Why Do Fights Become More Important Than Relationships?

All our lives, we dream so much about our ‘perfect’ relationship, our wedding and the marriage that follows. Which is why, when anything shifts from the thought-out plan, it leads to disappointments. Relationship arguments are not uncommon. When two people are sharing their lives, it’s only natural for them to have a difference in opinions and ideologies and to argue about the same. But the trouble starts when fights become more important than relationships.

Why fights become more important than relationships

Society anyway puts undue pressure on this whole idea of a soul mate. One person cannot become everything to you and neither should it be like that. You cannot always dump all your problems on your partner and expect them to understand, empathize and even offer plausible situations. They are human as well and have the stuff to deal with. They shouldn’t expect you to have all the answers to their problems as well.

We expect too much from a relationship

But in reality, we often forget this and burden our partners even if they are not in that headspace to deal with it. Relationship arguments follow and that’s okay. If you’re wondering, is it healthy to have fought in a relationship, do fights make a relationship stronger? Then yes, some amount of fights and arguments are healthy. It shows that the person cares about you and fights for the relationship that he shares with you. But of course, if the relationship arguments are baseless, toxic and suffocating, then one must communicate about it to their partner. <

Expectations should be realistic

Expectations from your partner must only be very realistic because if you expect exceptional things and your partner fails to fulfil such expectations, it’d disappoint you. That’ll invariably lead to fights and arguments too. Try to maintain a life outside your relationship as well. Your partner can be your biggest support but not your only support and that’s an important thing to understand.

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