5 Ways In Which Women Play Hard To Get Every Time

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Updated On: November 9, 2023
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Of all the Google searches that start with the curious words ‘How to’, those attempting to know how one could woo the woman of their dreams are all over the place. If you’ve ever been attracted to a person, you know that it brings with it a world of confusion. Maybe you want to ask them out, but thanks to mixed signals, you can’t be certain that it wouldn’t end in disaster. And while such mixed signals will stick with you throughout your life, what we’re talking about today is playing hard to get and how adept women are at it. She could keep texting you but won’t hang out leaving you in complete confusion.

Now, now, don’t go around pointing fingers, my man. It’s safe to say that most of us are guilty of this. But here comes the tricky bit. A lot of us, women, in particular, are thought to play hard to get when it’s not quite the case. And before you accuse her in your head, know that you might be mistaken. That said, when it comes to playing hard to get, women sure have a few tricks up their sleeves and honestly, they manage to get the bull’s eye every time. And while we wouldn’t want you to join the contingent of creeps with the ‘Oh-she-wants-it-but-she-won’t-ask-for-it’ belief, here are 5 ways how women tend to play hard to get and, take note, they know how to ace it.

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5 Ways In Which Women Play Hard To Get

We will tell you the top signs that she likes you but is still playing hard to get. You will know if she is losing interest or playing hard to get. There are ways to deduce from her behaviour if she is into you and you could take the right signals and make the right moves. Is she playing hard to get by not texting back? Then you should read these 5 points to know why she is playing so hard to get.

1. She waits for you to ask for her number

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that much of love has turned digital. And although we’d love to believe otherwise, digital flirting is here to stay. If you’ve been doing a little dating, you know that trading those 10 digits may make the whole process a lot easier, but it’s easier said than done. So, maybe you think that you’re off to a good start, but you’re just not confident enough to ask for those figures. Trust us, if she’s playing hard to get, you’ll spend quite some time before you get her number. She won’t want to seem too ‘interested’, and unless you buckle up and ask for her number yourself, your conversations will basically feature disapproving buzzer sounds every time you fail.

man and woman having a coffee
Man and woman having a coffee

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2. You’re always the one to text first

Ah! The classic move of letting the other person take the first step. So, you’ve traded numbers – congratulations! We know that you’ve been dying to talk to her. Guess what? She knows, too.

That’s right, if she’s playing hard to get, she’ll probably be the one to reply instead of sending the first awkward ‘Hi’. And while it’s true that most men try to stay resolute and turn the tables, once it gets unbearable, the poor guys are willing to ditch the power position for some conversation. But the line’s pretty thin at times, so make sure you don’t bother a woman who doesn’t want to be bothered. Trust us, it’s better to be a failure in love than ‘just another creepy dude.’ She is playing hard to get by not texting back. So all you need is a big word with ‘P’ – Patience.

3. Veterans at work

Dealing with one woman who plays hard to get may have you gasping for breath, but you haven’t seen the half of it until she calls for reinforcements. Believe it or not, women can see right through you at times. Your dream woman knows that the ‘hopeless, awkward and desperate for love’ Chandler Bing in you cries in a corner every time she’s walking with her friends. There, there, we know it’s difficult to approach a woman when she’s with other people. But guess what?

She knows that once she crosses you, you’ll turn to take that glance at your Poo! Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham all the way, fellas.

4. She’s busy

Playing hard to get and being busy all the time goes hand in hand. All of us get tired of digital love at some point or the other. But what happens when you finally have the guts to ask her out on a date? Thumbs down, my friend. Don’t get us wrong. Of course, we don’t mean that she doesn’t get to be busy. If she’s declining your date plans left, right and centre, either she’s really not interested or she’s playing hard to get. Thankfully, we have a quick test to help you kill confusion. If she’s rescheduling your dates instead of declining them, she might be into you. But if ‘No’s are all that you get, it might be time to move on!

lady checking her phone
Lady checking her phone

5. K, then

So, you’re still not certain if you’re dealing with such a woman? Fear not. Let your text life speak for you. If your long passages on Whatsapp are seen zoned for ages before finally being addressed by monosyllabic responses or the dreaded ‘K’, don’t break down just yet. While few things are ruder than ‘K’, she might be having a little fun with you. And while we think that most interested women wouldn’t risk a potential relationship by being so rude, you never know. When you start dating you never know you might have a story to tell about how your girl played extremely hard to get and you wouldn’t give up.

To put things in perspective, women sure know how to play hard to get. But having said that, don’t let those Bollywood movies tell you that chasing a woman irrespective of how she feels is cool. With a little experience, you’ll get the hang of it.

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