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20 signs you are ready to be ‘exclusive’

If you don't dread talking about your relationship, then you are already exclusive.
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You maybe dating for fun, but if you are not perturbed by the question where is it going, then you are probably ready to be exclusive.

Is this guy/girl the right person for me?
What if a better person is out there?
Will he/she end up leaving me soon?

If these dreadful questions are not bothering you and you are content with the way your relationship is being shaped then it means you are definitely ready to be exclusive. You are not afraid of serious commitment and are ready to give your best to the relationship you share with your partner. Emotionally you are in the right place because of which you are able to invest in your partner and deep down in your heart you want your relationship to work out.

What is meant by an ‘exclusive couple’?

Before we move on to the signs which will help you understand whether you are ready to be exclusive or not, we would like you to know what it means to be an exclusive couple and the responsibilities it entails.

A couple becomes exclusive when the partners enjoy each other’s company and have no interest whatsoever in dating someone else.

You become an exclusive couple when you both are on the same page and decide not to pursue any other person romantically. Mutually you all acknowledge that you both are in an exclusive relationship, seriously commit to each other and agree to respect the boundaries set by your relationship.

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The couple gives long term commitment to the relationship and decide not to explore any more people.

Is there any right time to be exclusive?

There is no clear cut answer to this question because it depends on which stage of the relationship you both are in. However, it is advised that you do not rush into becoming exclusive.

When you are sure of your feelings and know that your feelings will be reciprocated by your partner then only you should take the next step. Be true to yourself and have a honest discussion with your partner regarding where your relationship is headed. Usually the conversation related to this takes place after a few months or so, but it completely depends on where you both stand as a couple.

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20 signs you are ready to be ‘exclusive’

Being exclusive can be a big deal for a lot of you because it involves a long-term dedication to your relationship. It gives you the privilege to think about your happily ever after. So do not be afraid. If you have a feeling that your relationship is headed in the right direction then you should take the plunge.

Here are the 20 signs to know whether you are ready to be exclusive or not.

1. Your relationship is prosperous and healthy

This is one of the most important signs in the list because when you both are happy with your relationship, obviously you both can think about becoming exclusive. Trust, security, compassion, love have become the foundations of your relationship. A healthy and prosperous relationship should be made exclusive in order to ensure a great future together.

2. You give priority to your partner’s interests and needs

Every relationship requires some amount of sacrifice and compromise. When you feel that you are ready to make such compromises for the happiness of your beloved then you are surely ready to commit. The interests and needs of your partner become a top priority in your life and you always think about him/her first.

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3. Your partner has met your friends and family members

If you really love your partner then you will make all efforts to integrate your partner into your family and social circle. You will make him/her meet your friends and family members and will become elated when you find them getting along with each other. Plus, you will also show interest in meeting your partner’s family members and friends.

4. You celebrate relationship milestones with great fervor

You will make elaborate arrangements and plans to celebrate relationship milestones like your first date anniversary, first kiss anniversary etc. The reason behind this is that the relationship is the centre of your universe and you want to cherish every moment you have spent with your partner.

5. You find comfort in confiding in your partner

Whenever anything good or bad happens in your life, the first person to know about it is undoubtedly your partner. You feel comfortable sharing your private matters with him/her and you trust him/her with all your deepest, darkest secrets.

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6. Little fights and arguments do not bother you

You reach a level of maturity where you let go of small things. Little fights and arguments that you have with your partner do not bother you and you believe that these make your relationship stronger. You actually begin to accept your partners with all his/her good qualities as well as flaws.

7. You ignore the advances made by other people

Even if someone better than your partner shows interests in you, you out rightly turn him/her down because you know your partner is the one for you. You do not seem interested to play along when someone flirts with you because one person who is always on your mind is your partner.

8. You can solve problems with the help your partner

Whenever you face any tough decisions in life or are stuck in a rut then it is your partner who helps and supports you. This means that you both are extremely compatible and will be able to tackle any tough situation whatsoever. As a couple if you both are able to solve issues then you must make your relationship exclusive.

9. You conveniently discuss your future with your partner

You are so confident about your relationship that you actually discuss future plans with your partner which involve him/her. When you are conveniently sharing your thoughts and opinions regarding a future together then it means you are ready to be exclusive and give your relationship a genuine chance.

10. Being with your partner is not just about sex to you

if your relationship started with sexual attraction towards each other, but now the relationship is not just about sex to you, then it indicates you are falling for this person. The mere thought of spending some happy moments with your partner is enough to cause butterflies in your stomach. Having your partner around, cuddling with him/her and sharing your opinions with each other- all these things have become essential to you.

11. You respect your partner’s personal space and time

You know that your relationship will work only if you are able to give enough space and time to your partner. You have become mature enough to understand that being with your partner 24*7 is not important. So you respect his/her time and space and in return, your partner does the same for you.

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12. You do not shy away from expressing your love

You express your feelings and say the three magical words to your partner like you really mean it. You do not feel embarrassed to express your love to him/her even if it is in front of friends and family members.

13. You become your true self around your partner

Instead of being cautious of what you say and how you behave, you actually become comfortable and embrace your true self around your partner. You never feel weird around your partner because you know that he/she loves you just the way you are.

14. You know your partner’s likes and dislikes

You have spent so much time together that you know what your partner likes and dislikes exactly. Whether it is some clothing or food item, you will be able to tell his/her preferences without any mistakes. This shows that you value your partner’s preferences and he/she has importance in your life.

15. You remain focused and motivated at all times

Since you are satisfied and happy in your relationship, you exhibit high levels of motivation and focus in all the work that you do whether professional or personal. Your partner is the source of such motivation and focus and you become more capable so that your partner can see the best in you.

16. You openly communicate with your partner

You do not keep your feelings and emotions pent up. Whenever there is anything you want to share with your partner, you do so straightforwardly. You realize the importance of communication in your relationship so you keep the channel of communication open.

17. You indulge in PDA

You truly love your partner that is why you do not feel embarrassed to hold his/her hands in public or kiss him/her whenever you get a chance. It shows that you are actually ready to commit to your partner.

18. You give unique names to your partner

Since your partner is an important person in your life, you tend to give him/her names which mean a lot to you personally. These names have sentimental value to you and when you call your partner with such a name it means you have made him/her a priority in your life.

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19. You have carved out a place for your partner in your home

There might be a special drawer in your home where the personal stuffs of your partner are kept like the extra outfits, undergarments, toothbrush, comb etc. When you make space for your partner it shows that you are ready to welcome him/her permanently in your life.

20. You constantly keep in touch with your partner

Either through text messages or calls, you always keep in touch with your partner and know how his/her day is going, what plans he/she has for the day and so on. Your partner is also quite comfortable with the idea of texting and calling you whenever he/she wishes, without any formality.

If you firmly believe that your partner is worth keeping and cherishing then it is time you become exclusive with him/her. Why delay the process of nurturing your relationship and making it stronger by not taking the next appropriate step. Talk to your partner about it as soon as possible and enjoy the journey of true love together.

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