What To Wear On A First Date? (For Men)

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Updated On: April 27, 2023
what to wear on a first date men

No matter how many pictures you have put on your Tinder profile and how many times you have texted each other, still, the first impression carries a lot of weight. From the way you pick up your glass to how you smile to what to wear on a first date can make all the difference in how things may progress from hereon.

A man’s physical attractiveness has a strong impact on his appeal to a woman. Your date is sizing you up. When you meet a woman for the first time she is judging your personality based on your appearance, your body language signs, and yes, also what you wear to the date.

How The Appearance Of A Man Matters To A Woman?

First impressions are only granted once. A series of experiments have been conducted on the subject matter of ‘first impression’ and most of them reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, while it takes around 7 seconds to create a first impression based on appearances.

Another fact that was highlighted in the research was that first impressions based solely on appearance are actually fairly accurate. That is where dressing for a date becomes important. No matter what they say, appearance does matter to women and they are drawn to healthy and attractive looking men. For that reason, dress sharp and dress well.

So here are some very important tips when it comes to dressing:

men's first date outfit
The appearance of a man matters to a woman
  1. Dressing according to the occasion: Women will notice how you dress for a particular place. She will think you are overdressed if you are wearing a three-piece suit to a bar, as it portrays you as an eager, trying too hard kind of guy. On the other hand, dressing like a slob will paint a picture of you as being immature and lazy. Men’s first date outfits should always be appropriate for the occasion and never too much or too less
  2. Looking attractive: Women do notice how attractive you are in the first appearance, just as men do, but with a little more credence. So dress up keeping in mind your body structure and skin tone, without overemphasizing anything, and do focus on what women find attractive. But do not be a show-off. Just because you have good biceps doesn’t mean you will wear the latex Tee to flaunt it
  3. Being confident and comfortable: Another thing women notice right away is how confidently you carry yourself and how comfortable you are in your attire. This builds up their confidence in you as a person. So feel confident and comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Also, be careful that you do not come across as a braggart or arrogant in showing off the brands or labels you’re wearing
  4. Being well-groomed: Your personal hygiene might not always be important to you, but it is to the women you’re courting. Women will notice how well-groomed you are along with your first date dress. Your branded clothes will not be able to mask the crud under the nails or the muck on your hair
  5. A genuine smile: Many women tend to notice the guy’s smile. They notice the physical aspect of the smile, as in the jaw line and the health of the teeth and how the breath smells. But most prominently, a woman can totally tell when a man is faking a smile. An innocent genuine smile can easily make her ignore some of his flaws. Yes, a good smile does make a difference

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What to Wear On A First Date?

Dressing correctly can help you look better by strengthening your positive features and minimizing the less attractive ones. Make an effort to dress as this indeed is a part of dating etiquette. Signal to her that the date is important for you and you have really thought about which clothes to put on.

Irrespective of how the date is arranged, whether your friends or family have set you up or you’ve connected online, you can mutually decide on a casual date or a formal dinner date. The process of deciding what to wear on a first date for men begins after the place and venue is set:

Dressing for a dinner date

A dinner date requires a more formal way of dressing and is strictly applicable to very formal fine-dining settings. Your first choice should always be a suit, preferably in a dark color. However, if you decide not to wear a suit, you can go for a blazer. During the daytime, you can replace the blazer with a sports jacket.

If you decide to go fully formal with a suit, it’s always better to complete the look by wearing a tie. It’s also equally imperative that men’s first date outfits should be clean, complete and polished. Always remember, you can never go wrong with a suit. Even if no one else is wearing one, it’s perfectly okay to arrive at an event looking like a million dollars.

Dressing for first date – casual

If you are going on a casual date, it’s okay to dress in a relaxed way. This doesn’t, however, mean that you can dress shabbily. Wearing sports or office clothes is a strict no-no. The ideal clothes would be a pair of well-fitted jeans and a collared T-shirt or a half-sleeved shirt. Depending on the weather, you can add a sports jacket to this ensemble and a casual leather belt and you are good to go!

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5 Tips On First Date Outfit – Men

When you are meeting a woman for the first time, she will notice tiny little details about how you have dressed up, and how you talk and behave. To impress her and take your game to the next level, you need to ensure that you do not spoil the chances for the next date just because you were not careful with your clothes. Use these first-date clothing ideas and tips to add some pop to your outfit and charm her completely:

1. Add a little color

Even though black looks classy every time, going all black, beige or monochrome can make you look boring. At the same time, do not go all flashy with vibrant colors and blind her. Maintain a color balance in a subtle way for an attractive, not-too-staid look. Some color combinations that are always in vogue are dark blue/brown combo, contrasting light blue/mustard combination, brown/rich wine combo, grey/beige/light blue combo, dark green/brown combo, etc.

2. Shoes on point

There is no point in dressing well if you don’t pay attention to your shoes. No matter how trivial you think shoes are be sure that your date will check those out. Shoes say a lot about your personality and attention to detail. Make sure your shoes are clean, stylish, and above all, appropriate. Men’s first date outfit must be complemented by a great pair of footwear. This is one of the realistic dating tips for guys that’s best not ignored.

When selecting shoes, adhere to dress code first, which is linked to the venue of the date. Formal shoes for formal dates and casual shoes (not your running shoes) or boots for casual dates (flip flops are a strict no). Try and create aesthetics by matching your trousers to your shoes – and then go for comfort. Don’t wear new leather shoes on your first date. Limping, due to shoe bite, isn’t attractive

first date clothing ideas
The right shoes can speak volumes

3. The scent

Your cologne highlights your personality and attractiveness. Your cologne might be strong and bold or elegant, light and fresh. Test it with some of your female friends to find the one that matches your personality well. Make sure you wear it very conservatively.

Deodorant is for everyday use and its sole purpose is to cover the smell of sweat (ignore all the deodorant ads you’ve watched so far). It is wise to invest in a superior men’s perfume that suits your personality and dab on a little for your first date. It will help match your chemistry with the lady you want to impress.

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4. Hairstyle

Clean, neatly combed can elevate your appearance manifold. You can even style them using hair gel, but moderation is key. Do not try a new hairstyle just before your first date. Spikes are good only for a casual date. However, there is a thin line between stylish spikes and hippie punk style. Make sure you know the difference

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5. Accessorize

Additional to your first date clothing ideas, some nice accessories are important to finish the look. A decent watch is the one accessory that looks great on every man. It says a lot about your personal style, and at times, even your level of success. Choose your watch according to the venue of your date. Avoid extra bling.

A small stylish pocket square in your suit pocket is apt for the formal date. It can elevate your style in the eyes of a woman because it shows you pay attention to the details. A stylish leather or denim jacket can complement your casual date look perfectly.

Men’s first date outfit is not just important to woo her but also to keep your own confidence high! When you look good, you feel good. What to wear on the first date for men, at the end of the day, is all about what you feel your best in. That said, once you meet your date, don’t focus too much on flaunting how well-groomed and well-dressed you are. Instead, prioritize making her comfortable, and above all, just have a good time.


1. What color should a man wear on a first date?

Preferably dark colors during the night time. Black, navy blue and brown are the best. For a daytime date, you can go for lighter colors such as light blue, pink and even yellow.

2. What is the best outfit to wear on a first date?

A suit or a statement shirt with lovely shoes. You must look prim and proper on your first date.

3. What should you not wear on a first date?

A pair of shorts and tennis shoes, unless you two are actually planning to hit the courts together. You cannot dress shabby or be underdressed on your first date. Plain old tees and shorts are completely unacceptable unless you’re at a beach or something.

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