Yes men we need you to groom yourselves, here’s why!

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Dear men, we know you think visiting salons and buying beauty products are just one of female things because you people are born fabulous and you don’t need to waste money on grooming. Well, w-r-o-n-g. If women need to groom because men are visual creature, the same logic goes true for us as well. So we are glad to disappoint you, but men too need grooming and here’s why.

No matter what you were told, long fingernails are not sexy

There is a reason why we have nail arts for women. Long nails look good on us, and not on men. Especially when men don’t maintain the long nails and millions of bacteria nests underneath it. Not just it lessens your appeal to a woman, untrimmed nails are unhealthy too! Simply trim your nails with a nail-clipper every week or every fortnight, as per your nail growth and charm the world with your clean fingers.

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Nose hair is not macho

Some women find body hair macho, but even they don’t find long nose hair attractive! It’s disgusting and you must take the pain of trimming those, unless you want to be a woman-repeller. It just takes 30 seconds with a trimmer! Getting a pick at the hair show beneath your nostril is no way good to look at.

So is ear hair

The same reason applies to your ear hair as well. It doesn’t spoil your front view, unlike the nose hair, but long and bushy ear hair make you look like a bear from the side view. To avoid that, just take the same trimmer and trim the ends of your ear hair within a minute. It’s that simple. At least unlike us, you don’t have to go to the ‘parlour-aunty’ every fortnight to pluck your lady moustache out.


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Pedicure doesn’t harm your masculinity

Sure you wash your feet, but what about the space between your toes? That’s the place where dirt and sweat gathers and makes your feet smelly. This is why you need regular pedicure and let us burst the bubble for you – no, it doesn’t diminish your manhood. Clean feet, trimmed toenails, moisturising and clean socks – that’s all you need to maintain basic hygiene. Also sundry your shoes to keep it bacteria free and do away with the smell of sweat.

Hairy and smelly underarms is not sexy

No matter what weird reason makes you believe in this, but women don’t find hairy, smelly, sweaty underarms sexy. You don’t need to pour hot wax on it if you are faint hearted, but trimming it periodically and regularly keeping the underarms clean and sweat free is a sign of good hygiene. More importantly, it makes you stink a lot less!

Untrimmed hair ‘down there’ is not a turn on

Well, keeping the area ‘down there’ dry, airy and fungus free is a necessity for two reasons. It is about your personal hygiene and also impresses your woman if you don’t stink ‘down there’. On the other hand, keeping the bush as it is a turn off for women even though we don’t say it out loud. We are not asking for a complete wax, but trim the hairs periodically and clean the area with a masculine intimate wash.

Grooming oneself is not a gender specific concern. Maintaining basic hygiene and knowing what looks good on you is as important for men as for women. It doesn’t cost a fortune or takes up hours, because personal grooming is one of those good habits that we cultivate with practice, over time.

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