20 Tips To Be A Better Boyfriend And Make Her Your World

how to be A Better Boyfriend
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Am I a good boyfriend? Am I treating her the way she deserves to be treated? How to be a better boyfriend? These questions are usually on every guy’s mind when he’s in love and wants to make his girlfriend happy. It is natural to ask these questions if you are madly in love with your girl.

You can be the best boyfriend in the world. The first thing to keep in mind is to realize that being the boyfriend she deserves is a continuous journey. You will learn new things about your partner and you will find new ways to make her happy. Only by being there for her consistently can you be a better boyfriend.

How To Be A Better Boyfriend?

Before we can answer the question – how to be a better boyfriend – there are other questions we need to ask as well. According to you, what are the qualities of a good boyfriend? What are his duties toward a girlfriend? Only by keeping these in mind can you start to become a better boyfriend.

But don’t worry. If you really want to be the best boyfriend in the world, we can answer all of these for you. Below, we will take you through the qualities and traits that a good boyfriend possesses, along with the duties that you will need to carry out. By following these tips, you can be a better boyfriend to your girl.

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1. Respect and admiration

If you have ever asked yourself, “How do I start being a better boyfriend?”, the answer is by giving respect. You not only need to respect her as a person, but you also need to respect the choices she makes.

Respect is one of the founding pillars of a successful relationship. If you do not truly respect your partner, you can never be the boyfriend she deserves.

Respect is not only having good manners like opening doors and pulling chairs at the restaurant. All that is decency and while she admires it, there is more to respect. When we say you should respect her, it’s also about respecting her privacy and her choices. For example, don’t sneak into her phone, EVER!

To be a better boyfriend emotionally you have to be supportive of her career choices, of her need to spend time with her BFFs, you have to understand her family values, and when she talks about her aspirations you listen intently. That’s respect and every girlfriend deserves it.

2. Be spontaneous

One of the most common pitfalls in a relationship is that when you have grown too comfortable in your relationship, you stop trying to surprise your partner. The traits of a great boyfriend include understanding when the relationship is going downhill.

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I, too, have made this mistake a few times. If you do this too often, the relationship will end eventually. Next on our list of what boyfriends should do is to be spontaneous.

Little things like getting her flowers, or even better, a brownie or a cupcake she loves, can go a long way in making your girlfriend happy. Giving her small surprises from time to time will definitely help you be the best boyfriend in the world.

If you want to be a great live-in boyfriend, then be spontaneous when it comes to doing the chores or keeping the home tidy. This would go a long way in making you a better boyfriend and impressing her with how much you care.

3. Learn to listen without interrupting

Be a better boyfriend by being attentive
When she talks give her all your attention

One thing that will definitely annoy your girlfriend is to offer a solution when she hasn’t asked for one. How to be a better boyfriend, you ask? Well, show her that you trust her instead of trying to make decisions for her.

Sometimes your girlfriend isn’t looking for rational answers. She could find those on her own. She just wants to vent out her emotional frustrations. To be a better boyfriend emotionally, learn to provide a shoulder for her to cry on without trying to offer a solution.

She might be really upset with her boss at work and perhaps she needs to vent it out. Just listen without offering your views on the boss or the office scenario. Or a friend has left her out of her wedding invitation guest list and she is baffled why that happened. Such a thing could ruin her entire day and make her feel very upset.

Guys don’t bother about these things too often but with women, it can be a big deal. Don’t ignore problems you don’t understand. Be a boyfriend she is proud to have, by simply acknowledging what she’s saying and holding her hand through it.

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4. Be the boyfriend she deserves by not neglecting her

Since you’ve asked yourself how to be a better boyfriend, you need to first realize that your partner has needs and feelings that you cannot ignore.

To be a better boyfriend, it is very important to dedicate time to her. Do not make the mistake of neglecting her needs. Be attentive to your girlfriend. If you do not spend enough time with her, the relationship will fall apart quickly. You don’t have to be the perfect boyfriend she always wanted because love is not about ticking off a checklist. All you have to do is make her realize that she can always rely on you.

A woman’s needs in love really aren’t all that complicated. Not everything is about going on lavish dinners or buying her fancy clothes. More often than not, all she wants is a hug from you, she wants you to be around her, she wants to chat over coffee with you. All she needs is your time and you know she’s not asking for too much.

5. Assume responsibility for your actions

There are few things more attractive to a woman than a man who takes responsibility for his actions. Being able to understand when you are wrong is one of the traits of a great boyfriend.

Acknowledge your mistakes when you make them so that you can work on them. Assuming responsibility for your actions will make you a better boyfriend. For example, if you want to be a good boyfriend over text, make sure you text her that you’re busy instead of seeing her message and just not replying.

If you can say, “I am sorry, I was busy”, easily she would appreciate you for your honesty and your ability to own up for your mistakes. You should be able to apologize spontaneously without thinking too much. That will make you really endearing to her.

