21 Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying It

how to tell someone you love them

Being vocal in a relationship can range from your appreciation to your anger. Either way, it is extremely important to do so. In many cases, you can still share your emotions without actually telling them how you feel. If you are wondering how to show someone you love them without words, learn to pay heed to the small things. Love isn’t always about the grand gestures and big words.

You can show someone you love them with actions, you can express love without using words. Small tokens of appreciation and kind gestures can truly go a long way in doing so. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ – this philosophy can truly turn around your relationship and accentuate your feelings.

The three beautiful words of adoration are often overused and won’t feel like much after a while if you don’t also prove your feelings with your actions. If you are wondering how to tell someone you love them, don’t limit yourself to mere words.

Show you care. You don’t always need to make grand, sweeping off feet kind of gestures. Tiny things like remembering their favorite soda and tucking a stray strand of hair behind their ear or just simply making them a steaming mug of coffee and accompanying it with an affectionate forehead kiss can do the trick.

What Can I Say Instead Of ‘I Love You’?

Saying ‘I love you’ is a classic that we all often turn to. I’m sure it leaves butterflies in your stomach when someone looks into your eyes and says those words. They’re rightly called magical words for a reason. However, these words are starting to become overused these days.

Instead of just saying I love you, there are so many little, endearing and easy gestures that can tell someone you love them without saying it.

Wondering how to tell someone you love them? In the initial stages of the relationship when everything is unsettled and unsure you can actually prove love more by your actions. Placing fluttering kisses on foreheads in the most mundane moments, covering them with blankets when they randomly fall asleep on couch, giving them a simple foot massage when they’re tired – these are how you tell someone you love them. After all, actions say it best even when you say nothing at all.

In fact, break out from the monotony of just uttering those three words, add a little spice to the mix and shower your affection on the one you care about.

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21 Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying It

If you are looking for creative and cuter ways to tell someone you love them without saying it directly, look no further. We have compiled a great list for you. From being helpful in daily chores, to leaving cute notes to simply changing up your words, these methods will make your partner melt.

Here are some creative ways to show love to the one that makes your world go round.

1. Asking, “Did you get home safe?”

The above phrase is a great way to tell someone that you love him indirectly – or her – and to show someone you care. After a date, a casual encounter, or even if you two didn’t actually go out together, this question is a good way to express your concern.

Everyone appreciates concern. Concern shows love. It makes your investment in another person’s well-being very obvious. In most cases, it elicits the same butterfly response as those three magical words do. You can also say “I love you” in a secret message riddle. Don’t be afraid of being cheesy. When you’re in love, nothing is too cheesy or sappy.

2. Write a little note or card

In our technologically savvy world, notes and letters are a revolutionary act. They have an old-school romantic touch to them.

Without necessarily saying any big words, a tiny note that goes “Have a day as fabulous as you are” can leave your boo feeling giddy through the day. Here’s how to tell someone you love them. Poetry, letters, and songs are the perfect messengers. Even if you aren’t a poetic person yourself, a few beautiful lines from a sonnet, carefully chosen from the internet, can leave your partner’s heart fluttering.

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3. Share with them how important they are to you

To tell someone you love them without saying it directly, you can just tell them what they add to your life. Saying ‘My life is a lot sunnier with you around’ is almost sweeter than telling them you love them.

If you’re wondering how to show someone you love them without words, make use of simpler, honest words to convey your feelings. Discuss your life decisions with them and simply say, “I don’t know what I would do without you.” This is a great way of conveying what you really feel. It reminds them that they’re important to you. And that, even on days you do not proclaim your love out loud, you’re still rooting for them.

If you want to know how to tell someone you love them, remind them that they matter.

4. ‘Your laugh makes me happy’

The above phrase is a great way to say I love you without saying those words. It conveys the emotion that another person’s happiness contributes to your own.

In short, it is romantic and will definitely prompt a wide smile and will certainly make her laugh. Using humour is a great way of saying you care.

how to show someone you love them without words
Appreciate her laugh and her smile

5. Use a lovey-dovey GIF

Ah, the grand keyboard GIFs come to your rescue. Want to tell someone you love them without saying it over text? Abundant GIFs can take that concern off your plate.

GIFs of hugging, caressing, cuddling or smiling lovingly – are all at your disposal while texting, helping you show someone you love them without saying it. You can use emojis too to convey your feelings.

6. Give them a flying kiss

After a goodbye hug when you start walking away, stop, turn and send your love a flying kiss to seal the deal. It’s not only adorable but will also significantly push you out of the friend zone. What better way to make your intentions obvious!

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7. Tell them that they are adorable

Adore is a great replacement word for love. To not get involved in the heaviness of that word, use ‘adore’ instead. It is a tried and tested method of telling someone you love them without saying it.

Sending a sweet text like ‘You’re adorable when you talk about your favorite movie” will make his night sweeter instantly. 

