8 ways to know whether he loves you or is into it just for sex

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Most of us know that men would do anything to get laid, they may even pretend to be in love just to have some fun with you. Some men lie intentionally just to have a night of passion, and after they are done they may never call back or talk to you again.

This sound familiar?

Is he with you just for sex?

Are you still sitting on the fence contemplating the biggest mystery in love? Trying to figure out whether the next date is only going to be one of the so many one-night stands? A perfect gentleman can also pretend to love you for the sake of getting laid. And that makes you wary of dating?

Well, fear no more, for guys can’t really be tricky even if they really try very hard to. If he really loves you, he will be a companion and friend rather than somebody who is only looking for hook-ups or one-night stands. So the next time you want to know what those dreamy eyes and late night calls mean, be sure to go through this!

1. He wants to have real conversations with you

Know that the guy is into you only if all of your conversations do not turn into hurried sex talks. There are a lot of other things under the sun to talk about other than just how to get laid. Especially, if he is in love, he will surely ask you whether blue is your favourite colour or the shop you got your LBD from.


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2. He understands your sexual health problems

This is a serious issue. A lot of women undergo some kind of sexual health problem from time to time. You do not want unwanted stress or sexual trauma in your life. If he does not understand your urinary tract infection or lubrication problems, tell him to do away with that unwanted boner.

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3. He is emotional and not afraid of being vulnerable in front of you

If he loves you, he will surely let go of his morbid masculinity. Here’s to our new Bollywood hero, not the uptight one, but one who is soft and gentle and sings you “Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta” over the phone. Boys do cry and if he does for you, be sure that you are with the right man.


4. Is really keen on introducing you to his family and meeting yours

What’s life without the quintessential family drama? A guy who loves you is willing to take all that risk, even at the cost of being ridiculed or taken to task. He will stand up for you, no matter what and sticks by his decisions.

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5. Even while having sex he appreciates your consent

This guy values your emotions and even in his high adrenaline drive is steady enough to ask you whether you want to try out that new sex position. Both of you do things keeping in mind the other person’s comfort and desire.


6. He texts you to tell you about the little things in life

And because you are important, he wants you to know all about him. He never misses the chance to let you know about his life choices or that girl next door who hits on him. Better jealous and loved, than ignorant and stupid.

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7. He compliments you over a lot of things

You are no doubt beautiful. But the guy who loves you sees you for something else. With all your stretch marks, unkempt hair and anxieties he loves you. Your wonderful voice or that little promotion gives him an extra amount of rush and he is proud of you.


8. He wants to spend quality time with you

Apart from the sex, nothing can be more beautiful if he plans a date or a weekend holiday with you. Maybe he even makes a plate of butter chicken for you! And over the long, cold nights you find comfort in his arms and Netflix.


So lest you fall for the wrong person, keep an eye out for these subtle hints from the guy.

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Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh June 5, 2018 - 3:14 am

Dear girls,
There can be many rascals outside looking only for sex. They have nothing to do with your emotions, feelings et cetera. They are nothing but inhumans. What you can do at least is to identify such evil creatures on earth and do not pay any heed to them. But the question arises as how will you identify them as they are bad. They do not have any tail. Well here are some signs to offer much of a help .
Thank You.

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