How To Help Your Partner Deal With Academic Pressure

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Updated On: July 7, 2023
how to help your boyfriend with stress

Most young people date and get into serious relationships around the time they go to college or are getting various degrees. In fact, a lot of them find love at uni itself! Through the bustle of bad sleep schedules, tons of classes, and thick books that read gibberish on most days, sometimes you find love. 

It’s like you two are making a life with each other, but also striving to make a life for yourselves. And as nerve-wracking as that whole process can be, having a partner during that tough time, really helps. Having someone who loves you and cares about you allows you to conveniently sail through the stresses of academic essays, dissertations, and those obnoxious morning classes. 

Dealing With A Stressed Partner – What To Do? 

Whether it’s finals season at the university or not, figuring out how to help your partner with stress comes under relationship 101 anyway. It’s the one thing you just have to ace in a relationship when you’re a university student and one who is madly in love. This is the period of your life where you don’t just grow together as a couple, you grow a lot as individuals too. And when the tough gets going, holding your partner’s hand through it all can pacify them greatly.

If you know you have a boyfriend who stresses chronically about turning in an assignment late or are dealing with a stressed girlfriend who loses sleep over all her tests, you might want to read ahead. Looking to help them do away with their worries? Here’s how to help your partner with the stress of studying. On some days, it’s making them some mac n cheese. On others, it’s just letting them vent about how they feel. If you want to be a kind, compassionate partner in stressful situations, here are a few tips to help you along the way: 

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1. Give them their space when they really need it

If their anxiety has shot up too high, sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. Gauge the situation, understand whether and how much they need you, and then take a call about whether you should continue hanging out with them in their dorm. It’s perfectly all right to go away for a little while or not call them over every night.

Sometimes, a person needs to spend a little time with themselves so they can get things back in order and interact with others again. If they’ve been really worried about their academics lately, let them take some time off. Reduce the number of times you meet in a week. Maybe only see them during your lunch hour instead of having dinner together each night. Ensure that you two respect space in a relationship. This will help them greatly in getting some clarity and feeling like they are regaining control. 

dealing with a stressed partner
When dealing with a stressed partner, sometimes it is best to let them be

2. Do something comforting for them 

Sometimes, grabbing them their favorite flavor of kombucha in the morning before an exam or sending them a protein bar when they’re working late at night can do the job. When it comes to figuring out how to help your boyfriend with stress or how to help your girlfriend decompress, the trick is to show them that you’re there without being too intrusive or asking too many questions. 

Such actions will make them feel like you’re there for them without you actually saying much to them. These are sweet ways to show someone you care without saying much at all. And when they’re feeling really down, they need a subtle but adorable gesture from your side more than anything else.  

3. Be present 

How to support a man who is stressed? Or how to take care of your girlfriend who is worried about her uni assignments? Don’t say much, but stay. If they’re at a Starbucks finishing up an assignment, accompany them. Or if they’re pulling an all-nighter in the library, hang out with them and finish some work of your own if you need to. Your presence can do more for them than you know. 

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4. Pitch in wherever you can 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Biology major and he studies Political science. Or if he’s graduating in Economics and you spend your day studying Hemingway and Sylvia Plath. There are many ways to pitch in and help your partner feel less stressed about their workload. 

Consider helpful sites such as to aid your partner with their work and assignments. If they have a paper due and no time or are just terrible at writing essays, then you might just be able to help them out with this online resource. This site boasts of super essay writers who can get the job done for you in no time! So if they have a deadline coming up very soon, take the load off them by hopping into this website for writing help. 

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5. Encourage them to take good breaks 

The thing with stress is that it can put you in a rut and an unhealthy routine. When you are stressed, you have less control over what your day looks like and things go haywire. It always feels like one doesn’t have enough time to study or get things done which is why they may end up doing things at the last minute in unhealthy ways. 

As a partner, if you want to figure out how to help your stressed girlfriend or boyfriend, you should really try to encourage them to get into a routine that actually works. Figure out whether they’re a morning person or a night owl and tell them to design their day accordingly. Most importantly, make sure they take sufficient breaks and do something fun during that time. Whether it’s a 15-minute coffee run on a Wednesday afternoon or going to a concert over the weekend, these breaks are just as important as studying hard. 

We know you love them, so you don’t exactly need to know a lot of tips to take care of them. As their partner, you’ll probably know just what they need and how they need it. But keep these few pointers in mind, and you’ll never really go wrong.

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