8 Examples Of Unhealthy Boundaries With Ex-Wife

unhealthy boundaries with ex wife
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In the 2009 film, It’s Complicated a much-divorced couple, played by Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, reignite their spark and embark on an affair. Ironically, it seems illicit because one of them is married and the other is simultaneously drawn to another person and there are children involved in the whole mess too. Being a rom-com, it’s all very funny and cute. But in real life, it can be considered a prime example of developing unhealthy boundaries with your ex-wife.

It is not uncommon for exes to get back together, especially if the divorce has not been too nasty and the couple has decided to put things behind them. The case of Harshita Reddy, an events professional based in the UAE is an apt example. She was involved with a divorcee and all was well until, after a few fights, things started going downhill.

It was the time when his ex-wife made a comeback to his life. The duo started keeping in touch. “It affected me greatly,” she says bitterly. “He would turn to her for advice and kept talking about our problems to her all under the garb of them being friends despite the divorce. I used to resent my husband for not setting boundaries which increased problems between us. It wasn’t long before we decided to go our separate ways. A year later, he remarried his ex.”

infographic on unhealthy boundaries with ex-wife
What unhealthy boundaries with an ex-wife look like

The problem of unhealthy boundaries with ex-wife arises when either one or both of them have remarried and have settled elsewhere. Or when one partner is not willing to let go of the other. When you do not keep your ex-wife out of your relationship, a new set of problems can crop up. The whole new wife and ex-wife tussle can escalate quickly and take a toll on everyone involved.

“Remember that after your divorce or separation or fallout, you are a third person in the life of your ex. Don’t try to be their spouse when you are no longer a spouse,” advises Kavita Panyam (Masters in Psychology and International Affiliate with the American Psychological Association), relationship counselor and founder-director, Mind Suggest Wellness Centre.

8 Examples Of Unhealthy Boundaries With Ex-Wife

A divorce is an unpleasant and unsavory experience. That is why it is all the more essential to set post-divorce boundaries with an ex-wife. Failure to do so indicates you have not yet moved on. Emotional and physical space allows for self-expression, mutual respect and self-care while unhealthy boundaries with your ex-wife mean you are risking being taken advantage of, abused and disrespected.

So what are the examples of unhealthy boundaries with an ex-wife and what should be the right way to behave after a separation? Read on…

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1. Revisiting your old romantic or sex life

Whenever you interact with your ex-wife do not allow yourself to be swayed by old romantic tales or go reminiscing about your sex life, especially if you are involved with someone else. Setting boundaries with an ex when in a new relationship is non-negotiable for building a healthy, harmonious partnership with your current romantic interest. Only partners who are jealous or insecure or petty try to use sex to lure their former partners.

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“It is extremely petty not to allow your partner to move on just because you are stuck,” says Kavita. “Ensure that you do not give them a booty call, cozy up to them or meet up for drinks and let things go out of hand.”

What to do: If you are over the bitterness of the divorce and want to be friends with your ex, by all means, do so. Just don’t be friends with benefits.

2. Children being used in the battle

 coparenting boundaries with ex wife
Set the terms of parenting in your divorce agreement

Whether you are divorced, separated or broken up, all dynamics change when children are involved. And that’s when boundaries with ex-spouse become more crucial than ever. At times, when a couple takes turns in parenting, one of them often uses the child to get back at the other, spreading lies and rumors and turning the child against them.

The idea may be to bring more chaos and negativity so that nothing moves forward. “Being stuck in power battles even when you are separated, where a child is used as a pawn is one of the aspects of unhealthy boundaries with ex-wife or husband,” says Kavita.

What to do: Leave children out of your battle. Don’t drag them into your ego tussles for you will never be able to move forward. Set the terms of parenting in your divorce agreement.

3. Influencing children’s lives while co-parenting

Co-parenting boundaries with an ex-wife are perhaps the most important. Even if your ex-wife does not deliberately try to poison the mind of the child, she may try to influence them, especially if she is bitter or negative. There would be a tendency to dominate the relationship, impose her views on their education, marriage and so on.

Consciously or subconsciously, parenting can turn into a competition between the separated partners, resulting in extreme stress for the children. In turn, children from such dysfunctional families often show signs of stress, anxiety and other resultant issues.

What to do: Keep channels of communication open with your ex so that you are aware of what she is up to. Communication boundaries with an ex are essential to avoid any influences on your child that you are not aware of.

4. Not stopping them from stalking you

Some divorces are so nasty, a person often gets restraining orders from the courts. But in cases where the degrees of separation are fluid, an intrusive ex-wife can create trouble by being a consistent presence in her former husband’s life, virtually or otherwise.