8. Give them a sweet nickname

Wondering how to tell someone you love them? Give them smooshy and slightly embarrassing nicknames. Katie called her boyfriend Mittens for the longest time. His actual name was Max but he loved wearing mittens in the winter. Katie thought it was funny but charming.

Max would often grumble and cringe his face at the nickname but he secretly loved it too. Giving a nickname and sticking to it means that you want to make them feel special.

9. Send them a love song

I have often seen people do this in their initial days of courting. They often exchange music with tacit, underlying messages. Sending deep and beautiful love songs is an effective way to tell someone you love them without saying it over text.

An old, 70s soft rock song really does the trick for me and can easily make someone know how much you love them without saying anything.

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10. Bring them soup when they’re sick

To care for someone when they are feeling sick is a sure-shot way of telling them that you want to stick around with them no matter what.

A bowl of warm soup or offering to stay indoors and watch a movie with them even when they are feeling sick and gross will make them feel extra special and cared for. Soft, subtle gestures like that are the perfect way to make someone know how much you love them without saying anything.

11. Remember how they take their coffee

Memorizing someone’s complicated coffee order is a cute way to show someone you love them without saying it. It is not a giant gesture, but an indication that you pay attention to the little things.

The little things are what ultimately add up to the big things. This is a small way of being a better partner to them. This is a way to tell someone you love him indirectly.

12. Use cute terms to refer to them

Calling someone ‘Baby’, ‘Honey’ or ‘Cutie’ will definitely get your feelings across. Using these words is the perfect way to tell someone you love them without saying it directly and will totally get that oxytocin flowing.

To tell someone you love them without saying it, you can use these words to make them feel unique.

13. Saying, ‘I was thinking about you today’

Telling someone that they’ve been on your mind is a unique way of advancing on your feelings without entering the I love you-territory. Everyone loves hearing that they’ve been thought about and have been on someone’s mind.

It gives them a good sense of importance in another person’s life.

14. Do a little something extra

Put a pep in your step and get going on the tiny gestures train. Things like sending roses to them or saving them the last piece of their favorite chocolate are some ways of doing that. This is a way to tell someone you love them with actions.

You can also do things to make their life easier. Help them with some housework and run some errands for them. These small things go a long way to show someone you love them without words.

15. The occasional forehead kiss

A shower of kisses can make anyone feel loved. A forehead kiss is a great way to comfort someone. Its a sign of adoration shrouded in respect.

To show someone you love them with actions, forehead kisses can greatly ferry your feelings of deep emotional connect.

show love without saying it
A heartfelt kiss can say a thousand things

16. Celebrate their achievements

Whether they’re starting a baking course, learning how to paint or preparing for a marathon – be there with them through their journey. To love someone is to be present in the things that they enjoy.

To show someone you love them with actions simply be around and watch them be amazing at their work, hobbies or passion.

17. ‘This TV show character reminded me of you’

When little instances in your life remind you of them, make sure to tell them. This makes them realize that you register their quirks and other unique aspects that define them.

It is a cute way to tell them that certain stimuli remind you of them.  This is one of the unique ways to tell someone you love them.

18. Telling them, ‘There is never a dull moment with you around’

This is a beautiful and romantic way to tell someone you love them without saying it. To tell someone that you enjoy their company is one of the greatest compliments you can give them.

You can expect a rush of happy emotions after this one. To say it more emphatically look into their eyes and smile kindly. It will add more weight to your words.

19. Share your secrets with them

When you confide in someone, they are bound to think that you value them. From your deepest worries to asking for important advice, it is a great way to show someone that they mean a lot to you.

When you show them that you need them, they learn that you truly feel deeply for them. This is an easy way to say I love you without saying those words.

20. Have their back

To tell someone you love them without saying it back them up in whatever they do. Be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to confide in. Let them come to you freely and open up about whatever is bothering them. Be an effective support system when they need you and help them with the little things.

Drive them to their job interview or cheer them up in a time of crisis – just let them know they can rely on you.

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21. Give them a creative surprise

If you like music, write them a fun song or play them a composition on your instrument. If you like art, make them a drawing of them even if it’s just a doodle. It does not have to be grand, perfect, or an attempt at wooing. It just needs to come from the heart.

Thus, it is obvious that your love need not be restricted to three basic words. Your love knows no bounds and can be expressed in your daily actions. Use them wisely for a healthy expression of your emotions and propel that deeper connection!


1. How do you tell someone you love them without saying the words?

You can express your love for someone by showing your concern, by being caring and by showing them small gestures.

2. How do you tell someone you secretly love them?

Through your actions, you can show someone you secretly love them. You can be concerned, caring, interested in whatever they do and be their support system.

3. How soon is too soon to say love you?

We would suggest you only say it when you are totally sure and you know you mean it. Just saying those three words for the sake of it is unacceptable. People usually say, “Love you” after three months of dating although many people say it earlier.

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