What Is My Type Of Guy? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
What Is My Type Of Guy

If your idea of a perfect Saturday night involves snuggling up on the couch and immersing yourself in the latest true crime documentary, then The Kind and Considerate Man is your ideal match. On the flip side, if you’re inclined to paint the town red with your boo, dressed to the nines in a stunning outfit complemented by the shiniest diamond bracelet gracing your wrist, then The Money Man is the perfect choice for you.

No one man is better than another; it’s all about what you like in a guy! Are you eager to uncover the mystery behind your ideal type of guy and gain a deeper understanding of your own dating preferences? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Crafted by Dhriti Bhavsar, a psychologist and relationship counselor, this quiz—designed for anyone seeking insight into their compatibility with different types of guys—is your ticket to self-discovery in the realm of relationships.

If you choose someone who isn’t your usual type, the initial excitement might be fun, and it could even seem like a good fit. However, over time, those differences will become obstacles. If you thrive on socializing and your boyfriend prefers a quiet night in, the contrast will lead to resentment. You might find yourself resenting him for missing out, or he may resent you for pushing him to go out. Likewise, if you are a sucker for cute romantic gestures and your boyfriend doesn’t share those feelings, it’s a disparity that can become more apparent as time goes on.

So, what are you waiting for? The answer to “What is my type?” is only a quick seven questions away!

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  1. What is your idea of a perfect first date?
    1. A candle-lit dinner
    2. Going to a bookstore/library together
    3. A nice walk and watching the sunset together
    4. Something adventurous
    5. Going to a spoken poetry event
    6. A park or picnic
    7. I’m not sure
  2. What do you dislike most in a man?
    1. Anger
    2. Being overly dependent
    3. Being emotionally absent
    4. Lack of ambition
    5. Being boring
    6. Bad sense of humour
    7. Poor taste in dressing, talking, etc
  3. What sort of relationship are you looking for right now?
    1. Serious commitment
    2. Exclusive dating
    3. Just companionship
    4. Nothing too serious, just fun
    5. Something physical
    6. I’m not sure
  4. What do you value most in a guy?
    1. Strong character
    2. Ambition
    3. Intelligence
    4. Expressing love
    5. Confidence
    6. Emotional availability
    7. Sense of humour
  5. How do you most like to spend your free time?
    1. Cooking
    2. Taking rest from work
    3. Reading
    4. Watching movies
    5. Hanging out with friends
    6. Listening to music
    7. Treat myself with self care and good food
  6. What genre of movies do you enjoy the most?
    1. Period dramas
    2. Biopics
    3. Sci-fi
    4. Rom-coms
    5. Comedies
    6. Fantasy/young adult
    7. Tragedies
  7. What do you value most in life?
    1. Family
    2. My career
    3. Knowledge
    4. Companionship
    5. Fun and joy
    6. Curiosity
    7. Kindness

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