10 things you can do with your girl gang at a party

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Updated On: March 28, 2024
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Why should boys have all the fun?

Men have forever been mystified by the concept of an all-girls’ night. I mean, what do they even do on such days? Drink copious amounts of alcohol and have one night stands?

Bollywood tells us that guys drink tankards of beer and wear hats and play poker as they smoke pipes. And in case they have a night out, they joke around, have fights, punch each other for fun and hit on every women in the vicinity.

On the other hand, the perception of an all women party in Bollywood is that they get dressed in silky fluorescent lingerie and have drunken pillow fights while squealing at the top of their lungs. True, not true, who cares?

Girl, get out that strappy red dress and that devilish smile because when you are out with your ladies and the alcohol starts to hit, it’s time to party like there’s no tomorrow.

1. Rings off, cellphones silent

Because, darling, this night is all about you and you better not let anyone interrupt.

smart phone
Silent mode

2. Drink astonishing amounts of alcohol

Do burning shots. See if you can balance a cocktail on your head. Drink. Smoke. Throw up and let your mates hold your hair. Then drink again. Unless you are the designated driver. Then you may stick to mocktails. Sucks to be you.

3. Get judgemental and snarky

Ladies, on this night, you have the freedom to be not nice. Boss has been eating your head up at work? Your partner is driving you crazy? Well, today you get to forget about them and judge people all you want. Be as sassy as you want. Flirt, argue and laugh. Rate all the hot men around with your friends. For a change, treat everyone with disdain. Act like the queen you are till you feel it in your bones.

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4. Have each other’s back

Random creep hitting on your best friend? Get feisty and sassy. Put that weird dude back in his place. If that does not work, a few punches always work. What’s one guy against a herd of lionesses?

5. Eat. As much as you want to

If some idiot dared to call you fat recently, offer a prayer for his soul and then drown in the cheesiest pizza. No one gets to tell you girls how you should look. Believe that and stuff your face with that unhealthy goodness.

6. Splurge

Shopping is one of the greatest ways to party so get ready to spend a lot of money. Especially if it is on things that you have always wanted but been embarrassed to buy because they are not ladylike. Support your girl if she wants to spend a lot of cash on the latest hot wheels car and gaming console. Slap her if she thinks she is too fat for that amazing dress and makes her buy it. Try on heels you might never wear again. Or, better yet, buy the comfiest shoes you can find, throw your stilettos at the next creep’s head and cry “goal!”

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7. Compliment each other

Whoever said that women are supposed to compete and hate each other have obviously never met a group of drunk girlfriends. One of my girls starts crying every time we are drunk because apparently, my eyes are so pretty that it breaks her heart. Drunk girls are bae.

8. Turn the music up and hit the dance floor

Bust out your craziest moves, even if they are considered unsexy. Dance with your girls. Twirl. Slow dance with your best friend or do some crappy synchronised zombie-dancing. Do whatever. Just don’t leave till your muscles are so cramped up that you actually do feel like a zombie.

Girl dancing in club
Turn the music up and hit the dance floor

9. Do the karaoke

Grab the mic from the DJ and start singing. The cringier the song, the better. Some Shahrukh Khan here, some Taylor Swift there. Your friends will soon be crying for more. Unless you get kicked out, that is.

10. Hit the road

If number 9 did not work out and you actually did get kicked out, stock up on several boxes of junk food and drinks and hit the road. Hit the road in your car, roll down the windows and turn the music way up. Remember to stick your heads out and sing along to the tunes while you take the midnight city by storm.

The point is to have fun and let the night drain the stress out of your system. Being with just your gang will do that for you so it doesn’t matter if there is a party involved or not. If you guys are drained and just want to stay home, you may just build a pillow fort, stock up on Coca Cola and giggle the night away as you DDLJ for the 25th time. Pajama parties are the best. Especially if there’s Shahrukh involved.

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