23 Best Ghosting Responses That They Will Always Remember

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If you are here looking for the best ghosting responses, it means the worst has already happened. Until the fourth date, it was a smooth sail. You thought it would lead somewhere. Suddenly, the texting flow became one-sided. None of your messages or calls were returned. And bam! You fell victim to a classic ghosting trap. If there is any consolation, you are not alone. Almost 80% of millennials in the US have experienced the pangs of being ghosted at some point or other. 

Generally, 3-7 days of no contact is considered ghosting. When your hopes for that fifth date are reduced to ashes, you wonder, “Should I text after being ghosted?” You either seek an explanation or wish to throw a sarcastic comment at their insensitive face. It’s great that you have chosen us as a source of ideas for the best ghosting responses because we have plenty of them. Ready? Set…go! 

23 Best Ghosting Responses That They Will Always Remember

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I remember a beautiful scene from a movie where an elderly woman talks about an unfulfilled amorous encounter from her youth. One day, the phone rang and it was a stranger on the other side. They had a brief conversation; she politely told him that he had dialed the wrong number. Surprisingly, the next day that man called again.

And she kept receiving that call every day, for several days. There was something in that man’s deep, captivating voice that she fell for him. Then one day, the phone didn’t ring. She waited, waited her whole life living in a world of make-believe, and never involved herself in another romantic relationship. 

Today, we have a rather fast-paced, aspiring mindset. Life is too short to wait for a person who may or may not call us back. When someone is not mature enough to face you and tell you the truth, you don’t need to stick by and take that kind of disrespect. But moving on without any closure is always challenging.

Before you set the whole situation aside, you may want to send them one last text to let them know that you are happy they showed their true colors so soon. So, here are 23 high-value responses to ghosting that might come in handy in a similar circumstance:

1. Hey, if this is your speed of answering one text, I hardly think you will be able to catch up with me. It’s better you find someone of your own pace, and so will I 

Let’s begin our list of the best ghosting responses with a self-explanatory one. You gently reprimand them on their poor texting skills and at the same time, let them know that it’s not working out for you. So, if they have any plans to resurface two weeks from now just because they are lonely or need sex, you won’t be there to entertain their whims.

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2. Just checking. Is everything alright with you and your family?

When you are responding to soft ghosting with such a calm, mature reply, it shows your integrity and obligation toward them. What if they were actually going through a hard time and couldn’t manage to reach you? Giving your partner the benefit of doubt might be a good idea only if you feel you know them well. 

3. I thought the rule is you have to wait for three days to call a date. And here it’s been a week. Shall I take that as a sign of ‘not interested at all’?

Call out this real-life Barney Stinson with the best text response to ghosting. After all, nobody is that dumb to not know how the playbook works. How hard is it to tell someone that you are not interested in dating them? All it takes is a simple text and they totally owe you one. 

high value response to ghosting
Ghosting responses for when they are dodging your calls

4. I am not a mindreader. At least not one that can read the mind of a ghost. So, I decided to move on. Good luck with your future ‘spooky’ endeavors 

Why is it the best reply to ghosting? This message conveys that you have caught their dirty act and you don’t appreciate it at all. They may carry on with this charade but you have better things to do with your life than being a part of this deception.

5. Hi Casper, are you free for a coffee this weekend?

Try out such funny ghosting responses if you still wish to break the curse and keep seeing this person. Hopefully, like our friendly ghost Casper, your crush will be nice enough to not leave you hanging on the strings of uncertainty. 

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6. You should definitely check out this amazing communication course at our community college. Because let’s face it, your skills are simply embarrassing!

You feel utterly humiliated by the way this person neglected your efforts and tender emotions. Now you need one of the best ghosting responses to get back at them, well verbally at least. This reply is tailor-made for the purpose. Beat them at their own game and restore your peace.

7. Is this a part of your Halloween act or did you actually ghost me?

Being ghosted is synonymous with rejection in love. If you don’t handle being shot down that well, you may want to hurt them just as badly as you were hurt. Instead of being so explicit about your vulnerability, send this text after being ghosted with a little taunt on their inconsiderate behavior. 

8. I guess you are not a fan of texting. Can we get on a call so you can finally clarify what went wrong between us? I thought we had something special here 

This high-value response to ghosting says that you are the bigger person here. No matter what, you will not stoop to their level of inconsistency. You started something together and you refuse to call it off without a proper conversation. A gentle reminder, if they leave you on seen even after this, don’t pester them ever again.

9. You know what, I should be offended by the way you treated me. But I thought for a bit longer and saw that you actually saved me from a long, expensive breakup. Thanks for your concern!

With all our abandonment issues and relationship insecurities, it might be hard to see it as a blessing at the moment. But some people do us a favor in disguise by not dragging a futile relationship with zero future prospects. The best reply to ghosting in such cases is to let them know that you are more relieved than feeling down in the dumps. Brooding over an insensitive partner is just not your thing.

10. Are we in a cemetery? Because this chat box sure feels haunted by spirits

Looking for funny ghosting responses? This one will crack up your friends and put your ghoster in shame for pulling this kiddish stunt on you.  

