Health benefits of sex for men and women

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Updated On: February 10, 2022

The art of lovemaking is a God-sent potion or an ‘antidote’ for the humankind. Not only does it improve the quality of a romantic relationship, but it also has great therapeutic effects on our overall health. According to studies, regular sex, that is, two lovemaking sessions per week can boost a couple’s health and well-being, besides bestowing them with amazing chemistry.

Many types of research have proven that sex has positive physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological healing effect on humans. Since the current generation is prone to a lot of lifestyle diseases, it becomes really important for couples to wake up to the incredible benefits of sex and boost their health and well-being. Even ageing couples, instead of refraining from lovemaking, can use it to prevent diseases like blood pressure, depression and heart attacks and improve the quality of life with their spouses.

Surprisingly, regular sex works differently for different genders in terms of improving their health and well-being. Here are the top 10 health benefits of having sex for both males and females to widen your perspective on how sex can transform your life for the better.

5 Health benefit of sex for men

Men are wired to think about sex 19 times a day, which in itself shows how important a part it is of their lives. But most men don’t consider the role of sex beyond physical satisfaction and intimacy. Here, they miss out the important benefits of how it can boost their health and overall well-being. Our Bonobology experts have curated a list of potential health advantages of regular sex sessions.

Health benefit of sex for men
Health benefit of sex for men
  1. Prevents heart attack: Lovemaking doesn’t just seal the matters of the heart with intimacy and affection, but also incredibly boosts their heart’s health. Especially for Indian men above 35 years who are more prone to heart ailments, sex is a sort of therapy. According to studies, India tops the world in heart attacks in men. Regular sex is a kind of aerobic exercise that helps the healthy functioning of cardiac organs and wards off heart attacks. It is observed that sex three times a week could halve the risk of men having a heart attack or stroke
    1. Averts prostate cancer: Men who enjoy regular sex life are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Frequent ejaculation during sex clears the prostate gland of carcinogenic toxins which could accumulate due to lack of sexual activity and trigger cancerous changes
    1. Improves the quality of life with stronger immunity: Men are suffering these days at an all-time high with constant stress, lifestyle troubles, body pain and infections like cold and flu. All these conditions are directly linked with lower immunity. But worry not! There is one magic pill that can help men improve their quality of life, through frequent orgasms releasing feel-good endorphins while indulging in sex
    2. Boosts libido and fertility: More sex generally boosts the quality of male sperm, keeps it healthy and improves chances of conception as well. Daily sex for seven days decreases DNA fragmentation or damage and keeps it healthy to fertilise a female egg during ovulation
  2. Keeps fitter and younger: Sex is not just limited to intercourse. The prelude to the vigorous sex gets your body moving and burns quite a bit of calorie, depending upon the level of intensity. So, the longer the session and the action, the more calories sex burns. So believe us, regular sex can keep men fitter and happier

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5 Health benefits of sex for women

Health benefits of sex for women
Health benefits of sex for women

Women are not behind as far as sex is concerned. Compared to their counterparts, they think about it on an average of 18 times per day and see it as an emotional bonding experience. But very few of them know about its health benefits in the long run. So, our Bonobology relationship experts have curated a list which would empower the women of our generation with great health benefits. Let’s look at it:

    1. Feminine health booster: Lovemaking balances lady hormones and shields a woman against lifestyle disorders like PCODs. It also regulates the period cycle and improves her fertility. But the most important concern for every woman, that is, pelvic menstrual cramps before or during periods, also get resolved, all thanks to lovemaking. Sexual intercourse and foreplay can alleviate menstrual cramps or other nasty feelings that a woman may experience during menstruation. According to one theory, sexual excitement relieves tension in the muscles of the uterus and eases pain among women. So next time, before popping a menstrual painkiller, try sex and see how it fills your body will feel-good hormones
    2. Anti-ageing routine: Post-sex glow on a woman’s face is not a myth. Lovemaking has lots of positive effects on women’s physical and emotional well-being. Due to the regular supply of hormone oestrogen during sex, women can enjoy wrinkle-free and smooth skin in the later years of their life. It also releases high levels of the anti-ageing hormone called DHEA. This natural steroid finds its way through an immediate rush of bloodstream to a woman’s body after an orgasm, which keeps the body fitter for longer. Not just that, women with quality sex life look 5 to 7 years younger than their actual age, which reiterates the anti-ageing benefits of sex
    1. Cures sleep disorders: Women are more likely to experience insomnia in their lives than men in their lives. Depression, anxiety, post-partum healing, staying awake with baby, emotional pain could be some of the many reasons. Ladies, due to the release of oxytocin hormone during lovemaking, you can feel good and relaxed during orgasm and improve the quality of sleep in your beloved’ s arms
    2. Urinary incontinence: A woman’s pelvic floor muscles suffer a lot during pregnancy and menopause, which causes her embarrassing urinary incontinence. But with active sex life, she can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, enjoy intimacy and orgasms and reduce unwanted leakage and incontinence
    3. Strengthen bones and beats osteoporosis: As women age, they are more prone to bone degradation or osteoporosis. Lovemaking again brings benefits to ageing women by boosting oestrogen levels in post-menopausal women. This hormone offers protection against bone-thinning risk caused by osteoporosis. Of course, proper diet and calcium intake is important to prevent this ailment, but the potential benefit of sex in strengthening bones cannot be ruled out as well

So, after learning about so many potential health benefits of sex, we hope you all will incorporate it into your routines and witness a transformation in your quality of life.

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