5 reasons why couples should exercise together

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The choice to work-out or not is completely our own when we are single. But once in a relationship we can’t expect our partner to be as active or as lazy as we are. If the partner likes to stay physically fit, but you are more of a couch potato, it can be a difficult position and vice versa. But a relationship truly enriches you when you change your unhealthy impulses for a positive lifestyle with support from your partner.

Couples who sweat together, stay together

Exercising with your partner is not only about fitness and better health, but also about strengthening your emotional partnership. By working out together couples can develop better synchronization with each other and also build a strong support system – something that is essential to lead a fulfilling life together. Here are the reasons why you must develop a workout regime with your partner.

1. You get to spend more time together

When one partner likes gymming and the other doesn’t, it leads to arguments. But when you are gym buddies with your partner you know their schedule and you also carve out the same together that fits you both. Instead of hitting the pubs, lying on the sofa watching TV, drinking beers you get to work out together. Other than the health benefits spending time with your partner at the gym also means the communication is not going to turn negative as you both are breaking a sweat and feeling the oxygen and positivity rushing to your brain.

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2. It benefits your sex life for obvious reasons

You feel more energetic, your blood pressure is in control, your muscles are worked up, and you feel more flexible. Add to that the adrenaline rush and all of that paves your way to rekindle the passion between you and your partner. After a sweaty session at the gym you feel more pumped up to do each other. It’s a total win-win!

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3. You build a great support system

There are days, especially for the ones who are not into fitness, when our muscles start crying out loud and our will power gives up. These are the times when our partner, who is on the better side, lifts us up, pumps some of their energy into us and pushes us to do that one more set of crunches. It’s that time when your partner sees your worst and sticks with you nonetheless. The support system that you develop for a sustainable healthy lifestyle paves the way to build a more sustainable romantic partnership in the process.

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4. You are on the same diet

When one partner cares about staying fit and eating good, and the other is a foodie it’s a big problem. We feel compelled to follow the same food routine or get fed-up with our partner. But when a couple work out together they are on the same path of seeking a better lifestyle and with that comes choosing the diet. In this case you no longer find yourself opposing your partner’s food preferences, because now you both are on the same page.

5. Cheat days are more fun

But the most fun days are when you are on your cheat days! Every once in a while you like to skip the routine and indulge in guilty pleasure. Your partner, who is now your exercise buddy as well, joins you for that slice of chocolate cake. Because you know the next day you will be back at the gym spending 30 minutes extra on the treadmill to burn those extra calories and your partner will be by your side hooting for you.
Because like all things in the world your path to stay fit and healthy gets so much better when your partner is by your side boosting your morale. And you should try it too!

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