10 Reasons Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

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Updated On: March 11, 2024
Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Have Sex

The general perception is that it is men who initiate sex, but it’s also pretty common for the woman to make the first move. When an invite for sex does not evoke a favorable response, the woman will for obvious reasons wonder why doesn’t her partner or boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex.

But before you panic, remember that it is not always you. There are many reasons men don’t want sex and they may revolve around the general stress they are facing in life. So before you lose sleep over the thought ‘my boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with me’, get to the root of this lack of interest in intimacy.

The good news is that more often than not, his lack of interest in sex is not a reflection of how he feels about you or the relationship. Besides, once you understand the underlying causes, reestablishing intimacy can become a lot easier.

He Won’t Have Sex With Me – 10 Reasons That Could Be Hampering Intimacy

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex, it’s only natural for you to feel unworried and unsettled about it. Even more so, if you’ve had a robust sex life in the past and understand the importance of sex in a relationship all too well.

“He doesn’t want to have sex with me, a gorgeous woman who gives him all the love and affection in the world. What does this mean for our relationship? Is he falling out of love? Does he not find me attractive anymore?” you may wonder.

Well, rest easy. In all probability, his reduced sex drive has nothing to do with you. Men who don’t want sex are probably facing some sort of internal battle and don’t want to involve you in the mess. Take some time out and observe any changes in his behavior. Maybe he needs your help and support in sorting out his troubles.

Here are some possible reasons why he doesn’t want to have sex.

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1. Stress

He may be stressed because of a work situation or something that has not been shared with you. Men don’t want sex when there’s an unsolved financial problem, a nagging negative thought or a possible situation that may be evoking fear. Stress reduces libido and kills the mood.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex, ask him about what’s been bothering him, whether it’s a workplace problem or a family issue. Show him that you care and want to be there for him even during the lows.

2. Exhaustion

If he’s so fit and attractive, why doesn’t he want to have sex with me, when he has a body like that? Contrary to popular belief, many gym or sports freaks are not the studs they appear to be. It is possible that they may be physically tired and exhausted.

After spending the whole day working on their bodies, men do get sick and tired of doing something physical, and would much rather prefer some relaxing unwinding time with you. And maybe sometimes, a romantic night in watching Netflix and ordering takeout is more special than getting intimate.

So, don’t fret over ‘my boyfriend won’t have sex with me’ realization. Give him some time to come around. When he feels well-rested and refreshed, he will initiate sex for sure.

3. Performance anxiety

One of the reasons why men don’t want to have sex or keep avoiding the topic is the insecurity over performance in bed. Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can break the confidence of a man and could well become a strong reason for shying away from sex, because accepting the inability to satisfy their mate could be difficult for some men.

If that’s the reason why your partner or boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex, you have to broach the topic gently. Let him know that you love him, no matter what, and then suggest seeking medical help. These conditions are treatable in most cases.

he doesn't want to have sex with me
Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can break a man’s confidence

4. A health condition

Pain, discomfort or a skin condition anywhere in the body may be a reason for him to say no. A bloated stomach may be holding all his attention to the mid of the body, not allowing it to slip below the belly. Men don’t want sex when they’re feeling insecure about their bodies.

It’s also time we acknowledge that it isn’t just women who face body image issues. Men coming out and speaking about this is very rare because they don’t want to seem ‘less masculine’, so you need to be extra sensitive in talking to him about it.

5. Poor testosterone levels

He doesn’t want to have sex with me – this can indeed be a crushing realization. But don’t just make it all about you. It’s possible that this lack of interest in sex is a result of something being amiss in his system.

The inadequacy of the male hormone testosterone is one of the leading reasons why men don’t want sex. After 30 years of age, some men experience a gradual drop in the ‘T Levels’. For some, this drop may be more sudden and could relate to one of the many autoimmune or non-infectious diseases, including diabetes.

Some drugs, tobacco and higher quantities of alcohol are also known causes of a drop in testosterone levels. Again, this is a sensitive topic, so be extra cautious when you’re approaching the subject.

6. Resentment

“My boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with me even though he’s perfectly healthy” – if that’s what you’ve been thinking while reading about all the medical explanations behind his reduced libido, it’s time to turn your attention to the health of your relationship.

Sometimes, the reason why your spouse or boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex may be more emotional than physical. He may be unhappy with you, waiting for an apology to be tendered before resuming normal physical relations. Reasons for this could range from behavior he considers wrong, to disrespecting him or his family.

7. Body odor

More often than you’d think bad odor may be the cause for him to become uninterested in you. Some people have strong likes and dislikes toward these things. It may be hard for you to wrap your head around the fact that something so seemingly insignificant can be reason enough to say no to sex.

It could be a scent that you’re wearing or even bad breath. Men like it when you put in some effort to look and feel good. Preventing body odor in hot or humid environments may prove to be tricky, but it can be managed with good hygiene habits.

Other reasons could include lights, distracting sounds, the temperature of the room or an uncomfortable bed.

my boyfriend won't have sex with me
It could be the scent you’re wearing or even bad breath that’s putting him off

8. Obesity

Another reason why your partner may not want to have sex is obesity. He may be uncomfortable during the sexual act, especially if you have been keeping healthy and fit. Body image issues may be getting in the way of his ability to be intimate with you.

Or all the extra weight may be making it hard for him to perform in bed. If you discover that to be the reason behind your ‘my boyfriend won’t have sex with me’ conundrum, know that this problem won’t resolve on its own.

You have to support him in dealing with his weight issues by encouraging him to adopt healthy lifestyle choices and egging him on to work toward his goals of becoming a fitter, healthier version of himself.

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9. Another relationship

There could be an emotional attachment elsewhere and the new relationship may be the reason for his disinterest in you. While many people still debate whether or not an emotional affair counts as cheating, it can have devastating effects on the primary relationship.

Why men don’t want to have sex with you at such a time is because they respect you and they don’t want you just for your body. If you suspect that to be the reason why your boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex, you need to prepare yourself for that uncomfortable conversation.

You just need to ask them blatantly if there’s someone else.

10. You’re too fast

Reasons men don’t want sex

For some people, emotional involvement brings comfort before indulging in sex. You need to see if you are going too fast or are able to match his pace. Some men do not want their partners to be overly active.

It gives them the feeling of losing control, while some other men may be put off by absolute inaction or lack of response. If a man doesn’t know how to take control in the bedroom, it may affect his confidence.

The answer to the why your boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex has more to do with psychological reasons than physical. It may be for the best that you talk things out before going to the bedroom to avoid any awkward encounters. Be there for him when he needs you most.


1. Can a relationship last without sex?

A sexless relationship is possible but it comes with its own set of challenges. The intimacy in the relationship is definitely compromised when there’s no sex.

2. What causes a sexless relationship?

The reasons could range from emotional infidelity to something as casual as fatigue and exhaustion. Your partner may also be insecure about their bodies especially if you have been keeping in shape.

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