7 times we wished our men knew about our PMS

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Dear men, PMS is as real as our periods. So much so that around 90% of women experiences some kind of PMS syndrome. So we women are already aware of the drill our body and mind go through during those times every month while men are still trying to find out the answer to ‘getting kicked in the balls or menstrual cramps – which is worse?’ No matter how much we try to bring some sense into the male brain on the subject, some things can only be learnt with a vagina. But when we live with a dude – be it a roommate, husband or anybody – there are times when we wish they knew about the physical and chemical changes that happen in our body when we are PMSing.

1. When we become the butt of all misogynistic jokes

The world loves to crack misogynistic jokes about PMSing, but that doesn’t make Pre-menstrual syndrome a fad or bluff. It’s very much real, but we don’t go crazy during this period. The intensity of PMS varies between women. Our hormones fluctuate during the menstrual cycle and this leads to some amount of chemical changes in our brain – it’s very much common but definitely not a universal phenomenon. So stop tagging our irritable mood to PMS every time, sometimes we get angry simply because you act like a douchebag.

sexist meme

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2. When we get pissed more than usual

But that doesn’t negate the fact that women who face mild to severe PMS every month tend to get pissed for no particular reason. There is nothing we can do about it and we need you men to bring us chocolates to help fix it.

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3. When our acnes flare up

The week before we have our period, pimples surface on our face because of the chemical changes in the body. It’s that time when we want our men to keep telling us that we look beautiful nonetheless and the acne will leave no marks (even though it does most of the times). We also don’t like to go to any social event during this time with our broken-out faces and we want our men to be supportive of that.

woman checking acne

‘be supportive of that’ Image Source

4. When we feel bouts of fatigue

Even the most active women whose body react to PMS feel dead tired during this time of the month. We skip the gym and feel low on energy even after a long night of sleep. Don’t poke us this time and be assured that in no time we will be back bouncing off the wall.

5. When we go through the monthly crying spell

We are not crazy people, but when we are PMSing we might start crying for no reason at all. Don’t judge us without a vagina. It’s normal and it passes. All we want from you men to give us is a hug and tell us that everything is going to be okay. Also, order a pizza just because.

man soothing a woman

‘don’t judge us’ Image Source

6. When we get depressed of the bloating

One of the suckiest sides of PMS is that we bloat during this time. No matter how much we try to cover the tummy, it still shows and we hate it. What we expect from the men in our life are just two things – one, don’t bring our attention to the bloated bellies and two, tell us that we are not really getting fat. Period is mean but this too shall pass, remind us that.

7. Oh, the cramps!

While all other symptoms of PMS majorly affect our brain and behaviour the stabbing cramps in our uterus is the worst of all. Our back aches, our legs hurt, we go through pain – real pain that stays longer than when you get kicked in the balls. We want our men to supply us with enough pillows for the backrest and make warm compress to ease the pain. We also want you to know about different kinds of painkillers because some are safer than the rest. We want you to be sensitive towards us and don’t worry we will totally return the favour once we are back in form!

period cramps

‘be supportive ,know all about the painkillers’ Image Source

So men, the next time a woman tells you that she is PMSing, remember these facts and be more sensible.

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Ishita Roy
Ishita Roy May 18, 2018 - 12:17 pm

Weirdly enough, I have never had PMS in my school years, even when my friends were PMSing. It has happened rather recently. I have noticed a trend that happens emotionally every month where my emotions are all haywire. You can do a piece on how women do not get PMS until they hit 20+ years of age.

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