10 thoughts a woman has before committing to a man

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Updated On: August 14, 2023
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Finding ‘the one’ – who turns out to be the right one indeed – can be labelled as our most significant achievement as human beings, irrespective of our gender or sexual leanings. That’s not because successful marriage is a life goal that must be met or you need another person to complete you but because sharing your life journey with the right person by your side makes the experience more beautiful, more gratifying and one helluva joy ride. Before you get to that point of meeting that perfect somebody, you go through our share of bad choices and messy breakups. But when you do, you give it your all. So, what is the differentiating factor between these two markedly different experiences? Which brings us to the all-important mystery – what makes a woman commit to a man?

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10 Things That Make a Woman Commit To A Man

Why do women feel a restlessness in their gut that tells them to break free from one relationship but a sense of complete security in another? What is it that makes the same person behave so differently in two different relationships? What makes a woman commit to a man?

If you too have been flustered about female psychology on commitment, these 10 insights on what a woman looks for before taking the plunge into a forever relationship:

1. Priority

If you’re going to be sharing your life with someone, you ought to be their priority. This doesn’t mean that the two partners have to be always joined at the hip but that your significant other factors you in in all their decisions, no matter how big or small. When one looks at the basics of commitment in relationships from women’s perspective, thinking about his priorities and where she features in them definitely tops the list.

The sooner she figures out that the man she’s with prioritises her over everything else, the sooner she’ll be ready to take the plunge. And vice-versa.

young gentleman helping his girlfriend with chair restaurant table
young gentleman helping his girlfriend with chair restaurant table

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2. Interests

When you’re considering sharing a life with someone, having a few commonalities becomes essential for survival. Yes, as the cliche goes, opposites do attract. But if you’re literally poles apart in your personalities, co-existing can become a nightmare.

Besides, women generally tend to get bored by dysfunctional and clichéd relationships. So, looking for common interest to build a relationship on and a partner with whom they can soak up a variety of interesting experiences is definitely one of the driving factors behind female psychology on commitment.

Couple looking in map while travelling
Couple looking in map while travelling

3. Sex life

As much as women claim that physical needs are secondary, they love their share sexual pleasures. And why not! If there is a lack of commitment in a relationship from a woman’s side, her man’s inability to satisfy her in bed could well be to blame. A vast majority of men do not know their way around a woman’s body, and hence, fail at pleasuring their partners. This needs to change.

So guys, if you’re wondering why you’re getting dumped left, right and centre, maybe it’s time up your sexual game. Just by the way, the clitoris and vagina are different, we like the former as much as you the latter.

Hot sexy couple in love close to each other.
Hot sexy couple in love close to each other

4. Emotion

The mystery of what makes a woman commit to a man cannot be pieced together without this very important part of the puzzle – emotional connection. This plays a key role in a woman’s journey to choosing her partner and making a commitment. Believe it or not, women look for men who are emotional and understanding. A guy capable of emotional vulnerability knows his way. Gone are the days of rough and tough.

5. Feminist boyfriends

‘I allow my girlfriend to work’, ‘look at her clothes, she’s asking for it’, ‘women can’t drive’, ‘you shouldn’t smoke, it can lead to infertility’ – this is the 21st century and women are done with putting up with this barrage of misogynistic nonsense. The last thing she wants is to deal with a partner so set in his patriarchal ways that he cannot even see the problem with statements such as these.

From time immemorial, women have borne the brunt of toxic relationships and abusive boyfriends, and they’re finally stepping up for themselves and saying, ‘no more’. If you sense a lack of commitment in a relationship from a woman’s side, it is quite possible that it is because she’s not being treated as an equal.

Young man smiling cheerfully
Young man smiling cheerfully

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6. Family

Any long-term committed relationship involves cultivating a bond with the partner’s family as well. This is especially true in the Indian social milieu. So families are an important factor driving female psychology on commitment.

stories about dating

Before she commits, she’s bound to think of whether the man will be accepted in her family and she in his, and most importantly, will the two families blend and get along well. It may seem redundant and outdated, but it’s a sensible aspect to factor in before making a forever commitment. 

7. Career

What makes a woman commit to a man? His passion for his profession and the drive to make a mark in his career is definitely one of the influencing factors. Even if she has a flourishing career of her own and is financially independent, a steady career trajectory always works in a man’s favour. You paycheque may not even be at play here. A thriving career is seen as a testament to a man’s reliability to be her anchor through life.

Beautiful business lady looking laptop
Beautiful business lady looking laptop

8. Sustainability

Another one of the basics of commitment in relationships for women is the element of sustainability of the relationship. To be exclusive and make that long-term commitment, women need to know that she and her partner are on the same page as far as the future of the relationship and life goals are concerned.

9. Dependability

By the time a woman gets to a point where she is ready to make that life-long commitment, she has – in all likelihood- had her share of bad experiences with guys who just weren’t dependable. To be able to commit her unwavering love and localities to a man for the rest of her life, she needs to know he won’t away in times of crisis. If she can’t trust you to answer her call in the middle of the night or hold her hand through an unplanned pregnancy, there is no way she’s going to take the plunge with you.

Young woman receiving breakfast in bed from her beloved husband
Young woman receiving breakfast in bed from her beloved husband

10. Loyalty

Unless you have both mutually consented to keep things experimental on the sexual front, loyalty is a key component of a relationship no woman would be willing to compromise on. She has to be able to believe with unflinching conviction that her man is not sleeping around with others and having one-night stands on the sly.

When a woman meets the right man, she won’t need to run through a checklist to commit to him. She’d know it in her gut. So, girls, listen to that tiny voice in your head and you’ll get the answer to whether or not the person you’re with is ‘the one’ for you.

And, guys, become the man she’d want to commit to without doubt or hesitation.

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