How To Catch A Cheating Partner – 13 Tricks To Help You

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Updated On: November 8, 2023
how to catch a cheating partner

Is he lurking off in the middle of the night while you’re asleep? Or is she hiding her phone from you constantly? While they are having their share of fun, you are losing sleep wondering about how to catch a cheating husband or wife! That fleeting suspicion you have might actually be true, especially considering how your partner’s phone is now suddenly more important to them than you are. How to catch a cheating partner is all about watching out for these signs listed below and the other things they could possibly be hiding. 

Apart from the obvious signs, there’s so much more that they give away even when they’re trying to cover their tracks. You can catch a cheater in a lie by subtle changes in their behavior. There are plenty of digital hacks at your disposal to catch cheaters on Android or any other device. Knowing how to catch a cheating partner means you should be alert and be able to pick up on anything that is new about them. Sudden change in habits, a new work schedule, or even a new scent. These are signs you cannot ignore. 

Maya and her husband lived an idyllic suburban life with the perfect house and two kids. George would always be home at 6 after work and spend quality time with his family. Then, Maya started noticing that George began putting in extra hours at work, which sometimes went on till 11 p.m. Even when he was home, he was never that interested in the children anymore. Maya knew something was up and perhaps it was another woman that was keeping him all too busy. 

Was Maya’s suspicion justified? Even though the sudden change in George’s work schedule was concerning, there is always the possibility that he might actually have been working. So, what is the best way to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever? Let’s find out what Maya did, and what you can too.

How To Catch A Cheating Partner – 13 Tricks To Help You 

To catch a cheating partner is really no biggie especially in this day and age with technology at your fingertips. Moreover, cheaters usually carry around a sense of cheating guilt which is easy to pick up on. If you know your partner well enough, you will see right through it. 

Increased social media activity, constantly being on their phone, acting as though their phone now holds the nuclear launch codes so you mustn’t get your hands on it: these are all internet cheating signs you need to look out for. Even though you thought your relationship would never have any room for infidelity, you cannot afford to be blind to the signs.

You will be surprised to know how cheaters hide their tracks. So, you need to get your Sherlock game on point to catch your man cheating on his phone or track your woman’s suspicious whereabouts. These 13 tricks should do just the trick to help you catch all the internet cheating signs.

Whether you want to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook or find out if your spouse is cheating for free, there are a host of tools and tricks that you can use to your advantage. We bring you 13 such tricks that will help you perfectly on your mission – how to catch a cheating partner:

1. How to catch a cheating wife? Keep an eye on their notifications 

A cheating spouse or partner will be very conscious of what is on their phone. They will never just hand it to you or allow you to look through it. If they are suddenly overprotective of their phone and that is out of character for them, you already have your first sign. One of the most effective ways to catch a cheating spouse is to get a hold of their phone for a short while, though that might not be easy.

You need to watch out for their push notifications to catch cheaters texting. Any recurring text messages or calls from a new contact name could be a key clue. If they have removed their push notifications completely that could be a sign your husband is talking to another woman or your wife is falling for another man. They could be definitely hiding something from you. 

Maya had noticed that George did not keep his phone out as much when she was around. She was worried that this was because he was afraid of getting some suspicious texts or calls. This is why she wanted to dig deeper, to try and catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp. A simple message from his mistress would be conclusive proof that he was sleeping around.

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2. Use Find My iPhone to track their whereabouts

Thanks to Apple, the answer to ‘how to catch a cheating partner’ has become much easier. If you want to catch cheaters on iPhone and know their whereabouts, this feature can come to your rescue. The location tracking technology in ‘Find My iPhone’ helps you find out where a person is at all times. Make sure that it is turned on.

If your partner hasn’t left it on, you can either snoop into their phone and switch it on or make an excuse to get them to do it. Sneak in a plea to turn the feature on mid-conversation, with something like “What if you lose your phone? Just turn it on, it could save you from buying a new one”.

Most families with iOS have a family account, and that way if you enable location sharing, all you have to do is log onto your cloud and use the Find My iPhone feature to track your partner’s location. This is one of the smart ways to catch a cheating wife or husband.

In fact, you can catch cheaters on Android as well if you are ready to hire a hacker to catch cheating spouse. All you need is your partner’s Google account credentials with which they are logged in on their device. Once you log in to that account from your laptop or tab, you can easily track their device via the Find My Device tool.

You’ve probably already seen this work in a lot of movies and TV series. You can now implement it yourself, making you feel like the biggest hacker around. If you were wondering how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free, a location tracking tech like this will make sure you can rest easy. But if you do find some suspicious movement, we doubt you’ll be resting anytime soon.

