t have many real friends. It’s mostly superficial and their need to be independent can be quite selfish and self-centered. They don’t often think about others while making decisions and it’s often “I, ME, MYSELF” for an Aquarius in a relationship.


Aquarius loves to socialize and make friends Image source

12. Pisces- Too emotional

They wear their heart on their sleeves. They’re extremely sensitive and are emotional sponges for others as they try to absorb someone else’s problems into themselves which is hard for their own selves to manage.

A Pisces’ inability to block out things is their biggest weakness when they’re in love because they attempt to fix everyone and everything even when it isn’t humanly possible.

Pisces. Weaknesses of zodiac signs in love

Pisces are extremely sensitive and emotional
Image source

The traits might differ from person to person but if you take a sweeping look at all the Zodiac Signs then their weaknesses are best analysed in this article.

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