It is nice to be friends again with the man who slept with my wife

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Updated On: August 2, 2023
Wife swapping

(As told to Saurabh Dalal)

For those of you who are catching up with this series here, I suggest reading the first and the second part before you read this. My wife Shweta and I are a working couple. We embarked on a new adventure with Sharad and his wife Swati, a couple with whom we shared terrific chemistry. We went on a weekend vacation to Ooty with them where we swapped partners for the night.

The next morning, I woke with a splitting headache. The bathroom door opened and Swati came out. It took me a few moments before I remembered why she was in my room. I had slept with her – my best friend’s wife, last night. The whole night came back in a flash to me.

I was awash with feelings of remorse and guilt. I guess so was Swati because she just gave me a nervous smile and quickly walked out of the room without uttering a single word.

The morning after

My mind was in a whirl. All kinds of weird thoughts ran amok in my mind until the doorbell buzzed. Must be Shweta! For the first time in our married life, I dreaded facing my wife. I opened the door and Shweta looked up at me. She looked crestfallen. Her eyes were red and teary.

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She walked in and went straight into the bathroom. It was an hour before she finally came out after repeated knocks and requests to come out.

I tried hugging her but she avoided me and sat on the other side of the bed. She was still sobbing. “Oh Vishal, what have we done?” She finally managed to utter between her sobs. I was aghast at her condition. All I could say was, “I love you!” “I love you too….”, she trailed off. I was wrenched with guilt. “I am sorry, I got carried away,” I said. “No, I am sorry,” she countered. I got up and hugged her as she cried non-stop for the next hour. Finally, she calmed down. A painful silence hung between us.

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We ordered room service for lunch. We were just not in a mood to face Sharad and Swati after what happened last night. Our return flight was at night. We checked out and met them in the hotel lobby. They too looked wretched, although Sharad did try to make some conversation. But seeing us all unresponsive to his overtures, he too shut up.

All four of us hardly exchanged any words on the return journey. I did get a message on my mobile from Sharad that he valued our friendship more than anything else. And that he hoped that what happened last night would not spoil it forever. I thought about it and sent him a thumbs up. No smiley.

Back to work

On returning from Ooty, we got back to our daily routine. Thankfully, I didn’t have to face him in office, as he immediately left for a weeklong official trip. It was a week before Swati and I got time to discuss the Ooty trip with each other at the weekend. Luckily, there were no recriminations and accusations. Both of us felt guilty enough already. And we were both sorry that we had slept with someone outside our marriage.

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We realised that one night shouldn’t define our whole marriage. We had a wonderful life and a lovely princess as our daughter. Both of us were mature enough to realise our mistake, seek forgiveness and move on.

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That night we made love the first time after coming back from our holiday. Afterwards, we slept cuddled into each other.

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Limping back to normalcy

We were much more cheerful and back to our normal lives after this. The only difference was that Sharad and I grew distant in office and we didn’t meet or go out together with them, as we used to before the Ooty trip. Our little princess kept our hands full, as it was.

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One evening I was completing a business presentation and Shweta was sitting beside me in the living room, watching television, when suddenly the doorbell rang. “Must be the dhobi,” she remarked and got up to open the door. Strangely there was total silence after the door opened.

I looked up as she came back into the living room, with Sharad and Swati in tow. Sharad walked up to me and hugged me silently. I became emotional too and hugged him back. That was the cue for Swati and Shweta as they embraced each other and started crying.

Emotional couple
Emotional couple

“Hey, nobody has died,” I remarked laughing. Both of them looked up at us and smiled through the teary eyes.

“But you will if you ever again stay away from us so long. I will see to it,” Swati replied.

We all laughed heartily.

And then we made up

Soon we were back to our old selves, laughing and chatting and making plans to watch the latest Bollywood release. All seemed a little more earnest and cheerful than usual as if we wanted to dispel the shadow of that night between us, forever from memories.

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Later at night, Shweta cuddled up to me in bed. “I am so happy that we are friends again.”

“Yes, so am I.”

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“I guess this swapping is not our cup of tea.”

“Hmmm. Yes, probably not,” I replied.

“I am more than happy with the sexiest woman in the world as my wife,” I whispered to her. She looked into my eyes and took my hands in hers. “Don’t you want to make love to the sexiest woman in the world,” she asked naughtily.

No man can ever say no to such a proposition, especially if it’s the sexiest woman in the world. We made love and forgot that even the most desirable man or woman in the world, could have been cheated on.

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Readers Comments On “It is nice to be friends again with the man who slept with my wife”

  1. It’s not that easy what you guys did , the good thing was you all did it with your wish to experience something that might will make you more loyal to your own partners now in future, coz that’s kinda guilt which you all felt in a similar way I guess & that will make your family life even better than it use to be. I guess everyone has a personal choice for doing whatever they want to but it’s beyond my imagination. Am glad that you guys are friends again which in reality couldn’t have possible. All I can say is cherish your friendship & relationship ????

  2. I loved the fact that the friendship didn’t die and that Sharad and Swati really wanted friendship over anything. Also the fact that love won after all odds is really a heart touching story. Its well written. A story well told. A lesson for a lifetime. So, it does take a momentary fling to realize your love for each other at times. Nice

  3. @Shaily Thanks a lot for the appreciation. You have hit the nail on the head with your comments. Reality is always different then fantasy. Yet the human spirit is indomitable. We keep encountering setbacks in life yet never give up…. we keep dreaming and looking for ways and means to execute those dreams. And yes, I do agree that Vishal and Shweta are lucky to have each other and a couple friend like Sharad and Swati in their life.

  4. I read all three parts. What striked me first was the openness you two shared with each other right from the beginning. You weren’t nervous or scared to tell ur partner what you fantasized or who you fantasized about. That in itself says how much trust you two have. I really wish to share that kind of honesty with my future partner too. And then I liked how you two were able to really fulfill your fantasies and the friendship you shared with other couple. However at times, what we fantasize and what actually happens in reality is quite different. Sometimes those fantasies don’t feel the same when done in reality. To some ppl, it works, to some it doesn’t and that’s totally fine. I really liked how the four of you sorted it out amongst yourselves and became friends again. It’s nice to have understanding ppl around. You guys are lucky. Do cherish your love. Loved reading this story and the ending. 🙂

  5. Hi! This is Saurabh here. I request you to please give your feedback on these real life happenings of this couple which has dared to go beyond the normal in their lives.

    1. Nicely written, and if it is true, then I must say India is moving ahead with the change in culture, achieving couple goals, materialising fantasies, and joining the main stream of life. It’s indeed a great proposition. The story was disseminated well while keeping the feelings and interest of the individuals properly taken care of. The activity carried out by the protagonist was also an aspect of self realisation. After all any thing is correct with mutual trust and it ends well.

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