11 Signs You Are Dating A Sigma Male

Signs you're dating a sigma male
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You’ve seen your man take command and be the leader in multiple situations. You know he has ambition and the know-how to get there. He knows what he wants and always gets the job done. Things just flow so efficiently when he’s around, right? He shows all the qualities of an alpha male, but you’ve also seen him spend all his free time alone, something he genuinely enjoys doing. Could you be dating a sigma male?

Think James Bond, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk. The sigma male doesn’t need validation from anyone and he doesn’t abide by social hierarchy. Before you think you’re dating a James Bond type, you need to figure out if he actually might be one, and we’ve got you covered.

Let’s unravel every layer of mystery that surrounds the sigma male and hope to understand them better. God knows you could use that, considering how difficult it is to shop for him.

What Are The 6 Male Personality Archetypes?

One easy way to understand the 6 personality types is to think of them as a wolf pack. There is a social hierarchy in a pack and your alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and omega. They are all part of the pack except the sigma male. A sigma male is a lone wolf. He doesn’t follow the crowd. Below is a little description of the social interaction of everyone in the pack and the sigma wolf.

The alpha male

The alpha male is the pack leader. They are confident and extroverted. Alpha males don’t believe in hiding in the shadows. They take the lead in any given situation and inspire others to follow. And generally, have no hesitation in interacting with people. Being extremely charismatic the alpha males are the life of the party and they love the attention too

The beta male

The beta male comes second. These guys are sweet, friendly and loyal. A little shy, they do not mind being a little submissive, unlike the Alpha who prefers to dominate. Beta males are the definition of supportive and treat everyone with respect. A perfect example of a beta male is Chandler Bing from Friends.

The gamma male

The next in line is the gamma male and they are amazing in every sense. Adventurous and eager, the gamma males are never boring. They have some interesting hobbies and they keep expanding on them. Gamma males are extremely empathetic as well as self-aware and this emotional intelligence in a relationship is a blessing. They know and understand the consequence of their actions.

The omega male

The Omega male is a force to be reckoned with. This guy is intelligent and he knows it. Omega males are very self-assured and do not need anyone’s validation. They are very driven and don’t need to be motivated to fulfil their personal goals. They have a million interests and an expert in all of them. Omega males are masters of all trades. A good example of an Omega man is the fictional character Sherlock Holmes.

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The delta male

The thing about delta males is that you become one. A delta male has been through many hardships in his life, and as a result, they are resentful of the world. They are reserved in nature and tend to be a little self-sabotaging. Their self-destructiveness is due to their belief that it is others who are to be blamed for their problems. Because of this he is suspicious of other people and suffers from loneliness.

The sigma male

A sigma male is a dominant introverted alpha. He has leadership qualities but he will not bulldoze his way to the top. Instead, he will trick you to get what he wants and considering his charming nature you won’t have the heart to say no. Sigma males can give the illusion that they are easygoing, but don’t believe them, they are very smart and their every move is well thought of.

What Is The Sigma Male Personality?

‘Sigma male’ meaning, when simply put, is that they’re alpha males but somewhat introverted. He doesn’t need constant validation and does not boast about his triumphs like alphas might. While alpha males want to establish themselves as the leader of the pack, sigma males will operate much more subtly, while still being the leaders. They don’t need to boast about their capabilities like alphas. They stay quiet but make their presence felt. But just because they’re coy, does not mean that they don’t know how to attack. Here is a little table describing social interaction patterns of a sigma vs alpha personality type.

Tries to dominate people by intimidation.Dominate people subtly without using force.
Top of social hierarchyNot involved in the social hierarchy
Outgoing and loudEnjoys alone time a lot
The table on alpha male vs sigma male

With their sharp mind and attention to detail, they are not frivolous or go about life with a pep in their step. Their personality may not seem all too loud or charismatic from far away. But the moment you get closer, you see that a sigma male has a lot going for himself.

