After swapping with known couple my wife and I decided to try unknown couples

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Swapping with strangers
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(As said to Saurabh Dalal)

For those of you who are catching up with this series here, I suggest reading the previous parts before you read this. My wife Shweta and I are a working couple. We embarked on a new adventure with a close couple friend, Sharad and his wife Swati, with whom we used to share terrific chemistry. We went on a weekend vacation to Ooty with them where we swapped partners for the night. It, however, resulted in guilt and put a lot of strain on our relationship.

Life was as healthy as it could be. Our relationship with Sharad and Swati was back to being good friends. However, it had lost its purity and innocence, and there were occasional odd moments when the memory of that trip to Ooty would crop up between us, making us feel awkward. But we were all mature enough to not let it come between. Of course, the memory of that night was never again discussed.

That adult profile

One day I was sitting at my desk after lunch, feeling bored and getting a bit playful. On a whim, I logged into my account at the site The Adult Hub. Several unread messages were lying in the inbox. They were from mostly decent couples and a few singles. Most asked for a mobile number or our latest pictures. On a whim, I replied to a few.

I learned and improvised as I went along. Having understood the importance of keeping my daily life separate from this secret life, I gave a mobile number which I had recently acquired and not shared with any of my friends and family. The pictures that I shared were also such that our faces were either obliterated or not visible. Some of the profiles had very explicit photos and even videos with nothing left to the imagination. I quickly logged off, fearing somebody in office may peek in and find me viewing them. I decided to log in only from my mobile in future.

In the evening, Shweta found me more adventurous than usual in bed.

She could sense that I was more active than I usually am. We were resting afterwards, lying down side by side on our bed. “What happened Tiger? You were in the mood after a long time,” she asked me. I could never really hide things from her. “Ummm, actually I had logged into The Adult Hub today. You remember the profiles we had seen there? That made me horny.”

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…made me horny

She sprung up into an upright position immediately. “What? Are you crazy? Have you forgotten already how much stress we went through after what happened in Ooty?”She looked furious. “Hey, relax. I only browsed through them. It isn’t as if we are jumping into bed with another couple right away.” “But why did you? And was browsing through those profiles what made you so amorous today?” “Yes,” I replied sheepishly.

She didn’t say anything after this and went back to lay beside me. It was a good ten minutes before she spoke again. “Does fantasising about other couples still make you horny?” “Yes, it does. And does it make you ….” “I don’t know what to say….” She trailed off.

“See, I have been thinking a lot about what went wrong in Ooty. I think we shouldn’t have done this swapping thing with a known couple. That was our mistake. If we do it with relative strangers, the emotional overload that followed after having sex with a close couple friend will be non-existent. It will be almost like going on a date, having fun and if all ok, then moving into the bedroom. Like having a one-night stand with someone of the opposite gender, without any guilt to follow.” I finished my long monologue, but she didn’t reply immediately. I waited for her answer, but I guess she was thinking about the implications of what I had said.

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How about we try again

After swapping with known couple my wife
Swapping wife

I ventured again, “Look; I will be frank. I enjoyed every moment I spent with Swati. But I was stressed the next morning that I would lose them as friends. With relative strangers that we meet through the Internet, such stress will not exist. Think of the scenario. Even if things don’t work out, we can part with them on amicable terms without any emotional baggage.” “I too had fun with Sharad,” she blurted, perhaps to make me jealous. Typical of her. She had only responded to my first line. Or maybe she was speaking the truth. I didn’t want to delve into it right now. There were more important things to talk about.

“So do you think we can try meeting a couple from the Net and see if we want to do it with them?”

“Dunno. What if someone finds out in your office, or mine, that we are doing this?”

“Don’t worry. We will never reveal our real identities. Different email ID, mobile numbers, false names.”

“Oh my God, you have already thought about everything. Quite a sinister schemer, aren’t you,” she giggled.

Hearing her giggle, I relaxed. I reached out to her hand and brought it to my lips and kissed it. Soon, we hugged and went to sleep. My last thought before sleeping was “We are off to a fresh start. Tomorrow will be a new beginning and a new adventure beckons.”

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Readers Comments On “After swapping with known couple my wife and I decided to try unknown couples”

  1. Interesting narrative… We have been into swapping for close to 5 years now and it’s a roller coaster ride …

    Agree on the known couples dilemma.. it can create some awkward situations later ..

    Personally we have settled for adult hub .. although occasionally a visit to the pub can lead to some interesting casual encounters … But if you want to go all out, it’s only adult hub that helps… Perhaps because the couples are mentaly ready for it !

  2. Here I m not making any judgements about anybody …Every body out here is free to do whatever they feel like doing.. They can hang out,roam around,sleep around.etc .
    But as an individual we do know how harmful this online sex sites could be..may be one can be lured for sex then can be blackmailed or anything.
    If u r adult enough n know how u can manage the consequences then go for it…Tinder romance is different and searching for partners for sex is altogether different.

  3. @ Priya I am just a chronicler of what happened in their life. It really is wrong to judge people from one’s own moral standards. Relation and what is love, trust and faith between each couple is different. This thing very much exists in our society and we can’t wish it away. As Adults, we have every right to choose and if they have chosen this activity as part of their life, I honour their freedom of choice.

    1. I agree with Saurabh Dalal, when we read about someone we should do that as mere audience with no judgements about anyone’s lifestyle and choices.

      There are a lot of things which did not made sense to us maybe 20 years back but we find ourselves doing them today so we can never say what’s right and what’s wrong.

      Priya’s concern re health issues is very much valid but that’s the choice of the couple , as an adult they have the right to make choices that suit them best.

      I like the second story more , very very well written , it was as if I was reading a book.

  4. Plz fr heaven’s sake dont promote adultary ,extra marital affairs and immoral activities…You can get trapped or can get life risk diseases like AIDS or STD.If you look for sex outside marriage that too on websites…..plz condemn it…

  5. It is an humble request to all readers to please give your feedback on the stories in comments section. Every writer wants to know whether the story is liked or not by his or her readers. Thanks.

    1. I remember reading a story on bonobology where the couple got fed up of watching porn and now they tried new couples everytime.

      What scares me is that they are doing this to bring something new into their life but what about the guilt if and when it steps in. Guilt affects women more than it affects men.

      Each couple is different and each individual is different. Life has no rules, we make our own rules.
      It takes an extremely high level of understanding to try something what they are trying.

      Wishing both of them happiness and togetherness.

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