6. Learn some arts and crafts

be a better boyfriend emotionally
To be a better boyfriend give her handmade gifts

This one seems a little random, but it works wonders. When it comes to giving gifts, it’s not the price of the gift that matters but the thought behind it. If you really want to be the boyfriend she is happy with, do not underestimate the power of these small tokens.

Anyone can go to a store and buy something. Learning arts and crafts will allow you to make a gift which would be meaningful to her.

The effort required for this will make her believe for sure that she has the best boyfriend in the world. If you have ever asked yourself what are a boyfriend’s duties, dedicating the time to make her happy is one of them.

We can already see her million-dollar smile when you gift her a DIY lampshade to be kept on her bedside table. She’ll know how much time and love you put into it and that beats any diamond pendant in the world!

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7. The traits of a great boyfriend, pay attention to her hobbies

Your partner deserves a good boyfriend who loves her. A good boyfriend would also pay attention to his partner’s hobbies and interests and get invested in them. This is one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

This will help you in making plans which she could enjoy. By paying attention to your partner’s hobbies, you encourage her to talk about them without seeming disinterested. Want to be an irreplaceable boyfriend? Then take this tip seriously.

If she is into Salsa, you can join a few classes with her to learn the moves. She would just love it so much. If she is into gardening, you can order some seeds or gardening tools online and get your hands dirty with her on a Sunday morning. There can’t be better ways to be a better boyfriend.

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8. Make the dates all about her

In a relationship, the point of going on dates is to make sure you and your partner have a good time and share love. To make her feel special, you must plan dates that revolve solely around her interest.

This could mean trying out activities that she would enjoy, even if you are personally not that interested in it. How to be a better boyfriend? Well, go out of your way to make her happy on a date by planning one that she will thoroughly enjoy.

For example, she loves crabs. So take her to a seafood restaurant with a live cooking counter. She would know you did it just for her and it will make her feel incredibly special to you. She would love you to the moon and back and you will indeed be the perfect boyfriend she always wanted.

Go one step ahead and you can surprise her with double dates with her bestie and her guy. How thoughtful and sweet is that? You know she would just love that.

9. Don’t be controlling

One of the traits of a good boyfriend is not to be too controlling. You need to encourage her to be herself and you need to support that. When she feels like you’re a super jealous boyfriend, there is no way you will be a boyfriend she is proud to have.

Don’t try to make decisions for her. This includes the people she interacts with or the decisions she makes about her life. If there is something women hate, it’s a man who doesn’t trust them to decide for themselves. Don’t ever try to impose your feelings on her – that could be as simple as what she should wear to something more serious like whether she should take or turn down a job offer.

If she loves you, she will definitely want to hear your suggestions but if you want to be a great boyfriend, remember that in the end it is always her own decision.

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10. Befriend her family and friends

Want to be the best boyfriend in the world? We’ll tell you how. Making her happy is one thing, yes, but you also have to impress and care for her family and friends.

Your girlfriend’s friends and girl gang are an important part of her life. If you have ever asked yourself what are the boyfriend duties, it is to get along with her friends and family so that she doesn’t have to pick between the two.

To be a better boyfriend, you must try to get along with her group of friends, as their opinions about you will matter too. They need to love you, so that in the long term you can all get along and be close.

Try to do little things that will make them trust you. For example, you are there for her if she needs to take her dad to the doc. Or her parents can count on you to take care of their dog when they are away on a holiday. These simple things will assure her that you are there not only for her, but also for her family.

How To Be A Good Live-In Boyfriend

As your relationship progresses and she sees that you have all the traits of a great boyfriend, the two of you might eventually choose to live together. This might seem appealing as you get to spend even more time with the person you love, but remember that live-in relationships are not as easy as they may seem. There is an increased level of commitment and interdependence involved.

Your daily actions will now have a direct impact on influencing the type of day your partner is going to have. In this case, a few more points need to be kept in mind which will let you know how to be a better boyfriend.

11. Be a better boyfriend emotionally by choosing kindness over victory

be the best boyfriend in the world
Choose kindness over victory

Couples argue, there is no denying that. If you haven’t already, you will soon start arguing with your partner. When that happens, it is important to remember that winning the argument is not important, the relationship is. Be a better boyfriend emotionally by being mature during your fights.

Choose kindness over winning to be the boyfriend she deserves. Resolve your conflict amicably and don’t keep on harping on the same issues.

If you argue, resolve and forget about it then nothing like it. You don’t have to prove your point to your girlfriend all the time. If you can step back and not focus on winning, she would admire you for that.

12. Compromise is the trait of a great boyfriend

Compromising does not mean a 50-50 type of an agreement. That’s just like ensuring that neither of you has a good time and does not solve the purpose. A compromise means that today you do whatever she wants, but tomorrow, she does what you want.

How to be a better boyfriend is about learning how to effectively compromise for the woman you love. This will work like a miracle helping you to be the best boyfriend in the world.

You should be also able to sacrifice in a relationship when the need arises. Sometimes small sacrifices make a big difference.