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11. I am blocking your number. When we started dating, I didn’t sign up for a supernatural partner

The best ghosting responses are those that hit your ghoster right where it hurts. This reply with a little pun played on the word ghosting makes it abundantly clear that you don’t have the time for such inconsistency. This hot and cold attitude is affecting your mental health and it’s you who is putting an end to it once and for all. 

12. What a bummer! You lost your chance with me. Good luck haunting someone else

You are the star of your story. If someone fails to see what a great catch you are, it’s their bad. I guess you would like the idea of making them regret not choosing you? Well, here’s your chance to slay the ghoster with this killer comeback! 

13. Today I was walking past a cute, little coffee shop in the village and it reminded me of the time we shared that hot chocolate with little marshmallows on it. We haven’t talked in a while. I was wondering how you are doing.

The number of their texts and calls is slowly reducing. You still want to see them but you are done being the first one to text all the time. What if we tell you there is another way of responding to soft ghosting without sounding too desperate? This reply shows that you are not hung up on them. Suddenly they appeared in your mind today and you thought you’d check if they are doing fine. If it works as expected, maybe you could ask them for an innocent coffee sometime. But if their response is lukewarm, it’s time to move on.

14. Next time they make another sequel of The Conjuring, I would make sure to recommend you as a cast member. Real-life ghosts like you are even scarier!

You are furious. You want to take them down with harsh words. As much as we are empathetic to your situation, it’s never a good idea to show your fragile side, especially to someone who can play it off against you. That’s exactly when such a high-value response to ghosting will come to your service. Exploit wisely!

15. Looks like you have grown out of this relationship that we were yet to build together. It’s time for me to see other people too. Good luck with everything

It’s not easy as pie to respond to ghosting without losing your sanity. The same person who called you ten times a day and flooded your inbox with heart emojis now barely has the time to say a simple ‘hi’. How do you make your peace with something so soul-crushing? They will have their excuses ready but let’s face it, no one is ever too busy. It’s all about priorities. If you feel your role in their story is about to end, this could be your best shot at responding to soft ghosting. Walk out that door before they get an opportunity to have the upper hand. 

16. Hey, ghosting is so last season. It’s not 2015 anymore. I thought you could do better than this

No elaborate wordplay, no sarcasm, no silly jokes. Call them out loud and clear. They had the audacity to cut you off without so much of a justification or a heads-up. Show the ghoster that you were not raised to sit back and put up with such disgrace. 

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17. You disappearing like that made me feel extremely shallow and not worth it. This was immature, insensitive, and you need to learn how to respect people. Your hurtful actions have consequences. So, do better. But with someone else. I’m done.

And then block their number. Ghosting can hit your mental health hard, shattering your self-esteem into pieces. If you really think about it, there’s no harm in playing a little blame game with your ghoster. That is the purpose of the best ghosting responses – to point at their superficial frame of mind. Let them live with the guilt for a while and you go back to being that cheerful, free bird you always have been.

18. Dating a ghost – checked!

Suppose you don’t wish for any further confrontation or discussion whatsoever. They have let you down and now it’s your turn to withdraw from the whole eerie business. Our funny ghosting responses will make them regret losing such a gem while collecting stones. 

19. Now I can tell my kids the story of how I met the pudding-head who made me realize that I can do better and showed me my real worth

How do you respond when they ghost you and still keep coming back? You throw a fitting comeback their way and get the hell out of that on-again-off-again relationship cycle. While you are at it, we think this is the best reply to ghosting for such a confused spook.

20. You are not going to earn any brownie points for taking the longest time to reply. You may as well just show up before I shut the door on us forever

Send this text after being ghosted, on the pretext of willing to give them another chance to speak for themselves. If they get in touch, they must have some good explaining to do. Otherwise, you consider it a free pass to move on to the next chapter. 

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21. Never have I ever been ghosted by a date (who I thought actually likes me)

Sarcasm can pierce deep given that a person is truly guilty as charged. You may or may not call it the best text response to ghosting but it’s certainly a high-impact reply that the ghoster will remember for a long time. 

22. Next time you get tired of a person, at least have the guts to let them off the hook with a proper closure

Everybody has the right to ensure closure after a breakup for the sake of their own sanity. A ghoster will try their best to deny you of this little sense of gratification so you can finally start healing. One of the best ghosting responses for such people is to give them an earful and seek closure within yourself rather than waiting for any external validation. 

23. Taking ownership of your feelings is an amazing quality and I like that in the person I am dating. You can understand why I think that I deserve better than you

Honestly, there is no shame in being true to your feelings. It reflects your integrity as a person and your emotional competence. Since you have the courage to be upfront about your intense emotions, you may expect the same in your partner, at least on some level. Pass if they still refuse to come out of the mask of a ghoster. 

We have got you covered on the best ghosting responses to reciprocate their lack of kindness in a befitting manner. If you are responding to soft ghosting, the ones written on a serious note will be more appropriate. Otherwise, you could go for the texts with a tinge of humor and sarcasm. No matter which one you pick from our list, it will show the ghost its place, right where they belong. We hope you find your peace after this and move on to a healthier relationship. 

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