5 mistakes couples make in a long distance relationship

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Here is an article that saves you from making mistakes that may hurt your long-distance relationship.

Relationships are pretty complicated and long-distance relationships are worse even for the best of us. If the relationship is strong and has a lot of positivity then it may survive the ebb and flow of situations but as a matter of fact, most of them just drift apart after initial struggles to cope with the distance. If you are in a long-distance relation, no worries, here are a few things that may bruise your relationship:

1.  Lack of Communication:

This is a no-brainer that if you are in an LDR there are chances that your timings do not perfectly fit theirs. Don’t give up! Even if your other half is sleeping, leave texts for them to wake up with a smile. Arguably, communication is the most important part of a relationship. Little texts, voice messages and videos can go a long way.

2. Too Much Yearning:

When you start over-missing your special one, you tend to brood over all the memories. That sets a negative mood. You start whining over the distance. Overcome these mood swings with positivity by hanging around with friends and doing something productive. You can also pick up some hobby that may interest you and you can show your newly learnt skill later on when they visit you!

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3. Beautiful Gifts:

When you are away, you definitely cannot keep visiting your loved one often. You need to make extra efforts to make it up to them. These special efforts will always make them feel important and loved. Surprise visits are always the best! Send over some thoughtful gifts that will make them feel good! Handmade gifts are even better as it has a more personal touch.

4. Unresolved Issues:

When you both are just beside each other it is easy to solve the differences and fights. This is not possible if you are away and can’t reach your special one. This is when you need to understand the magic of conversations. Make time for a long conversation on WhatsApp or Skype. Resolve issues by addressing them and talking to your partner about them. Find out ways to cool down the other person. Do not let these petty issues affect your long-distance relationship.

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5. Prioritize:

When you are far away, they would love to know everything that is happening around you. Bragging too much about your work may make them feel neglected and unimportant. Yes, it is important to share all the concerns but do not make all conversations excessively about you. This may make them feel that you are belittling them though you do not intend to. Talk more about your relationship and them.

You can always come back and thank Bonobology for stopping you from doing certain mistakes in your long distance relationship! Let us know if this article helps you in any way in the comments section below.

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