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10 Jewellery Pieces that Signify Strength and Courage

Gift your loved one jewelry that has some meaning; don't just pick up random stuff.
Some jewellery signify strength and courage.

There is more to the jewellery pieces than meets the eye. Every jewellery piece that you own – from a simple finger ring to an elaborate neckpiece – all represent some ideas, culture and meaning which make the jewellery piece an essential part of your life. Over the ages, jewellery has been bought and worn by people as a symbol of status, faith or protection. It has been a tradition for many to buy and wear meaningful jewellery. But have you ever thought that jewellery also represents strength?

Nowadays people fail to acknowledge the deeper meaning associated with the jewellery pieces and just wear them as a fashion statement. Getting acquainted with the meaning associated with the jewellery piece you choose will give you an opportunity to express the values you cherish in a visual fashion and remind yourself of the same values. It is always worthwhile to make an effort to know the hidden meaning behind jewellery pieces. Let’s talk about jewellery pieces that signify strength, courage and hope and make a very meaningful purchase or a gift.

Strength and courage jewellery pieces

Of the numerous jewellery pieces available these days, strength and courage jewellery pieces have won the hearts of the people, especially the younger generations. The journey of life has many ups and downs. Thus, it is the strength and courage of jewellery pieces that in some way or another help a person to remain motivated and work hard to achieve their goals.

Of the numerous jewellery pieces available these days, strength and courage jewellery pieces have won the hearts of the people, especially the younger generations.

Online portals are flooded with a variety of jewellery pieces that signify strength, courage and hope. Designers are coming up with unique designs for strength and courage jewellery pieces. It seems that people have realised the importance of these meaningful jewellery pieces and are using jewellery to inspire themselves and the people around them. These are called symbolic jewellery.

Why gift jewellery that signifies strength and courage?

A beautiful yet motivational piece of jewellery can work wonders as a gift to your loved ones. Reasons, why courage and strength jewellery should be gifted to others, are:

  • First and foremost, it is a good way to show others that you are always there for them and always ready to encourage them
  • Strength and courage jewellery can help people overcome their fears and face those fears with a strong heart
  • It can give them the courage to achieve their ambitions, despite challenges and obstacles in life
  • These jewellery pieces can allow people to let go of their tensions and focus on working hard to make their life better
  • Jewellery signifying courage and strength is conveniently available in local jewellery shops and online stores. So, you can buy it without any trouble
  • These come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes due to which you have a lot of options to choose from
  • Along with having a valuable meaning, courage and strength jewellery pieces look absolutely mesmerising, making them perfect for gifting purposes

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10 jewellery pieces that signify strength and courage

Courage and strength are two such qualities which have the power to turn your dreams into reality. These are essential if you want to lead your life happily and peacefully. Let us look at the 10 jewellery pieces that signify strength and courage. You can either gift them to your near and dear ones or buy them for yourself.

1. Courage finger rings

These rings have the sole purpose of making one’s fears disappear. These are either engraved with the words ‘COURAGE’ or some meaningful text which inspires you to defeat your fears. The courage ring will give an opportunity to the wearer to get rid of his/her doubts in life and put an end to the sufferings of his/her life. Being a coward in life is one thing that everyone should avoid at all cost – is advice shared by these rings.

courage rings signify strength
Image source

2. Tree of life necklaces

Not only do these necklaces look unique and stunning, but these also have a deeper meaning which one must appreciate. Tree of life necklaces can encourage, guide and inspire people by giving them immense stability and strength in life.

These neckpieces can instill people with fresh hope when they are facing difficult times.

Tree of life necklaces signify strength
Image source

3. Morse code bracelets

Courage, love bracelets having the Morse code of strength can be the ideal gift for someone who is your strength and backbone. These come in a variety of colours, styles, sizes, and are made up of different materials like gold, sterling silver, etc. The Morse code bracelets encourage you to keep on moving forward in life with a strong will and mind.

Morse code bracelet stand for strength
Image source

4. Viking Axe pendants

These pendants are perfect for those people who are strong and brave, who do not run away from challenges in life. The Viking axe symbolises audacity, strength and bravery.

It conveys this message – the strength of the mind or heart is essential to get rid of all that which holds back people and to move boldly ahead in life.

viking axe pendant stands for strength and courage
Image source

5. Eagle rings

As a symbol, the eagle is a bird which represents immortality, farsightedness, courage and strength. Thus, eagle rings can be considered to be really fascinating. You can get rings which are designed with just the head of the eagle or rings which have the entire body of the eagle designed in them. It depends on your choice and the look of such rings.

Eagle rings stand for strength and courage.
Image source

6. Bar necklaces engraved with words of encouragement

Select inspirational quotes and ask the jewellery shop or online store to engrave the bar necklaces with those words of courage. Bar necklaces are extremely trendy and once engraved with the message of strength, the necklaces sure become amazing pieces of jewellery signifying strength and courage. So you can get the bar necklaces engraved with words like ‘stronger, braver, smarter’ or ‘the real strength lies in you’ and so on.

warrior pendants stand for strength and courage.
Image source

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7. Dragonfly earrings

‘If you believe in your dreams then everything in life is possible’ – this is what the dragonfly earrings represent. The dragonfly as a symbol in the earrings stands for things like strength, transformation, good luck and happiness. Thus, gift these earrings to your loved ones to encourage them to live their life to the fullest.

Dragonfly earrings stand for strength and courage.
Image source

8. Birthstone jewellery pieces

Ruby, garnet, amethyst, topaz and aquamarine are examples of certain birthstones which symbolise courage. So, in accordance with the birth month of the person, you are gifting the courage jewellery too, you can select the birthstone and jewellery piece that you would like to gift that person.

Birthstone jewellery stand for strength and courage.
Image source

9. Red gemstone jewellery pieces

Since the red colour connotes vitality, courage and confidence, jewellery made up of red gemstones such as garnet, red coral, red jasper, ruby, red tiger eye and so on can be bought or gifted by you. These look gorgeous and leave a lasting impression on the mind of the wearer.

Red gemstone jewellery stand for strength and courage.
Image source

10. Anchor necklaces

These necklaces are available in numerous designs and styles. The anchors in the necklaces denote stability, strength, steadfastness and hope. Therefore, gift these to those who have a special place in your heart because of the strength and support they provide you. It is time to repay their kindness.

anchor necklace stand for strength and courage.
Image source

We hope the knowledge of the above-mentioned jewellery pieces makes your shopping experience convenient, better and you can choose the appropriate piece of jewellery, smartly.

How to buy courage and strength jewellery?

Jewellery pieces that are courage and strength themed are worn by the people, as this help convert the negative energies into positive energies and strengthen the willpower of the people. So, when you decide to buy or gift these jewellery pieces, make sure you do the following:

  • Read about courage and strength jewellery, before actually shopping for it. Understand the symbols, designs and stones which connote strength so that you are not fooled by a cunning shopkeeper or can explore the online store without any help
  • Select the local or online jewellery store after a lot of thought and research. Online stores should be preferred, due to the variety of jewellery styles available there and cheap prices offered by them
  • Compare prices of the same strength jewellery piece in different stores, in order to get it at the most reasonable price possible
  • Check for the authenticity of the jewellery piece, by asking for proper certification, especially in cases of antique strength and courage jewellery pieces
  • Get the jewellery piece customised, to add a personal touch to the jewellery


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