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7 things no one tells you about married sex

How does sex change after marriage? There are some things no one ever tells you about married sex
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You have had sex before. So, what’s different about having sex after marriage?

Married couples and sex

Relationship experts turned comedians change entire conversations into their view of married lives and how restricted they are. It appears that it is the consensus idea by the agreement of most parties. Well, I myself tend to disagree. Marriage constitutes a lot of tedious work, but it is often rewarding, too.

1. Genitalia don’t matter

Oh, sure they mattered when you were wee rabbits sneaking off for a quickie in the bathroom stall, but 5 years and two professions later, sex stops focusing on genitalia alone. You start focusing on the minor details. Tracing a bump at the nape of their neck, the slightly prickly cheek after a shave, the round shaped white scar on their knee matter more than usual appendages. And it is all the more romantic, because you know it’s destined to be an adventure forever as you two keep evolving.

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