8 reasons husbands lose interest in their wives

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husband loses interest in his wife

A lot of women seem to feel that husbands lose interest in them after a few years into a marriage. The passion dies out, the care fades away, and the romance flies out of the window. Husbands appear emotionally distant, and communication is limited to what needs to be done or fixed. Routine engulfs a relationship, so much so that couples end up passing each other by in the hall or the kitchen without as much as a slight smile and eye contact.

Does this sound familiar?

Do your eyes swell up with tears as you reminisce your good old days when you were newly married?

Then what happened? Why do husbands lose interest in their wives? And what can you do when your husband loses interest in you?

Let’s explore and discuss.

What do husbands want from their wives?

Marriage is all fun and sex is happy till the initial few years. But marriages do not stay like this forever. To keep a marriage healthy, strong and full of love and vibrant requires a lot of work; hard work at that.

Most couples take marriage for granted; they do not tend to woo each other anymore or appreciate their spouses. As responsibilities take the best of life, couples drift away. Add a baby or two to the equation and you have your disaster recipe almost ready. Your physical appearance changes, your priorities change and YOU change. This is not what a husband wants.

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A husband wants a woman who still feels for him the way she used to. Someone who would pass by with a sexy wink or flirt with a sensual remark. Men like women who keep themselves happy, but they do not want to be responsible for it all the time. When a wife keeps on accusing her husband of not giving enough time or not trying to make her happy, he withdraws from her.

As a wife, and as a woman, you can still save your relationship if you understand why your spouse does not touch you as often. If any of the below reasons fit the bill, then you know what to do.

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8 reasons husbands lose interest in their wives

Chances are, his lost interest can be revived provided you identify the problem and work on it. Marriage is an everyday effort, much like raising a baby. You have to nurture it, care for it, and show love every day to get to the finish line with each other happy and satisfied.

1. You make him responsible for your happiness, ALWAYS

You may say, “He has to think about what makes me happy and do that!”

But this is not true. You are responsible for your happiness, and depending on your husband for making you happy all the time will only put undue pressure on him and he will slowly withdraw. The secret to a man’s desire is keeping yourself happy – and when a man /feels his wife is happy, he feels strong and powerful. This, in turn, manifests itself into a desire.

2. You no longer take care of how you look

Age, baby, lifestyle, responsibility, stress – everything changes the way you look. You might have put on a lot of weight, or haven’t had a pedicure in months. You no longer dress well or put on make-up. You are always in a pyjama and a loose t-shirt with baby-food stains. Rings a bell?

Come on, who would desire for a woman who has lost herself in the process of rearing a family?

Taking care of a family is a big, big job, but in the process, do not ignore yourself. Look good, feel good and good will happen.

3. When you talk, there is more cribbing and less talking

It’s Saturday evening. The kids are asleep. You decide to have a drink or two. And you have time to talk.

husband loses interest in his wife

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What do you talk about?

In-laws and how they have been mean to you all this time? Tensions at work? A friend is on a vacation while you are just attending to the kids? Did you consider talking about your next vacation plan? Or ask your husband about how things are going at work? When do you get to cook together again? Or the economy maybe?

Cribbing and complaining all the time, the precious time that you get together will only make your husband avoid any conversation with you. Your husband will lose interest in you.

4. You never appreciate anything he does

All humans long for appreciation every once in a while. While women are more vocal and may seek out compliments on their own, men are not so open with their emotions. Lack of expression does not translate into a lack of emotions.

You must keep on appreciating small things your husband does. Thank him for making your life easy in his little ways. Pass him a few thank you notes here and there. Appreciate him for being there for you.

5. You constantly nag him

Men are lazy. Well, most are. That’s a trait – and you cannot change it. But when you continuously nag him, he becomes stubborn. Nagging damages a relationship and it never works. Expressing your disappointment and negative emotions through nagging only harbours resentment. As a result, he might shun you or lose interest in you.

Instead, trust your husband and motivate him to do things he is supposed to.

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6. You have fun at his expense in front of friends or relatives

If you are guilty of making fun of your husband when his friends or relatives visit you, then do not blame him for being emotionally detached from you. Airing your husband’s faults or flaws in public, and then saying you ‘didn’t mean it’ can be more hurtful than you think.

husband loses interest in his wife

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It can be humiliating for your husband when you (playfully) put him down and mock him in front of his friends or relatives. Taking cheap shots at him will only make him distant and withdrawn from you.

7. You have CHANGED your priorities

Well-behaved, well-dressed kids. A spick-and-span, clean and tidy house. A cake in the oven.
If that is all you think and talk about, then my friend, who in the world will be interested in you? If you are one of those women who prioritise children and a clean house over some quality time with your husband, then I feel sorry for you.

And no, I am not talking about leaving your kids unattended or making a garage in the house. You just need to know where to draw the line.

8. You both are leading stressful work lives

Professional tensions have taken over our personal spaces. Work commitments outweigh our promises to self and family. You are working 24X7, you are stressed, your colleague is most likely to get the promotion this year too, and you cut a sorry figure.

Enough to send any man or woman into a panic attack. It is very important to be clear about your work and work expectations to survive in this highly competitive world with a sane mind. Support each other through tough times and see the magic work. If you don’t then both of you will lose interest in each other and drift apart.

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Start with finding your happiness with you, the rest will follow.

What to do when your husband loses interest in you

Give him the space that he needs but at the same time try to be attentive.  Find time to enjoy yourself and don’t keep nagging and cribbing. Be his partner in everything he does and try to develop an interest in the things he likes like tennis and cricket. There are times because of the pressures of life you might feel he has lost interest in you but that could be just a temporary phase. When he gives you renewed attention bask in it.

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