How to catch a cheating partner? Use Find my Iphone
Use the Find My iPhone app to check where your partner is at all times

3. Dig into their Google Chrome passwords 

It may not be easy to access your partner’s phone if they are cheating on you. However, you can then turn to their computer instead. Do you want to find out if your partner is cheating online? Say that your laptop is down and you need to send an urgent email or something to that effect so that they cannot say no. 

Swiftly hop into their Google Chrome passwords which is basically a host of saved passwords to their accounts everywhere. Now, you can also check what sites they regularly visit that require their passcode. Check for any dating sites that they may have frequented and you can obtain passwords to all of them with just a few clicks! 

If you have more time on your hands with their laptop, go ahead and open up their browsing history as well. If they’re not regularly covering their tracks, they might’ve just forgotten to delete their history, leaving you with a gold mine of information that might just help you find any internet cheating signs.

If, through their browsing history, you don’t find any signs your partner is cheating online but the insatiable itch just won’t go away, you could check their hard disk for clues as well. Check their folders, the sub-folders, the word docs, the images, the whole nine yards. While this may give out the most stalker vibes you’ve ever felt in your life, at least you’ll come out of it with more information than you had before.

4. Not sure how to catch a cheating husband? Spyware apps are on your side 

Yes, this may be a little extreme but if your suspicion has good reason already, then you should definitely consider such tricks to find out if he’s cheating. Many spyware apps can be downloaded and installed on your cheating partner’s computer. If your husband has been behaving differently and he’s not really trustworthy, you shouldn’t feel too bad about spying on him.

And if a man is on the receiving end of this deception and wants to catch a cheating wife and check her online activities, he can download apps such as Keyloggers. This app records all the information that is being processed on a computer while it is on. What a person is watching, what apps they’re using – everything is recorded. Even the emails they send are all recorded on Keyloggers and satin-wrapped perfectly for you. 

If you were looking for a surefire way to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp, spyware applications like these might be your best bet. If you do find something and they pull the old “How’d you get in my phone?” shenanigans, remind them that the fact they’re cheating on you is more important.

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5. Uber ridesharing to the rescue 

Other than Keyloggers spyware, there is another trick that works wonders and almost too easily. How to catch a cheating partner is all about gathering little clues and making sense of them. If your partner often uses Uber, this one will come easily to you. Uber has a ride-sharing feature that you can now use to keep tabs on them.

Finding out if your spouse is cheating for free can be as simple as receiving Uber notifications. Log onto their app, manage their trusted contacts, and add your number to always receive notifications about their rides. Easy, simple, and done. So if you’re wondering what is the best way to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever, the answer could lie in their Uber app.

Who knew a transportation application would end up giving you all the information you need? If you do find them going somewhere they didn’t tell you about, rest assured, they’re going to find you waiting for them in a dark living room. If they’re drunk as a skunk by the time they get back, consider questioning them the next day. They won’t have much recollection of the night anyway.

George did not know it, but Maya had done the same thing on his phone. Every time he went out partying, he often took an Uber. Maya always knew when and where he went when he was supposedly “drinking with the boys’. If that constant drinking plan seemed to be taking a detour and going somewhere else, well, that would be one of the red flags in their relationship for her.

Infographic on - How to catch a cheating partner
Effective ways to catch a cheating spouse

6. Sift through trash and archived folders if you are wondering how to catch a cheating wife

An email account’s trash folder will hide a lot of secrets if you think your partner has been cheating on you. Checking the inbox is important, yes, but checking the trash folder can be much more helpful. Similarly, the answer to how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp lies in their archived folder.

If there are any chats that they are trying to hide, that’s the only place on WhatsApp where they can hide them in. To catch cheaters texting, simple browsing of their archived folder can do the trick. While they might’ve thought they were hiding everything from you tactfully, a simple look in their archived and trash folders will tell you how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free.

If you do find something, we’re pretty sure you’ll end up having some overwhelming thoughts while checking his phone. Maya did find a chat on George’s phone once, where he was flirting with a woman from work. While the conversation did not go too far, George had definitely hidden it and Maya had caught him. 

7. Search for unusual information 

This may take a while and a lot of attentive effort, but it’s a good trick when you need to plan how to catch a cheating partner. To find out if your spouse is cheating for free, you will have to search for various apps on their devices to know what they are accessing. Some of these apps seem harmless but your partner could be cheating on them. 