A sigma male steps in, gets the job done and goes on his way, to live life his way. You won’t find him partying with his friends or drunk calling everyone on his contact list. He’d rather stay alone, introspect and get to know himself better. His independence is one of his biggest characteristics.

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Still not sure whether he is a sigma male or not. This sigma male test might help.

  • Is he intelligent?
  • Does he identify as an introvert?
  • Is he an overthinker?
  • Do people find him mysterious?
  • Does he prefer his personal space and enjoy being a lone wolf?
  • Can he remain calm under stressful situations?
  • Is he self-sufficient?
  • Does he rebel against the moral standards of society?
  • Is he confident?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions of the sigma male test, then your man is indeed a sigma wolf.

Zodiac Signs Considered As Sigma Males

To understand what is a sigma male and how to be in a relationship with a sigma male, it might be helpful to consider which zodiac signs display the sigma male personality type traits. So without further ado, let’s get right into it and learn a thing or two about the following sigma male zodiac signs.

  • Capricorns: Capricorns are already well-known to be the loners at a party but the kind of loners that are more than happy in their own company. They can dazzle a room if they choose to but it is just something they do not prefer to indulge in. If you want to think of famous sigma males, consider Timothée Chalamet. He’s a Capricorn that has an air about himself but isn’t too eager to flaunt it
  • Scorpios: Ambitious and self-confident at the core, Scorpios are still quite mysterious for they do not reveal too much about themselves too easily. One of the more mysterious Zodiac signs, a Scorpio is known for being very hardworking but as a sigma male, he will do it quietly. Out of famous sigma males who are Scorpios, consider the painter Bob Ross. There is nothing he can’t accomplish but he does it in his own subtle way

Why Are Women Attracted To A Sigma Male?

There are no two opinions that being a rare personality type, the sigma wolf is very attractive. There is something very mysterious and badass about these dominant introverts. Like a calm sea, there is not much turbulence on the surface, but their waters run deep. A sigma male will not preen around strutting his stuff. But he will get the work done without you getting a hint of it. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. And this heady mix of mystery and strength is very difficult to resist for a woman.

Even though a sigma male is a dominant introvert, he has no wish to control you. He not going to get jealous because you talked to an ex. He will be protective of you, but not possessive. He respects his freedom and he will respect yours too. In a romantic relationship, a sigma male doesn’t need to be assured of your feeling for him. He knows it and he appreciates it (even though he will never tell you.) Most of all he will treat you as an equal, respecting your thought, opinions and individuality. This is what women want in a relationship. To be loved and be respected and a sigma lone wolf gives her that aplenty.

Below are examples of some famous sigma personalities


  • James Dean
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bruce Lee
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Quentin Tarantino


  • John Snow
  • John Wick
  • Bruce Wayne (Bat Man)
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • James Bond

Need I say more?

How Do You Know You’re Dating A Sigma Male?

It can be hard to tell if your partner has a sigma male personality. Hell, he might not even know it himself. There are still some tell-tale signs that prove that you’re one and some pointers to further understand what makes a sigma male attractive. If the following sigma male traits apply to your man, there’s a good chance you have yourself a keeper.

1. The sigma male finds solace when he’s alone

Sigma male traits include enjoying some alone time
The sigma male would love to spend a day alone

“Solace” implies that when he has company, he goes through some form of distress, only to find peace when he’s by himself. The line ‘sigma males are loners’ might ring true for most people, especially an alpha, peering into the sigma male’s life from an outside perspective (and also being extremely confused by the sigma’s life).

One of the sigma male characteristics is that he doesn’t need an audience to feel validated when he does something charitable or he is often found happily single instead of searching bars for a date. He prefers to work alone, following his own set of rules and is happy to be in his own company too. If given a choice between attending a party or staying in with you, 100% of the time he will choose the latter. This sigma wolf loves his personal space.

