5 Things Women Find Attractive And Sexy In Men

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Things women find attractive

Four women sat across each other. The table had an odd spread from homemade to gourmet. The cafeteria was quiet as the project managers took a break from the emergency meeting they had to conduct on a weekend. They loved the company and each other too so nobody was complaining.

Nancy unpacked her foil-packed sandwiches opening the conversation, “I love when he makes a grilled turkey sandwich. I felt bad though that he had to finish making the sandwiches after an exhausting round of what can only be called animal sex.” She snagged the attention of all three pairs of ears immediately.

The conversation picked up and the group started discussing all the things women find attractive in men. One thing is certain, the conversation was insightful, and we recommend all these suggestions to all the men out there.

5 Things That Women Find Attractive In Men

There are certain things guys do that girls love. It’s not hard to impress a woman, and most of the time, boys don’t even do the bare minimum. You don’t have to be extravagant, sometimes simplicity leaves the deepest impact.

So the age old question: what do women find attractive in men? Find out below.

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1. The man who cooks

Nancy explained with a little defensiveness and a lot of smugness, “Guys, it’s my thing. Every time he is in the kitchen shuffling through cabinets, flipping pancakes with his sleeves folded up to his elbow, I find him extremely hot.

A small smudge of flour across his cheek and the long, familiar fingers gracefully folding the edges of little baked thingies he makes…. Ooh, mama! So yes, this morning he tried to surprise me with breakfast in bed and I surprised him by taking him to bed instead!”

All four chuckled and Tabassum blew a cheering whistle. “Trust me girls, men who cook make the best lovers”, Nancy said. They all shared bites of the delicious sandwich that had seen too much, and delved deeper into what had been silently picked as the tiffin topic: ‘When is your bae the sexiest?’

The man who cooks
Girls love a man who cooks

2. He’s cute when he’s angry

Humming approvingly at the sandwich, Nora cut in, “You know, mine is a classic. Every time we have a heated row and he is all flushed and passionately countering me, I end up shutting his baseless argument with a kiss.”

Tina interjected, “That is such conventional BS! In the middle of an argument instead of paying attention to the words, you are distracted by his ‘sexiness’. Counter objectification is going to do us no good I tell you!”

“Oh god! I take up the argument from the point we left it and vanquish him, but only after a good session of hot sex. I cannot help if he is most attractive in the middle of a spat! His passion otherwise is under the wraps of his corporate metal suit and poker face,” Nora defended herself and shrugged.

Her audience murmured sadly as the drab corporate cafeteria resonated with Nora’s words. So despite the cliché, an angry, passionate demeanor is what makes women attracted to men.

Angry man
An angry, passionate demeanor can turn women on

3. I like the handcuffs

Tina elbowed Raya, who was sitting there playing with her noodles. Newly married to the boy she married off a newspaper listing, she always felt a little out of place in these chats. But the girls would not have that.

Nora and Tina, both were in live-in relationships while Nancy was the only other married woman in the group, to her boyfriend of five years.

Raya let out a nervous laugh, “I don’t know. It has been three months, and it all seems pretty new and exciting. But you know what…. We tried something the other day and I think…”

“Spit it!” interjected Nancy. She was getting restless with her friend’s coyness.

“Well, I find him very hot playing submissive in bed. I mean blindfolds, ties and all…” Raya smiled slyly. “You go, girl!” Tina cheered.

4. He’s my muse

“Hey! My turn!” Tina was the quirkiest among them all. Sporting a pixie-dyed red, she was the woman who had left home to follow her own rules. She was the rebel in a leather jacket, earning the big bucks and running her own project right now with women and transgender sex workers, working for their empowerment.

Wrapping some curry in a piece of roti, Tina continued, “Okay, so the other day we were watching Danish Girl and he was completely enthralled. We went out to the terrace for some coffee and smoke, and we started talking about gender roles and questioning ourselves…”

“I knew it,” interrupted Nora.

“Let me finish Nora! I had to finish a couple of canvases of the series I was painting. So, I suggested the idea that he dress up for me and he agreed. Let me tell you I have had a lot of good days in bed but that day kind of blew my mind to the north pole,” Tina ended with a whistle.

“Wait… dress up as in?” Raya asked innocently. Tina flashed a wide smile, “In my clothes, silly! I made him wear my red Bardot dress and did his makeup. I could only start painting after we had the crazy sexual tension out of the way. He looked smoldering hot!”

All the girls started squealing and shouting. Nora gasped and said, “Oh man, the things women find attractive!”

5. He turns me on with a glance

“That sounds like some lovely time you had there, Tina!” came a quip from the coffee machine corner as the four of them turned to see Sharon pouring herself a big cup. Boss lady had snuck up on them and the five of them giggled like teenagers. “Sharon, tell us, what is your undoing?” asked Nancy of her boss and batchmate.

Things guys do that girls love

Sharon joined them at the table and thought for a second before a wicked smile appeared on her face. “You know sometimes when you are talking or just doing your thing and you suddenly look at each other… like a long and warm look. I don’t know what builds up within me when he looks at me like that. I don’t need him to undo his buttons, or say something dirty… I’m ready to go! HR!” Sharon started laughing as the others joined in.

“Boss, you love all cute and clichéd things, and you are made out of crumbly sugar,” said Tina, and they all went back to their lunch debating the Sales strategy this month.

These women had one of the most memorable lunch breaks ever that day. The things women like about men are all over the place, ranging from cooking a decent meal to putting on makeup and a dress.

It may be a little crazy and wild. Well, whatever works you in bed!

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