5 Relationship Issues That Lead To A Failed Romance

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
relationship issues
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Relationship issues are a terrifyingly wide spectrum. They can range from disagreement on dividing house chores to full fledged life changing decisions. While relationship issues can stem from a lack of love, it can also be stifling someone with love and leaving them no space.

There is no dearth of relationship problems that can kill romance. That’s why, its true that love is actually more work than you think. To save a relationship and fix one’s relationship issues takes time, commitment and energy.

Relationship Issues Today

If love had a secret recipe, a major ingredient would be being non-judgmental about the beloved, accepting them as they are. While that sounds most romantic and oh so desirable, we must also not forget that one of the trickiest parts of being in love is to see the other person’s flaws.

Relationship issues always stem from a lack of understanding. Every human being has their own quirks and opinions, and people who are different often seem most intriguing to us, as the old adage also goes – opposites attract.

But it’s a major cause of worry if you find yourself compromising your basic personality or feeling uncomfortable all the time with/for the beloved.

Relationship experts believe that there are always subtle indicators in most failed relationships that are overlooked in the initial stages which definitely indicate doom. These red flags are often easy to miss. If you don’t address your relationship issues, they will certainly lead to relationship arguments. Often these are covert clues that trouble is brewing in the future.

Here are 5 key circumstances that can lead to relationship issues. These are possible to overlook and may not make themselves obvious too easily.

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1. “Everything is wrong with the world because someone else is at fault”

Rishabh and Swati had a thunderous office romance. She was his senior, but just like in the office she pushed the blame always in her personal life too.

Rishabh says, “Whether it was something minor as being late for a date or something as major as an almost one-night stand with someone else, Swati was somehow never to be blamed in her own perception.”

If your girl being late is never because she left the house much later than she should have, the day when everything that is wrong with the world will eventually all become your fault won’t be far away. They quickly turned into an office romance gone bad.

2. “There is no deep meaningful communication happening, just conversation”

Sudip and Harleen were neighbors and even went to the same school. When they started dating during college he realized that she found it difficult to talk about issues that mattered or struggled to express how she felt.

Sudip says, “She would just go quiet. I would keep asking what the matter is. Is she unwell? Did something happen at home or college? But it felt like I was talking to a wall.”

In a relationship it is certainly important to be open and honest. If not, it is a hotspot for relationship. issues. Some women just distance themselves emotionally when stressed, leaving their partner feeling cheated or “kept at arm’s length” due to their moodiness, and sometimes the nuke of a love equation, “silent treatment”.

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3. “People who mattered to me did not like her at all”

Samir met Kirti at a friend’s wedding. They clicked almost instantly. Soon their Delhi-Gurgaon romance flourished, but just after being introduced to her most of his friends and family said she was not right for him.

Samir says, “I still don’t know what was the specific “off” about her that seemed so obvious to those who know me so well. I did not listen to what they were saying about her and the price was heartbreak.”

Often, in the throes of a fresh romantic relationship, hearing criticism about your perfect new “beloved” is not what your brain is wired to entertain.

Because you are falling in love too fast, you may not be able to consider things practically. But others who know your core values and personality may see things more clearly from an outsider’s perspective. Listen carefully to your friends because they might bring up redflags that you could miss.

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4. “She was still emotionally stuck in her past relationships”

Divika was the most popular girl in the university at one time, so yes she had about three serious relationships before she and Rehan dated and got married.

Rehan says, “She had told me why none of her previous relationships had worked very confidently and I was okay with her being friends still with all her ex-boyfriends. That was so cool and evolved till it spelt doom for our marriage.”

If a woman is unable to evaluate why any or all of her past relationships haven’t worked out, or she consistently blames the previous men in her life for all of the issues, it can be a major indicator that the same doom might await your own romance. That is just a situation waiting to create major relationship issues for you.

5. “She always had dicey financial dealings”

Alexa and Martin both came from a banking background so it was also another common ground for them to talk finances; still they parted because Alexa committed financial infidelity. Martin was the financial advisor in a major firm, she was into property consultancy.

Martin says, “Without my knowledge she made major investments from our joint accounts into her “friend’s” ventures. Often the amount would also be fudged or she would just dilly-dally about returns.”

At the end of the day, every relationship is about trust and honesty, and that includes financial honesty, too. If a partner is keeping major financial stuff under cover, it is time to save your own interest, literally.

Every romantic relationship between two people is unique and hence the danger signs that scream absolute “no go” will also be unique. So while you are falling head over heels, do keep your eyes open and in interludes from the heart listen to the brain too, before it’s too late!

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Readers Comments On “5 Relationship Issues That Lead To A Failed Romance”

  1. Manjari Thakur

    These are definitely red flags we need to know whether male or female. Because relationship is not just hanging out at places, and taking selfies. It’s so much more. It definitely needs an awareness of such things to decide for yourself whether you are doing well in your emotional life, or you need to remove some toxicity out of your life.

  2. Saloni Maheshwari

    Relationships are complicated, so it makes sense that some so-called deal breakers should be ignored, but some quirks are such bright red flags flapping violently in the wind that they simply must be acknowledged.

    Do not ignore these signs!

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