Even a harmless app like Discord needs to be combed through because your partner may be doing all their interactions with their other partner there. To check their digital tracks, you should also dig deeper for cheating and affair apps or dating apps like Tinder or so. Use google search to see what keywords show up and you’ll know what they are looking for. 

Don’t disregard those office apps either, check out their Slack, Zoom, and Google meet and look for signs of suspicious activity/conversation. If they really are the clever kind and are cheating on you with a coworker, this is most likely where you’ll find it. And they thought they were being slick by hiding it in plain sight!

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8. Want to know how to catch a cheating husband? Check for hotel or flight bills 

“My husband is cheating, what should I do?” Does that sound like you? Well first and foremost, confirm your suspicions and a great way to do that is by looking for hotel or flight bills. Now that a lot of hotel and flight bills are digitized, sometimes these show up as emails, text messages, and credit card statements. 

To catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp, you can even look for hotel bills or flight confirmations on it. Your husband won’t delete those because those are usually important messages. If you find too many hotel bills and such, you might have a serial cheater on your hands.

Maya carefully went through the credit card bills every month to spot an anomaly. George usually forgot to take care of these things so Maya had it easy that way. You can also try to log onto the app they use for these bookings and check their booking histories! A glance at their google history can also give away the same information. One single anomaly and you’ve caught them lying. 

catch a cheater in a lie

9. How to catch a cheating husband? Use spy cameras

You don’t have to hire a hacker to catch cheating spouse now that you have us on your side with these sly, little tricks. Get a few micro spy cameras and install them around the house. And pretty soon, you will spot the mystery visitor your husband gets after you leave for work. You could also throw in a couple of voice recording devices in the corners where your partner hides out to attend phone calls. The whole situation will be clear as day!

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10. Psychological tricks to catch a cheater? Study the changes in their behavior

Here we give you one of the best psychological tricks to catch a cheater – carefully notice the subtle changes in their countenance and way of talking or even regular habits. Suppose, you have found out about the secret destination where they visit with their lover quite frequently. Now you casually propose to go there on your next holiday and observe if there was a quick change of expression on your partner’s face.

The best way to catch a cheater in a lie is to follow the direction of their eyes. They would avoid eye contact out of guilt whenever they are hiding something from you. Out of many tricks to find out if he’s cheating, the easiest is to track your partner’s daily rituals. If he is sacrificing his sacred video game time to spend on a phone call every day, something’s amiss. The same goes for your girlfriend if she is suddenly way too strict with her fitness regime at a faraway gym.

11. Create a fake profile 

This is catfishing, but with the right intentions in mind. If you know your partner has philandering tendencies, give them bait and see if they bite. To catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook, create a fake Facebook profile yourself. Pretend to be someone else, entice them into a conversation and catch them red-handed if they flirt back with you.

By this point, you won’t even need to look for more internet cheating signs. They know there are plenty of fish in the sea but we’re sure they didn’t anticipate this one would be you! Such effective ways to catch a cheating spouse/partner would lay down the truth before you without much struggle on your part, although what’s coming next can be soul-crushing.

12. How to catch a cheating wife? Surprise them, and not a pleasant one

You may feel like a crazy stalker to execute this idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Didn’t your attempt to catch your man cheating on his phone work out? Then it’s time to catch him in the act. You have a few leads on your partner’s whereabouts – where do they go, who do they see. Trust your hunches and follow them to the spot where their secret lover is waiting. They will hardly get any chance to deny the affair once you reach there unannounced.

If the ‘following your partner’ trick doesn’t appeal to you, try another one. Tell your partner about certain plans which are completely made up and cancel them at the last moment. Say, you have a business trip over the weekend. You leave for the airport and come back in half an hour with an excuse. It will give you an edge in discovering an affair on the go.

13. Confront them

One last time, you ask, “How to catch a cheating husband/wife?” Let’s play the ultimate trump card up our sleeve. So, you have done your research and are equipped with all the information to prove that something shady is going on behind your back. Now all you need is to bring a confession out of them. At this point, a direct confrontation is the only trick you can pull on your partner.

Honestly, you are not going to like what you are about to hear. But if the situation has come down to this, it’s better to hammer the last nail in the coffin. To get your girlfriend to admit she cheated or crack your boyfriend to let the truth out, throw the questions that have been bothering you for so long. Once everything is said and done, you can decide the fate of your relationship.

How to catch a cheating partner isn’t that hard as long as you follow these steps. But only go to these lengths if you really have a strong basis for your belief. You do not want to be unnecessarily lurking about when they have nothing to hide and make them feel ashamed for no reason. Think about it, make sure you’re sure, and go for it. 

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