2. A sigma male is not the jealous type

Dealing with a jealous boyfriend can be hard. The insecurities they project through their jealousy can be unappealing and quite frankly, distressing too. Thankfully, you’ve never noticed that in your man because he is a sigma male. This might be the main sigma male vs alpha male difference too. An alpha will get angered or triggered quickly. But a sigma male can take a step back and think more rationally.

You haven’t seen him question your trust or be jealous about the company you hang out with. That’s because a sigma male personality has faith in his decision-making and the kind of woman he picks in romantic relationships. He trusts her judgment and knows she’ll never betray him. Sigma males need their own space in a relationship, and they give the same space for their partner to find themselves outside of the relationship.

3. He wanted something serious from the get-go

Your partner didn’t approach you on Tinder or any other dating app, asking if you’d be “down for something casual”. Sigma males prefer stable, lasting and trustful relationships instead of hookups. If you’re dating one, in all likelihood, he told you that he’s looking for something serious.

So if you really want to make a sigma male fall in love with you, take this seriously because he’s not joking around. They’re not looking for sexual flings so they can boast about it later. On the contrary, sigma males respect women and often do their best to appear as gentlemanly as possible. They value a good relationship and want to be dating an independent female. If they don’t find someone at their wavelength, they are also okay with waiting for the right person to come along.

4. Socializing is not their forte

Sigma males are loners
He could use some work with his socializing

The sigma wolf, meaning someone who spends all his time alone. All that alone time results in the sigma males not having the best social skills. If you leave him with someone he doesn’t know at a party, chances are you’ll come back to him standing alone, having driven away any company. He has a few selected close friends, but that’s as much socializing as he is capable of.

They could use a lesson or two when it comes to rubbing elbows with anyone. The reason why they don’t abide by the social hierarchy is that they can’t make small talk at all. So if you’re taking him to meet your parents, make sure you do the talking.

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5. Sigma males are very self-aware

A typical sigma male characteristic is that he knows himself very well. It’s hard to see how he wouldn’t, seeing how he spends most of his time by himself (a little personal space never hurt anybody). He has a set routine he likes to follow, be it for recreational activities or for his career.

Sigma males think about every possible scenario and how to deal with it. When things go wrong, you won’t find them saying “I told you so”, instead you’ll find them immediately thinking of a solution. Sigmas know what they like and what they don’t, which is why they prefer to keep themselves in environments they feel comfortable in. This basically means you’re not going to find any sigmas in the club saying words like “lit” or “YOLO”.

6. He might have little regard for the laws of the land

Since he lives his life by his own rules, you might catch him disliking some of the rules society has accepted over the years. No, he’s not going to rob a bank, but you might have seen him jumping a few red lights. So if you’re a rule-follower, then being in a relationship with a sigma male might prove a tad challenging for you.

It doesn’t even necessarily stem from a rebellious attitude, just a strong sense of pride that a sigma male will always hold on to. This troublemaking behavior may make sigma males attractive to females, but also prove that he often thinks he’s Mr Know-It-All.

7. He makes his presence felt

Be it at work, or a social gathering, he doesn’t have to do much to make his presence felt. Staying true to himself, he won’t talk much or attract any attention. But people undoubtedly value his input and look for his guidance whenever required, as he’s usually a very reliable man.

One of the sigma male traits is that they’re natural leaders. They don’t need to put on a show, their leadership shines in the way they operate. They make sure everything is running at optimum capacity without ever misusing the power they have as a leader.

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8. Sigma males don’t like taking orders

Be it from a superior, or just about anyone. Sigma males think they know how to go about their business best. You can say goodbye to the instructions that came with whatever it is you just bought, he’s never looking at them. Due to not liking it when they’re told what to do, sigma males would prefer being self-employed.

The ‘lone wolf’ title they’re given stems from their yearning to work alone. The need to be their own boss and having ambition is also one of the reasons why sigma males are so attractive. So to make a sigma male fall in love, do not boss him around, ever. That is only going to drive him further away from you. If this results in him not taking the trash out when you tell him to, here’s what you can do when he’s not helping with the household chores.

