Affair and Cheating

We knew it couldn’t last

In love with a married man
Holding Hands Silhouette

Have you ever pondered how a relationship, even if it does not exist any longer, nourished you, your heart, your life? I have. I was in a romantic relationship with a married friend for a year. We’d been close friends for several years before that.

We shared a deep connection, initially as friends. He had a brilliant sense of humour. Being with him was joyous. For the first time I felt I was wholeheartedly into a relationship. I was so completely in love. I loved what we shared, the openness, the energy, the conversations, the sex. We spoke about what we were reading.

We shared stories, what inspired us, what made us mad, anything we were struggling with, listened to each other intently, asked questions, boosted each other, gave hugs, even over the phone by just being silent, called each other when we heard a song play on the radio which we had danced to together, sang out loud to each other over the phone.

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She stalked her ex on social media and when asked why she said…

My lover gives more importance to his wife

The lemon tree

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