What Women Want In A Modern Relationship

what a woman wants from a man
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“You know Freud died at 83 still asking one question, “What do women want?”,” Dr. Perkins (played by Bette Midler) tells Nick Marshall (played by Mel Gibson) in the film What Women Want. Well, it’s not that hard or complicated to figure out what women want in a relationship, you see. It’s not rocket science!

Back in 2000, Mel Gibson acquired this magical gift of being able to hear what women were thinking. While it did give us an insight into what they want, the truth is a lot has changed in the last two decades since Nick Marshall shocked himself with a hairdryer and fell into his bathtub unconscious. Women’s needs in a relationship have undergone a pretty massive change over the last 20 years.

So, what do women want in a relationship? What are the things women love? Well, allow us to help you understand what women need from men in a modern partnership.

5 Things Women Want In A Modern Relationship

There is no dating algorithm or rule book that can exactly predict the things women want in a relationship. But we know one thing for sure, women of today definitely don’t want a chauvinist Nick Marshall in their lives! We are so done with his kind, aren’t we ladies?

Women of today aren’t looking for a macho man who will come riding on a white horse like a knight in shining armor and protect them from all evil. They want someone who can show empathy, values their opinion, treats them like an equal and gives them respect. We’ve made a list of 5 qualities that women appreciate in men.

1. Women want men to value their freedom and personal space

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean both partners have to be together all the time. It doesn’t mean that you let go of your personal life and alone time altogether. Spending time apart is a sign of a healthy partnership. A woman wants her man to value her personal space and give her the freedom to just be.

She wants to be able to spend some ‘me-time’ and engage in activities that she enjoys – whether it’s meeting friends and family, reading a book, starting a new project, indulging in her favorite hobby, going for a spa session or just spending some time all by herself doing nothing. She wants to prioritize herself as an individual and needs her man to respect and appreciate that.

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2. Women want men to honestly communicate with them

The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be stressed enough. It is key to a happy, successful partnership. Honest and regular communication between partners brings them closer not just emotionally but also physically.

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One of the things women want in a relationship is honest communication. They want men to be honest about their thoughts and feelings. Tell them how you feel. Talk like grown, mature adults. Don’t make them guess the emotional state you’re in. Keep an open line of communication.

what women want in a relationship

3. Fight in a healthy way, don’t humiliate

Conflict is part and parcel of a relationship. But make sure to resolve it in a healthy, mature way without insulting or hurling hurtful jibes at each other. You should be able to respect each other even during a fight. Sarcastic remarks or any kind of abusive language is unacceptable.

What women need from men is to be emotionally mature enough to think rationally and not overreact to every situation. They like men who can act like grown-ups and resolve conflicts together through discussion instead of engaging in a screaming battle, playing the blame game, or walking away.

4. Treat her as an equal

What do women want in a relationship? An equal partnership. A woman wants her man to treat her like an equal and share responsibility. Respect her opinions and encourage her to follow her dreams and ambitions. Give the same importance to her goals as you give to yours.

Share responsibilities at home. It is as much your duty to take care of the daily chores as it is hers. Do the laundry, run errands, cook, wash the dishes – it’s called survival skills and should not be the responsibility of the woman only. Don’t make her feel silenced or inferior in the relationship.

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5. Understand consent

“Ladki ki na mein haan hai” – Nope, buddy. You got it all wrong. A ‘no’ means no. One of the most important things women want in a relationship is for men to understand consent. For far too long, we’ve lived in a society where men refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer and believe that getting a girl to say ‘yes’ by pestering or stalking her is consent. But, not anymore.

A woman wants to feel safe when she is with her man. Consent is most important if you plan on getting physical with someone. Talk to your woman about what makes her comfortable in bed as you explore the sexual boundaries of your relationship. It’ll only make her love and appreciate you more.

It’s not that hard to figure out what women need from men in a modern relationship. Every woman is different and so are her expectations. It requires time and effort. After all, a relationship is constant work. But if you pay just a little bit of attention to what your woman is trying to say, you’ll be able to figure out what makes her happy.

Make an effort to understand her and she’ll willingly go the extra mile for you. You definitely don’t need Nick Marshall’s superpowers for that!

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