Why I Don’t Miss Being Single At All – 8 Reasons!

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Updated On: December 14, 2023
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Being single is good, being committed is even better – that is what most people say.  Single life is the best. You are independent, you do things only as per your comfort, you don’t have to look presentable at all times, the Swiggy delivery man is your best friend and life is one endless vacation. But then you meet your soul mate and everything changes. You don’t miss being single at all.

Actually, once in a relationship, life becomes much more happening. You may be just living in or are married; life has so many new things to offer that you never knew of. You bask in the glory of this new found happiness and almost forget the time when you were single. Sure there are times when you wish you were single again, like when you are expected to at least know the recipe for making a sunny side–up. But mostly it’s all good.

Is It Normal To Miss Being Single In A Relationship?

Yes it is possible. People don’t miss being single till the honeymoon phase but when that gets over the responsibilities of running a house, paying the bills, planning a baby, taking care of two sets of elderly parents, hits you like a deluge. That’s when some people do miss the single life.

Lets face it. Commitment comes with companionship and great sexual chemistry and it also comes with the pleasure of coming back to a warm home but sometimes as the days go by some people do end up missing the single life. Why do you miss being single? Well! There’s always the pleasure of being your own boss, taking your own decision and just packing your bags and leaving for a solo trip.

Why I Don’t Miss Being Single At All

In life we come across two distinct groups of people. One will say, “I am in a relationship but I miss being single.” There will be the other group who will say, “I don’t miss being single at all.” Our focus today is on the latter.

There are people who just love being with a partner and doing everything together. They always harp on the positivity of having couple goals and live by it every single day. They just don’t ever miss the single life because they enjoy their couple hood so much.

Here are 8 reasons why they don’t miss being single at all. Here’s why I belong to the second group.

1. I always have a plus one

Gone are the days when I had to be nice to my colleague just so that she would accompany me to that movie I was dying to watch. I can always count on my partner to be my plus one for all the social events, movies, that must-shop-at sale and for the midnight pizza cravings.

On top of everything having a foodie partner is a boon. There is so much fun in being on the same page when it comes to experimenting with food. No wonder I don’t miss being single.

2. Someone to come back to

No matter how awful my day was at work, I can always rely on my partner to hear it all out patiently and I can count on him to have a bowl of my favourite ice-cream ready while I do it.

I have a person to binge text on a boring day and bitch about my mean boss. I could have had the worst day at work or I could have spent the last 2.5 hours in traffic, I know I will forget all the stress after coming home to my partner. Then if he proposes a rainy day date to make me feel better then you know why being a couple is just worth it.

3. A hand to hold

At times you just need to hug someone and not say a word. It happens to the best of us and is completely human. That feeling of someone being there to hold you just when you need it is worth a thousand sweet words.

I always have a hand to hold when I feel lost and that reassurance of someone being there is priceless. A long-term relationship is about supporting each other and holding each other’s hand through thick and thin. I realise it every day that this is a sign of a strong and healthy relationship.

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4. Exercising is way more fun

not single and happy
Exercising alone is not much fun

I may have been a couch potato before because going to the gym is just not worth it and who exercises alone! But now I have a legit reason to burn those calories and bond with my guy at the same time.

Be it the relaxing yoga or the instant calorie burning jog, I always have company who makes exercise time, fun time. I realised my partner is a gym rat so we push each other to achieve more when it comes to fitness. That’s amazing isn’t it?

5. Holiday plans that actually happen

I remember making and re-making plans with my friends for months together to make that one Goa trip happen which never did. Now I can just hop on a plane with my husband and head out to our favourite destination.

The trip gives me everything I need – great company, an amazing destination and the much needed relaxation. Sometimes we could feel like some extreme adventure and we go ahead and do that. Travelling on a budget is also a lot of fun. Now you know why I don’t miss being single.

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6. What’s cooking?

I think cooking just for myself was possibly the most boring job I was doing. It is just too much effort that’s not worth it. I remember eventually giving up and ordering Chinese.

But being in a relationship has proved that cooking together with your partner can be so much fun! It can be quite a stress buster to whip up a meal while narrating the happenings of the day to each other. There is a certain satisfaction in preparing a meal for a loved one and the appreciation I get only encourages me to do better.

7. Remote check, Popcorn check

My husband and I love to binge watch TV shows on a Sunday instead of dressing up and pointlessly hopping from one party to another. I get to spend a lazy evening with my guy and my favourite show. What more can a girl ask for? A cup of Hazelnut coffee may be…

I have realised this is a great way to build emotional intimacy. I just think of my weekends when I was single. I used to watch shows alone on the couch. I have company now and I don’t miss being single at all

8. He loves me, he loves me not

There is a lot of uncertainty linked with being single, especially during the first few dates. You kind of like a guy but don’t want to make it too obvious.

The guessing game is maddening, and even if they do confess liking you, there is always the question of trust. Being in a relationship is simpler because it is possible for me to sit and have a conversation and clear things out which avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. I can communicate with my partner about my feelings without thinking what he would feel about me.

There is ample space in our relationship and I don’t miss being alone. I get to do my me-thing whenever I want we don’t want to be a joined-at-the-hip couple either. I don’t miss being alone because I savour being a couple. I savour the commitment and companionship.

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