13. Remember to work hard

What are boyfriend duties? Working hard to make her feel special and loved. This isn’t always easy, and it takes some planning and dedication.

Coming back from work and plonking yourself on the couch while watching football is the easiest thing to do. But if you freshen up and help her in the kitchen and stir up a meal together, you do have the best boyfriend traits.

By working hard we also mean making efforts in building sexual compatibility and emotional intimacy. A good relationship requires work every single day. These are things that need time, effort and understanding, and mean a great deal in a relationship.

14. Give her space

You and your partner may love each other, but you need to realize that your girlfriend needs her own space and boundaries. To be a good live-in boyfriend, you need to recognize the signs that she wishes to be alone.

Being around your partner 24 hours a day can cause more harm than good. Giving her the space she requires is one of the things a boyfriend should do.

If she makes plans with her friends or wants to go on a solo trip, don’t guilt-trip her and say, “What would I do alone?” Instead, encourage her to do her own things, while you can use that time to make your own plans and hit up the boys. As long as there is mutual trust, this way you create a healthy relationship for both of you.

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15. Avoid trigger topics

be good live-in boyfriend
Avoid trigger topics that can make conversation unpleasant

Every couple has trigger topics. These are the topics that would lead to relationship arguments as neither of you can find some common ground. For some it’s religion, for others it’s their job, their families etc.

If you are wondering how to be a better boyfriend emotionally, then prioritize recognizing these trigger topics and avoid them at all costs. This will definitely help you become a good live-in boyfriend.

If you cannot avoid discussing a trigger topic, then do it calmly and assure her that it won’t lead to a fight. Find a solution and then let the topic go.

16. Allow yourself to grow

One of the most challenging aspects of being a good boyfriend is allowing yourself to grow as a person. For a relationship to succeed, you need to grow with your partner. This means that you are going to have to give up certain behaviors and practices that you are comfortable with but your partner frowns upon.

This could include various things like going out too much or how tidy the house is. One of the traits of a good boyfriend is being able to grow and change for the sake of the relationship.

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How To Be A Better Boyfriend Over Long Distance

The pandemic has made dating tough. It has become difficult to meet your partner. As such, most relationships are now effectively long-distance. This might seem terrifying at first as you might be asking yourself what are the qualities of a good boyfriend?

You might also not know how to be a better boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. Thankfully, we know how your relationship can get through this phase while helping you answer some questions.

17. Virtual dates

A good boyfriend does not let distance take a toll on his relationship. For long-distance relationships, virtual dating is a great idea.

As long as the two of you have an internet connection, you could plan a romantic virtual date for your partner. Want to be a better boyfriend online? Do date night over Zoom where you can watch movies together or play games online.

be a better boyfriend online
Virtual dates are the order of the day

18. Action over words

One of the ways to be the boyfriend she deserves is to let your actions speak louder than your words. To really be an irreplaceable boyfriend, you have to show her that you mean what you say. You need to prove to your partner that she can depend on you.

A relationship needs trust, by letting your actions speak for themselves, is how you can be a better boyfriend. You can build trust in a relationship even over a distance. Just be honest, assuring and consistent toward her.

19. Be honest about your feelings to be a good boyfriend online

One of the roadblocks in a long-distance relationship is that you are not able to be in the same room as your partner. This can cause a rift in the relationship and lead to lots of insecurity issues.

One way to avoid this is to always be honest and open about your feelings. Be a better boyfriend emotionally by showing her that you are self-aware and real with her. This ensures that the relationship will not lack emotional intimacy and she will also then know that she can trust you.

20. Make her your top priority

The most important tip has been saved for the last. The most simplified answer to how to be a better boyfriend is to make your partner your top priority and to let them know that.

You must consistently be there for her and support her in whichever way she needs. That is the best way to be the boyfriend she deserves. Also don’t judge her. Accept who she is and do your boyfriend duties. You will be an irreplaceable boyfriend in no time!

In a relationship, two people should spend time growing together. That means you should also improve yourself and prioritize the relationship over your own personal needs on some day. So, follow these tips to show your girlfriend that you are indeed boyfriend material and that she is lucky to have you.


1. What is a bad boyfriend?

A bad boyfriend will exhibit all the relationship red flags. He would be essentially a person who would be selfish, could give very little attention to his girl or could be clingy. He would be dishonest, he could end up cheating even. Most importantly he would show very little respect and genuine affection.

2. How do I keep her in love?

A great boyfriend just needs to show respect and affection to his girl, be attentive and supportive, he should understand her feelings and her need for space. Just be honest, assuring and supportive and she would be in love with you madly.

3. How does a woman want to be treated?

A woman wants to be treated with love and respect. She wants you to give her your time and attention, she wants you to be part of her big decisions. She wants to feel warm in your arms, and wanted and appreciated in the relationship.

4. What do women want in a relationship?

Women do not ask a lot from a relationship. They want respect, affection, attention and understanding. Help her with the household chores or surprise her with roses, she would love you to the moon and back.

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