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What are the after-effects of a divorce in India?

There are many social, physical, and emotional effects of divorce for both partners. Not only that, there are many effects divorce has on a child as well. There are many common after-effects divorce has on men, women, and children.

The entire journey from deciding to get a divorce, and finally getting one can be quite an emotionally, physically, and financially taxing journey for all the involved parties. The thought of these long drawn-out and difficult times is what keeps many couples from going through with the process.

However, for those who do go through with their decision, there are certain after-effects that they have experienced. It is not only women who feel the after-effects of divorce. It is equally difficult for men, and not to mention for kids, even those who are older.


The feeling of being a failure can grow in both or either partner, causing them to feel depressed. In extreme cases, they can even attempt to end their lives from an increased perception of low self-worth.


This is especially true in case of divorce resulting from adultery. One partner feels cheated, and angry with the other partner. The after-effects of divorce resulting from infidelity can range from intermittent anger to violent temper outbursts. Anger can also stem from the financial strain that a long drawn-out divorce and/or alimony can lead to.


The cumulative stress of the decision and the process can lead to a sense of anxiety and negative emotions. The fear of social stigma attached to divorce, along with the grief for the end of your relationship, can lead to feelings of anxiety. Children are also prone to feeling abandoned, which can lead to separation anxiety.

Social Isolation

In our country, divorce is still not a practice that is accepted fully. Couples who get divorced often face the social effects of divorce including isolation, ridicule, and insensitive enquiries. Friends of the couple, especially mutual friends, tend to take sides leading to either of the parties feeling left out. This is especially true in the case of a contested divorce.


Getting a divorce is always a painful experience, whether it is mutual or contested. The whole process can result in a lot of negative emotions in all the parties involved. It is probably one of the worst after-effects of a divorce. There is a lot of bitterness among all the parties.

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