What does ‘Fuccboi’ mean? 12 signs you are dating one

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Long gone are the days when people committed to each other for life! With fuccbois (commonly known as ‘fuckboys) in the picture, no matter how much of yourself you invest in a relationship, it is literally impossible to get them to commit and stay loyal to you. Effortless, meaningless relationships are the ‘in thing’ in these times.

Do not get disappointed with such changing norms and ideas regarding dating. If you genuinely want a serious relationship, then there is hope. However, you have to be careful of the fuccbois around you. These fuccbois have transformed the dimensions and experiences of dating. Those women who have been through a relationship with fuccbois find it difficult to trust real good guys. Thus, you have to be alert to recognise a fuccboi in order to avoid him and find a good guy for yourself.

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Definition of a ‘fuccboi’

A majority of the girls are trying to understand the meaning of a fuccboi and what a relationship with such a guy entails. To put it simply, a fuccboi is a guy who runs away from commitment and gets into a relationship just to satisfy his sexual desires. A more appropriate explanation would be meaning when we say ‘fuckboy’. He gains your trust in such a manner that you commit yourself completely to him. But he fails to be honest with you, plays with your emotions and ultimately, breaks your trust in the cruellest manner.

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A fuccboi comes into your life with the only aim of taking everything from you without actually giving back anything noble and worthwhile to you. He gives you false hope and expresses fake love to you. You are important to him as long as you can make him happy and satisfied sexually.

Characteristics which are common among fuccbois

In this modern era, the norms related to dating have undergone tremendous changes. People find their matches on online platforms without much effort. Casual dating has become a common phenomenon. Live-in relationships are quite popular among the youth. Dating two people at the same time is a shocking trend. So, we can come to the conclusion that deep and meaningful relationships have taken a setback in this day and age.

The only way you can stay away from a fuccboi is by knowing what his character traits are. Once you get acquainted with these traits, you will know how to get rid of such a guy from your life. Here are some of the common characteristics to recognise a fuccboi.

  • He is willing to do anything and hurt anyone just to get what he wants
  • He is secretive and manipulative
  • Lying is his natural habit
  • Portrays himself as a powerful and strong person but he is actually weak
  • His physical appearance and body are more important to him than anything else
  • Smooth talk is one of his specialties
  • He has a tendency to flirt with every girl
  • He will be eager to see you naked, and would not hesitate to send you pictures of himself with barely anything on
  • He is a misogynist and looks down on the opposite sex
  • He becomes aggressive if someone disagrees with his thoughts

12 signs you are dating a fuccboi

Your relationship will take a tragic turn in the long run if you happen to date a fuccboi. He will suck all the energy out of you and leave you feeling devastated at the end. Want to know if the one you are dating is a fuccboi or not? Then these are the 12 signs you should look for in your guy.

1. He takes a step forward in the relationship too soon

Without getting to know you well, a fuccboi will try to get personal and physical with you too soon. You will not even get the time to register what is happening and where your relationship is headed. He will not take the initiative to know the little things that matter to you. His main purpose will be getting intimate with you, without giving you the time to be comfortable about it.

His only focus will be to take you on the bed, and he will literally beg you for it.

2. His family and friends are unaware of your existence in his life

He will not be happy with the idea of introducing you to his family and friends. Any efforts that you make to meet his family and friends will be obstructed by him. This should give you a warning that he not serious about you. He knows he is using you for sex, and does not intend his close circle to know you, though he may never admit this.

3. He avoids meeting you in public places

Whenever he plans to meet you, it will either be at his place or your place. This means he will avoid meeting you in public places where you both can be assumed to be a couple. In addition, he will always make plans to meet late at night, so that a majority of the people can be avoided.

Plus, he’d want to score any opportunity to get on top of you.

4. He is clueless about his life and future

A fuccboi is so engrossed in satisfying his sexual desires that he does not have the time to think about his life and future. He remains clueless and has no ambition whatsoever to achieve something fruitful in his life.

5. He is self-obsessed and just loves himself

Well, he clearly does not care about you. You are not his priority. He only gives attention to you for the sake of getting laid. All he truly cares about is his body, his looks, his needs and his satisfaction.

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6. Sorry is not a part of his dictionary

He would be sorry only if he was concerned about you. But since he is not worried about hurting you, he will not apologise for anything he does wrong. On the other hand, he will become defensive when you try to confront him for anything wrong that he does.

He definitely fits the bill of a selfish boyfriend.

7. He keeps you under his control

He wants you to be absolutely loyal and committed to him. In this way, he keeps you under his control and ensures that you do not leave him for another guy. He will keep putting your loyalty to the test.

8. Conversations with him usually revolve around sex

Since sex is always on his mind when he is with you, he will obviously keep talking about it and giving you hints regarding it. Instead of having meaningful and thoughtful conversations with him, your conversations will revolve around sex and you will definitely not be comfortable with it, at some point of time..

His only motive is to satisfy his sexual urges, and you as a person do not really interest him.

9. He has never asked you out on a proper date

A proper date would mean that you both are officially seeing each other. But a fuccboi does not want that. So, probably he will never ask you out on a proper date. If you ever take the initiative of going out on a date, then he will probably avoid it and say he has other plans.

10. He never compliments his exes

When a fuccboi talks about his exes, all he has to say about them is that they were crazy. He never compliments them, but always complains about them. He even blames them for the breakups he has had in the past.

There are no take-aways, no time-outs and no repentance. It’s all sorted for him.
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11. There is no proof of your relationship with him

Whether it is a photograph or a selfie or a social media post, there is no proof of your relationship with him, because he does not want the relationship to be exposed. Though his phone will be full of your pictures in compromising positions, there won’t be pictures of you two together.

You ask why? Well, obviously because he is also trying to woo other girls apart from you.

12. He looks down upon you

He does not encourage you to help you become better. All he does is look down upon you and make harsh comments about your looks or finds faults with everything you do. He never seems to lift you up, instead looks for ways to push you down.

Why become stressed and prolong a relationship with a fuccboi whom you have caught red-handed? Save your time and energy. Find the right kind of guy for yourself and enjoy the perks of a healthy and prosperous relationship. Remember, you deserve much better than a fuccboi who is a weakling and a heartbreaker.

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