5 Mistakes Couples Make In A Long-Distance Relationship

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Updated On: August 16, 2023
Long distance relationship mistakes

The thing about long-distance relationship mistakes is that you often realize the faults and cracks when it is too late. Things might seem to be going okay on the outside, but the distance can really create a sense of tension that you may not always be able to identify at first.

Relationships are pretty complicated and long-distance relationships can indeed be challenging to navigate. While your love may be strong, love alone is not enough. You also have to be willing to make the other person feel secure and cared for to make a long-distance relationship work.

If the relationship is strong and has a lot of positivity, then it may survive the ebb and flow of rough situations. For that, you need to not be blindsided by common long-distance relationship mistakes.

Long Distance Relationship Mistakes

All romantic partnerships have their problems but long-distance relationship problems are sadly a little bit more twisted. But don’t you worry. The key to fixing a relationship is identifying the problems and their signs correctly.

Here are a few things that may bruise your relationship but the sooner you know, the easier it is to find a solution. Here are some long-distance relationship mistakes that could be creeping into your love life:

1.  Lack of communication

This is a no-brainer that if you are in an LDR there are chances that your timings do not perfectly fit your partner’s. Don’t give up! Even if you are in different time zones, you can always leave texts for them to wake up to with a smile. These are small and little ways to tell someone you really love and care for them.

Arguably, communication is the most important part of any relationship. And in a long-distance relationship, your bond is built on splendid communication and honesty. Remember that little texts, voice messages and videos can go a long way. So don’t slack when it comes to nurturing the love you share.

long distance relationship lack of communication
One of the long distance relationship mistakes is not communicating enough

2. Too much yearning

When you start missing your special one too much, you tend to brood over all the memories. That sets a negative mood and makes you spiral into sadness and depression even. You start whining over the distance and start blaming yourself, God and destiny for why you two are so far apart.

Overcome these mood swings with positivity by hanging around with friends and doing something productive. You can also pick up some hobbies that may interest you and you can show off your newly acquired skills to your partner when you see them next!

Despite it all, if one of you is still in a slump and feeling too moody, it is the job of the other to help their depressed boyfriend or girlfriend in any way possible. This will help revive the faith in the relationship all over again. Keep calling them, reassuring them and loving them because this is when they need you most to realize that they should keep going.

3. Not being thoughtful enough

In long-distance relationships, one of the mistakes that couples make is not being thoughtful enough. You see, when you are that far away from each other, it is the little things in your bond that count in keeping the spark alive. Even if that is as simple as sending a postcard to them every now and then.

When you are far apart, you definitely cannot keep visiting your loved one often. You need to make some small extra efforts to make up for the physical absence. These special efforts will always make them feel important and loved.

Send over some thoughtful cozy gifts that will make them feel good! Not everything has to be shiny or expensive. Handmade gifts are even better as they have a personal touch. Tip: Nothing beats a present that has a handwritten letter along with it.

4. Not discussing unresolved issues

When you both are together, it is easy to solve the differences and fights by talking things out clearly and following it up with great makeup sex. But this is not possible if you are apart and can’t reach your significant other. This is when you need to understand the magic of conversations.

One of the long-distance relationship mistakes that couples often make is not valuing their conversations enough. Remember, everything you say goes a really long way in making your relationship better. Make time for long conversations on WhatsApp or Skype.

Resolve relationship arguments by addressing them as they arise. Find out ways to cool down the other person. Do not let petty issues affect your couple dynamics.

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5. Not prioritizing well

When you are far away, your partner would love to know everything that is happening around you. Bragging too much about your work may make them feel neglected and unimportant. Yes, it is important to share all the concerns but do not make all conversations excessively about you.

This may make them feel that you are belittling them though you do not intend to. Talk more about your relationship and make sure to ask them enough questions too to rekindle love and feel that connection. Not prioritizing well is just one of the mistakes that couples make sometimes but it’s not something you cannot recover from.

You can always come back and thank Bonobology for stopping you from making these long-distance relationship mistakes. Let us know if this article helps you in any way in the comments section below.


1. What should you not do in a long distance relationship?

In long distance relationships, one should try not to play hard to get, make the other person jealous or ignore them when they really need you. One is often more vulnerable in such relationships and thus greater care should be taken.

2. Can long distance kill a relationship?

No it does not. There are many long distance relationship success stories. But yes, we have to admit that it is not easy.

3. What are the problems with long distance relationships?

Some of the problems are lack of communication, blame shifting, feelings of insecurity, dealing with a possessive and controlling partner and so on.

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