9. They aren’t one for speeches

Meaning, he gets straight to the point. If you’re in conversation with him, you’ll notice every word out of his mouth holds importance and meaning. He doesn’t beat around the bush and gets straight to what it is he wants to convey.

He can make communication in your relationship a little easier since he won’t drop the passive-aggressive hints others might opt for. Instead, he’ll tell you straight to your face what it is that’s bothering him. He gets the job done, with as few distractions as possible.

10. A sigma male is hard to understand

When you were just getting to know him, it might have seemed like he wasn’t really interested in you because of the unwillingness to be open with you. Maybe you were confused about what he wants from you, but what men want from women isn’t that complicated, really. Sigma males have a shroud of mystery around them, rarely ever letting people take a glimpse at their life.

It’s because of this reason that sigma males are loners too but on the plus side (for them), this can also be what makes sigma males attractive. Women often feel attracted to someone with an air of mystery and the sigma male can be just that. It’s hard to read him so you will have to labor a lot to understand what is brewing in his mind.

If you surprise him with a gift, he’ll definitely appreciate the effort but don’t expect him to jump up and down with glee. You may be wondering what’s going on in his head because the way he expresses himself is so lackluster.

11. Everyone’s equal for a sigma male

There are no prejudices in the sigma male brain when it comes to who he’s speaking with. He doesn’t care if he’s speaking with the CEO or the intern. He’s going to be his same, non-small-talk self. He believes in having healthy power dynamics.

In the eyes of a sigma male, everyone is equal. While others may conform to pandering to their seniors at work, a sigma male will have zero ulterior motives while talking to someone. If ever they do talk to someone that is. 

3 Tips On Dating A Sigma Male

The personality of the lone wolf is a very attractive one. So, no one is going to blame you if you fall for them. That being said, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when dating a sigma male.

1. Give him space

Your sigma man is a lone wolf and he hates his personal space being invaded. So, if you have insecure style attachment, then you will need to work on your insecurities. Your man is like sand, the tighter you try to hold on to him, the more he tends to slip away.

2. Be independent

The true nature of a sigma male is that he is very self sufficient, and he expects the same from his woman. A woman who knows are mind and is not scared to voice her opinion, who also knows how to take care of herself is very attractive to a sigma male. He wants a woman who would be his equal. No high maintenance girl for this guy.

3. No mind games

While a sigma male is smart and fast on his feet and he likes a woman who is smart as well, he doesn’t have time for mind games. The lone wolf is honest about his feelings. When he tell he loves you, he means it. He wants his woman to treat him the same. If you think you can manipulate him by playing hot and cold, then think again. He will drop you like a hot potato and never look back.

Key Pointers

  • Sigma males are like alphas except introverted
  • Sigma males are lone wolf and self sufficient, and dont need anyone help
  • Sigma males are smart but don’t like playing mind games
  • Take the sigma male test to find out if you have a sigma male personality type

Do you identify with these signs and spot more than a few in your partner? Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a keeper.


1. Who are Sigma males attracted to?

Sigma males look for females who are strong and independent, much like themselves. They’re not looking for a damsel in distress, so they can swoop in and solve all her problems. They look for a female who doesn’t need anyone to fix her problems for her and doesn’t run away from any complications.

2. Are Sigma males attractive?

Why are sigma males attractive can be answered by looking at the sigma male personality traits. They have a sense of responsibility instilled in them. They tend to be financially stable. They have ambition and are extremely self-aware, hence they know what it’s going to take for them to achieve their goals. He appears mysterious and confident, and for these reasons, he is extremely attractive to women

3. Do Sigma males fall in love?

Yes, sigma males fall in love, and much like everything they do, they jump in with both feet. When they find their ideal match, someone who’s independent, strong and confident, they will make their feelings known. They don’t look for casual flings and instead look to build a strong bond.

If a sigma male opens up to you, it means he trusts you and has decided he wants you to be a part of his life. In a relationship, they love intensely. But they still need their own space to breathe and grow. 

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