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7 types of boyfriends

We all have met them atleast once in our dating life!
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What kind of boyfriend is he?

Have you watched the famous scene from Pyaar Ka Punchnama where Rajat gives this elaborate five minute rant on how girlfriends are? Well, this is not one. We have all come across different types of men in our lives, be it the sexist Romeo, the chivalrous one opening the door or the chill dude who gives you too much space. Being in a relationship with men can be a journey in itself. So why not understand their nature better and lead a more informed life with them. This is our take on the 7 types of boyfriends that are there to pamper us, love us and well, hurt us at times.

1. The overtly romantic one

This kind of boyfriend is someone who has leapt out of a romance novel. A telephonic conversation often opens with him saying “Hello beautiful” which leaves you feeling like a pile of mush. He likes holding hands while taking a walk. You are often showered with cheesy romantic lines and he brings you chocolate when you are down. He doesn’t refrain from kissing you on your forehead and whispering things like “Stay with me”. He means it and shows how much you really mean to him.

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2. The repressed one

Repression of any kind is a ticking time bomb.

This kind of boyfriend rarely points out the things that bother him, and/or rarely shows affection. Days, weeks and months of repressed emotions finally blow up like Mount Vesuvius. Whatever pisses him/ticks him off about his relationship and life in general sort of comes forth in ugly ways.

And it’s not just anger. He is the kind who will seduce, woo you in the most romantic way possible. But this happens once in a blue moon. It’s not that he is emotionally unavailable, he just doesn’t often engage in PDA – his emotions are somewhat caged and that’s how he is built. In plain words, he is a Mr. Darcy who will stand in the rain professing how much he “ardently” loves you.

Good or bad – he will remember all the insignificant things you have once said but is incapable of
indulging in romantic gestures all the time.

3. The jerk

We have all known someone, or worse, dated someone, who can be referred to as the jerk. He is perhaps an emotionally needy individual but what he desires most is a validation of his own ego. Narcissistic as he is, he maintains this aura of himself that’s so grand, only a handful of people know the other side of him. He craves attention from anyone and everyone. He is flirtatious, which bothers you a bit – but he might be doing it unconsciously as a mechanism to make everybody like him.

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4. The logical one

For him, everything should be meted out with reason and logic. He is the kind who is most open and willing to have discussions about your relationship. He rarely gets agitated for petty issues, remains calm and does not get irrationally irritated, angry or abusive. As an adult, his motto is “Follow the mind, not the heart”.
As he is the reasonable one, loving hard is not on his list. Because of his nature, he cannot love with the intensity that is expected. Your fights with him are reasoned out with logic, never emotions.

5. The jealous one

Incapable of understanding the concept of trust, he becomes over-possessive over his girlfriend’s daily schedule. Usually coupled with insecurities of his own and paranoia, he simply cannot trust anyone. If you laugh at someone else’s joke, he fears that’s the end of your relationship (that’s the insecurity talking). He also cannot fathom why you are online at 2 in the morning talking to your best friend (who happens to be a guy) and sharing things with him. In his world, people and their intentions are not to be trusted. When in public, even a casual glance from a random pedestrian in his girlfriend’s direction can make his mood go sour. It is not his hunger for control or anything, it’s just his view of the world where no trust or faith can be placed on anyone which makes him act jealous at the smallest of things.

6. The over-accommodating one

He is the most accommodating among the boyfriends. Too accommodating. He is so accommodating of his partner that he no longer appears to have a personality of his own. He is making sacrifices in his life and running ‘errands’ for his girlfriend. Usually dropping her off and picking her up from her place of work and making unusual sacrifices. This kind of boyfriend bends his ways and is often in a relationship with a girl who is more dominating in the relationship. He might end up neglecting his friends he had for a long time before he was in the relationship.

This kind of boyfriend exists solely for his girlfriend (yes, that’s not a typo), and has no exclusive separate life of his own.

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7. The best friend

Usually, you have known him for a really long time. He is not just your boyfriend; he is nothing short of a best friend. Before he was in a relationship, he was friends with his girlfriend. He switched from being the best friend to the boyfriend, and people might mistake them for being ‘just friends’. You cannot point out the difference when this transition happens, but it’s there. He isn’t just available for the hand-holding romantic stuff, but also for other hurdles.

As the friendship was the starting point of their relationship, more than often, they communicate like friends do and often prioritise the friendship more than the relationship.

This type of boyfriend knows his girlfriend inside out – what ticks her off, can read her silence, knows exactly what to say to keep her from freaking out and can often finish her sentences. He is the kind of boyfriend you would love having around even if you are having a massive fight with him.

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