Do Women Like Beards? 5 Reasons Why Women Find Bearded Men Hot

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Updated On: August 19, 2023
do women like beards

Do women like beards? Most women fawn over a light stubble and admire a mature beard. Jason Momoa, Sean Connery, Jamie Dornan and Chris Hemsworth have made us swoon with their rugged looks. But is this universally applicable? Who’s the preference when it comes down to guys with beards vs without?

Recent years have seen the growth of the beard trend. Celebrities started the whole unruly look where strong-jawed men with heavy beards ruled over the hearts of audiences. Superstars, who were earlier clean-shaven, have now donned a bushy look. We have all sighed at the transformations of Brad Pitt or Shah Rukh Khan! But again, these are famous guys with beards.

Let’s understand whether all women like beards on all men. If so, what makes them attractive? We start off with a basic question – what does a beard convey about the man?

What Does A Beard Say About A Man?

Conchita Wurst said, “The beard is a statement to say that you can achieve anything, no matter who you are or how you look.” And guess what? Science seems to agree with this view. Here’s what makes guys with beards hot:

Researchers Neave and Shields found out in their study that women find bearded men attractive. They like the light stubble particularly and consider bearded men to be great partners too. The research findings also revealed that the women perceived men with full beards as the most masculine, aggressive, and socially mature. Men’s faces with light beards were considered the most dominant. 

Another study by Dixson and Brooks reported that women found stubble on men to be the most attractive. Women rated men with full beards as the highest for perceived parenting ability and healthiness. Overall, as facial hair increased, women’s ratings of masculinity increased too — particularly for women who reported being at the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle. 

We can safely conclude that a beard is an indicator of physical and social maturity in a man. It also reflects drive, ambition, passion, and confidence in a man (which is always attractive). Despite these positive qualities, the question stands — do women like beards generally?

5 Reasons Why Women Like Beards

Are guys with beards attractive? Heck yes! If there is a choice between a beard and a clean shave, most women would choose the former without a second thought. Some women will tell you that they have their choice of attractive stubble length — yes, there’s a beard attractiveness chart too.

Some really dote on that short, short stubble. And some would give their right arm to gape at Jason Momoa’s longish, scruffy beard. Some just adore Robert Downey Jr’s goatee and the super hot Jason Statham’s five o’clock shadow. Famous guys with beards have truly captured our hearts… But if the same stands true for all men, why do women like beards so much?

Here are 5 reasons that explain the verdict behind guys with beard vs without:

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1. That purely seductive look

So, why are men with beards so irresistible to women? There is this weird psychology that works for bearded men. A man with a beard has that edgy, good-in-the-bed kind of a vibe. I am not saying those without a beard are any less good looking but the ones with a beard reflect a different aura. The face is better framed and makes them look quite mature. What makes guys with beards hot is the physical strength they exude, leading women to think they’re healthier mates.

Rosintha Diaz, 23, says, “There is this perception that men who keep beards are just as manly in bed. My boyfriend flaunts a man bun and stubble and I can vouch for the fact that he is as much a man in our bedroom as he is in front of the mirror.” So there you go. Looks are not deceptive. There is a reason why women find beards attractive; they’re usually kept by high-value men.

good looking guys with beards
Bearded men have a distinct charm and seductiveness

2. A beard makes a man appear more sincere — The beard attractiveness chart

A beard makes men look more sincere and attentive to details. Maintaining a stubble demands effort. You just can’t let the facial hair go haywire and not tend to them. The careful grooming and focus on appearance suggest that he places importance on dressing well; his presentation is important to him. By extension, he must be just as diligent in other matters. There’s a sigma male vibe around him, correct?

Having a hot beard means the man is serious not only about his own looks but a whole lot of things. A close friend of mine swears by this logic when she’s browsing dating apps. The right swipe usually goes to good-looking guys with beards on the basis of a positive first impression. So, the answer to ‘do women like beards?’ is a big, fat YES so far. Because let’s be honest, what’s not to like?

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3. The masculine look is what makes guys with beard hot

Have you seen George Clooney? Bradley Cooper? John freaking Krasinski? What do these men have in common other than being good actors? They all have beards that make us sigh and squeal over and over again. The beard gives them a masculine look way more effectively than their clean-shaven style. Need I say more?

There are some famous guys with beards who are usually clean-shaven but when they decide to flaunt a beard, we just can’t take our eyes off them. They look super macho when they don the mustachioed-bearded look. And masculinity is closely linked with assertiveness, strength, and dominance. All three are desirable qualities (to a healthy extent) in a partner. Usually, women have two goals when they approach men in a romantic setting — sexual satisfaction or a long-term relationship.

In the first case, they gravitate toward bearded men with the expectation that they will be sexually compatible. And in the second case, they think that bearded men are more dependable for commitment. In the tussle of guys with beard vs without, we have a clear winner.

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4. A beard goes with any outfit

There’s no outfit that a beard doesn’t enhance. A ripped jeans, tux, sweatshirt, or casual tee — a beard can complement any of these styles. And there’s so much you can do with it! An unkempt, rough look or a clean and chic one. Safe to say, a beard can change the appearance of a man by leaps and bounds. This is precisely why so many men get creative with their grooming.

And do I even have to explain the importance of dressing well? Much depends on how we present ourselves to the world. First impressions might not be the last, but they are certainly lasting in nature. On a first date, a bearded man is bound to wow the girl with his impressive sense of style. He isn’t making any first date mistakes… Still asking do women like beards?

5. Women like toying with the beard

It feels ticklish when you kiss them and rub your cheek against theirs. You can play with the beard and tug at it to bring your man closer. It’s a new kind of kink and it’s very sexy. Diane Johnson, a 20-year-old engineering student said, “I like the beard so much that I made my boyfriend grow one. I love caressing his face and fooling around in general.” 

We recall the hilarious words of Minnie Pearl who said, “Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there!” Do women like beards, you ask? Here’s your answer, once and for all. Beards are super attractive and charming. Don’t be too surprised if you’re instantly drawn to good-looking guys with beards.

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