Going through emails, rummaging through things at home (where they no longer stay), being inquisitive about their former partner’s movements are all a result of maintaining unhealthy boundaries with ex-wife. It will also never be over if you are in touch with each other over social media.

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Constant messaging can lead to long chats and the temptation to stalk an ex on social media to see what the other is up to on Instagram or FB will never allow you to forget them and move on. The situation can turn particularly messy if you’ve already moved on and remarried. In this case, an intrusive ex can become a sore point in your new relationship. “My husband has no boundaries with ex-wife” – this isn’t a happy realization for anyone and certainly won’t do your marriage any good.

stories about divorce

What to do: Respect your own boundaries and do not allow your ex to get into your current affairs. Try to block them from your social media for a while at least.

5. Drawing them into your life through business or personal affairs

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after a divorce is to draw your former spouse into your workspace. Agreed, sometimes it cannot be avoided, especially if a couple was working in the same office or was running a business together.

Do not assume that you can keep your professional and personal life separate. It is not impossible but very difficult. It is hard to forget the past, especially if you have to interact closely because of work. And it might just end up complicating things further if you do not have ex-wife boundaries.

What to do: Keep a safe distance if it is not possible to cut off ties completely. Never make the mistake of signing new deals with them especially if your fallout has been bitter, as the relationship will never get repaired again.

6. Contacting your ex despite the presence of a new partner

Many people cannot resist the idea of keeping in touch with their ex-spouses even if they or their ex has a new person in their life. This is a classic example of lacking boundaries with an ex-spouse. “Letting go is important, you should learn how to move on. Being present in their life after separation will not help anyone,” says Kavita.

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Agreed, it’s difficult to completely switch off ties when you have shared history. But there are boundaries for being friends with an ex as well. Messaging them, interfering in their new relationship, hanging out with their friends all lead to emotional entanglements you can do without.

What to do: You can certainly be friends with your ex but that friendship does not happen immediately after divorce. Follow the no-contact rule as far as possible and give time for the wounds to heal. Wait until you are well and truly over them before forming a new relationship with them.

7. Not making space for new relationships

This is closely related to the previous one. You will not be able to move on and make space for a new relationship unless you close your chapter of marriage. If you keep going back to them for advice, discussions, interfere in their lives and allow them into yours, neither of you can begin anew.

Another flip side of not setting boundaries with a toxic ex-wife is when these ties begin to influence your current relationship. You really wouldn’t want a jealous ex to spread rumors or talk ill about you or your present partner. If a part of you is still hooked on to your past relationship and you decide to start a new chapter by remarrying, it can open a can of worms as your new wife and ex-wife get territorial with one another.

What to do: Healthy boundaries with ex-spouse mean when you truly respect that the person you were once married to is no longer part of your life. Don’t allow them to create blockages in your lives because it didn’t work out between you two.

8. Turning to them during trouble or seeking advice

post divorce boundaries with ex wife
Your ex can no longer be your go-to person for advice and support

Old habits can die hard. Seeking support, financially, physically or emotionally from an ex is also a way by which you develop unhealthy boundaries with your ex-wife. They might have been the go-to person when you were married which prompts you to do the same even after the split.

However, this will only make things more toxic than before. This is also another reason why you should avoid working together or creating circumstances that may force you to turn to them for help. Most importantly, never turn to them for monetary help, as it can be a breeding ground for several other problems.

What to do: To set healthy ex-wife boundaries, find a support system outside of your ex-partner and extended family. Make sure you do not try to intertwine your life with theirs, it’s important to break away once and for all. If you find yourself in a negative situation, seek therapy, not your ex.

Separation pangs are very difficult to get over. When you have shared a deep relationship with someone, even if it ended badly, there is a temptation to dwell in the past. But the need of the hour is to make a clean break. Boundaries are essential, not just for your sanity and peace of mind but also that of your former spouse.

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1. How do you emotionally detach after divorce?

It can be tough to detach emotionally after a divorce. Seeking therapy is a way to cope with the conflicting emotions you may feel after a separation and be able to move forward with grace.

2. How can I stop my ex-wife from overstepping the boundaries?

You have to take a firm stand and be aware of when either of you is overstepping the boundaries. Put a stop to the endless messages, calls and the temptation to share your current life details with your ex.

3. Should I cut communication with my ex?

You should not cut communication completely with your ex. At times, it is not even possible especially if you share children or a business. But you can certainly set limits to the communication. Be careful not to get too personal or keep reminiscing about the past with them.

4. Is it ever okay to contact an ex?

It is definitely okay to contact an ex provided you know that you are not overstepping the limits and you are sure of your feelings. You can be friends with them too, after a point of time when the wounds have healed. But keep in touch with them only if you are confident you won’t let the past influence you.

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