Dear Men, This Is The ‘Right Way’ To Handle Your Woman’s Mood Swings

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Updated On: December 7, 2023
her mood swings

Humans are complicated beings. You may spend a lifetime with someone and still have trouble understanding them at times. And when it comes to mood swings in women you have to try harder to understand them.

So, it is not surprising that a lot of people complain about the fact they don’t know what to do when their partner shows a sudden change of mood or behaves in a certain way. So, to help some of the clueless boyfriends out there, we put together a list of things they need to keep in mind when handling such changes in their partner’s mood.

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What Causes Mood Swings In Women?

If your girl is going through a bad mood swing for no reasons and you feel she is being snappy and irritable for no reason at all, and if we tell you the whole thing is out of her control would you believe us?

Mood swings are largely due to hormonal changes in a woman’s body and it is inevitably connected with her menstruation,  and becomes more acute during menopause or pregnancy.

Your girl could tell you that she has this uncontrollable need to cry but why she is crying she doesn’t know. Don’t get freaked out. It’s her hormones talking.

PMS is a major reason for mood swings in young women and when she is PMSing you have to really know how to handle mood swings in a girl. Is it normal for women to have mood swings? As normal as it is for the sun to shine everyday. Get that?

How To Deal With Mood Swings In A Relationship

A woman’s bad mood swings and frequent emotional outbursts have the potential to ruin relationships. Many men would sit at a bar and discuss how they are unable to handle their girlfriend’s mood swings.

You cannot blame them because they have hardly grown up with the concept that a girl’s mood swings are very real and some steps should be taken by them to ensure it does not affect the relationship.

Men, your saviour is here because we are about to tell you exactly how to handle your woman’s mood swings.

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1. Give them space

This is for when you have already tried and realised that it is not your fault that they are mad. Or it is your fault but, while you have already apologised, they still need time to cool off. If you are tying to deal with mood swings in women then give them the space when they are upset. 

So, call up their best friends, make sure there is ample food in the fridge and make yourself scarce. Hopefully, they will feel much better when you do get back. That way her mood swings won’t affect your relationship.

2. Talk it out

Half of the problems in relationships would get solved if people would just talk. So, instead of throwing up your arms in utter outrage the next time the love of your life seems to be in a bad mood, try to find out what it is that went wrong. Maybe there is something up at work and the promotion they were aiming for was given to someone unworthy. Communication is the best way.

Maybe they are homesick. Or maybe you said you will do something but completely forgot about it. If they are very mad at you, chances are that they will not tell you outright but will snap at you often due to no reason at all. So, talk. Find out what went wrong and try to fix it. Silence might usually be golden but might be a bad idea in such cases.

3. Don’t argue with her

Ways to handle women mood swing
Listen but don’t argue. Let her rant

Talk but listen too. Don’t interrupt or argue. Be respectful of each other and let them finish what they are saying. Try not to get all defensive or dismissive when they tell you what is wrong.

If it is not your fault but someone else’s entirely, let them rant; then comfort them. If they say it’s your fault, consider what you did, apologise if you think you actually did wrong and explain if you didn’t. Be civil about things throughout. It won’t help if both of you are being cranky and irrational at the same time. With little bit of sense mood swings in women can be handled.

4. Get her good food

If it is work or other related things and you really cannot help out, get them their favourite food as they figure things out. It will also give them energy to tackle the problem head on without obsessing over it and doing nothing.

Food is like the potion that works like magic when women are having mood swings. Order their favourite food or better still make it for them. Then see as they relish the food they could just snap out of the gloomy mood and thank you a dozen times for being so thoughtful.

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5. Show them cat and dog videos

If even food hasn’t worked its magic, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Show them cute cat and dog videos. There is hardly anything more delightful in the world than those little furry buggers so this should cheer bae up pretty soon.

You can go for those baby videos to deal with your wife’s mood swings. Also, offer to take her for a drive, to the movies or to the ice cream parlour and maybe you have already tackled her mood swing.

6. To deal with mood swing in a woman help her out

Maybe they are worried about a work project. Or some thing they need to do and the deadline is coming up and they lack inspiration. Whatever it may be, if you think you can help out, do.

Even if you cannot help out with the actual work, a relaxing massage and a full cup of hot coffee might just do the trick. Words of encouragement go a long way in such situations too.

Ways to handle her mood swing
Massage helps a lot in mood swing

7. Never belittle her for her mood swings

Even if you think they are obsessing over too little a thing or just seem to be randomly pissed off, there is no reason for you to belittle what they feel. It is not only disrespectful but also does not help her mood. Chances are she will end up being more annoyed than she was before.

Remember, life is stressful for everyone so sometimes we tend to have seemingly random meltdowns. Support your partner during such times and you will be reaping the rewards soon enough.

As you can see, most of these situations are not sudden. They grow out of certain factors and due to the build up of work or other frustrations. So, the most important thing for you to do here would be to not dismiss their problems as unimportant and treat actual annoyance as inexplicable mood swings.

Try to find out exactly why your lover is behaving the way they are and help out. Your lover is not a child and probably doesn’t like being treated as a child when something is bothering them. Listen. Empathise. Encourage. And maybe buy them biryani. Works wonders every time! Now you know how to deal with mood swings in women.

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  1. So be punching bag without a reward ? For what?? Todays women has become more feminist. She doesn’t cook for you saying why she is also earning but she never spend her money on house hold expenses, yeah she doesn’t take care of some of her own expenses with her earnings. She never tolerate any of men dominating behavior , you are never allowed to sought at at she will never tolerate it and wil directly link that with her respect but at the same time this article suggests men should tolerate her mood swings.
    One suggestion to author you should write a article for women how to handle the self mood swings, and what not to do when she is going through the mood swings. No body should be allowed to blame anybody for your own mood swings.

  2. Everyone gets moody, the only difference is our culture doesn’t hold women accountable for their behavior. We all behave like jerks at some time but women always manage to blame someone or something else. And society enables them, so it’s no wonder most American women feel like the world owes them and they can do no wrong. Walk away, it’s just not worth it.

  3. So basically, men are supposed to be emotional punching bags and just deal with it. Nope. Relationships and marriage are a two way street. If she’s having a rough day, of course I want to support her. If she’s blowing up at me, bye Felicia. I would never be allowed to melt down and blow up at a woman, not sure why I should have to tolerate being on the receiving end.

  4. Vasudha Tripathi

    READ IT BOYS! read it! You all should know about this.. and should practice it too, Currently, I too am having mood swings, And Wish my BF could read it. I just want this. FELLA, WHERE ARE YOU???

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