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15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

Because it's boring not to be annoying!
annoy your boyfriend

You are extremely lucky if your man is the perfect guy on mother earth. He knows how to keep you and your family and friends happy; he knows you in and out and there is absolutely nothing you hold against him. However, in this way the relationship might get a bit boring. So you know what you can do to add back spice in your relationship- annoy your boyfriend.

Annoying your boyfriend is fun as it makes your bond stronger and rekindles the sparks in your ordinary relationship. It also conveys the message that you like him so much, which is why you like to play mischievous pranks on him and get his attention as and when required. Would it not be funny to see your patient boyfriend lose his temper once in a while and ask you to stop with your tricks? It will surely give both of you some memorable moments to think about later in life.

15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

So you feel like you are in a relationship with a guy who is super calm and composed. He never seems to get annoyed with any of your tantrums, but exactly knows how to annoy the hell out of you. Well, we understand what it must feel like being the only crazy person in the relationship. We have some amazing fun ways to annoy your boyfriend which you can follow to get your sweet revenge.

Here is all you need to do to trigger your boyfriend’s frustration and enjoy watching him go berserk.

1. Interrupt while he is playing games

A majority of boyfriends are crazy for games. So if your guy is one of them, then how dare he give more attention to the game when you are around, right? While he is getting ready to play the game, you can start an important discussion randomly. Another thing is to hide his gaming console and even ignore when he asks you about the same. Messing with his games and gaming is enough to annoy your boyfriend!

interrupt his games
Annoy him by interrupting him Image source

2. Draw on his face or keep irritating him while he is sleeping

Use tools like toothpaste, paints or glitters to decorate his face, while he is sleeping and take good pictures of it. When he is awake the next day, let him discover your artwork and he is sure to get annoyed. Plus, you can even keep making sounds and moving things here and there when he is about to sleep.

3. Change the house locks

Without letting him know, you can get the locks of the door changed and go out with your friends or go shopping. When he gets back home and calls you, you can avoid his calls or ask him to wait outside till you return. You can return late on purpose knowing he is waiting.

It will be a miracle if he does not get angry.

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4. Do not respond to his texts

One of the most annoying things that boyfriends do is not to respond to messages or respond in monosyllables. Play this game back on him. Read his messages but do not respond to them. This will drive your guy crazy making him think that he has done something wrong which has made you angry.

Do not respond to his texts
And he keeps waiting Image source

A bonus would be that guys do not really like being ignored on texts, so it should annoy him more.

5. Flirt with random guys

When you are hanging out with your boyfriend somewhere outside, you can find an opportune time and flirt with random guys, like the guy at the supermarket, restaurant etc. Talk to other guys and ignore him. No matter how calm he is, if you are trying to tease him with this, it will make him loose his cool because after all you are his girl.

6. Indulge in PDA on social media

To annoy your boyfriend, stalk his social media profiles and show him that you are everywhere. Keep commenting cute and annoying things on his posts, photos and videos. Shower extra love on him on social media which he will be unable to digest. You can even use your social media to tag him in various posts and annoy him to the core.

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7. Talk about things that gross him out

When your boyfriend is in a romantic mood, you can spoil it by describing graphically about your periods or fake a loose motion and describe that to him in details. These are some intricate and private things which boys like to avoid talking about.

Image source

8. Disturb him while he is watching a movie/TV

No one likes going back and repeatedly watching the same part to know what happened in the movie or TV show. So while your boyfriend is watching a movie or TV, you can sit down and start a conversation with him on purpose. Ask a lot of silly questions about the movie or show, act dumb and this is enough to annoy him.

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9. Text him something irrelevant

When you know he is out with his friends or is attending some important event, text him something gibberish or some random message about a fight you had months ago. This will make him scratch his head to figure out what you are trying to say and what has gone wrong this time. Bombard him with cute annoying texts all the time.

10. Record his snoring and make him listen to it

Nobody likes being accused of snoring, especially men. So in case your boyfriend snores, then you must record his snoring and when he denies it make him listen to it. Plus, you can share his recording with his friends and family to irritate him more. This is surely going to annoy your boyfriend big time!

Record his snoring
Annoy him by playing audios of his snoring Image source

11. Do not do his work on purpose

Turn into an irresponsible girlfriend for a day or two. Avoid making breakfast for him or doing chores he might have asked you to do for him. Deliberately forget to do things he requests you to do. He might be very understanding, but seeing you laze around will annoy him definitely.

12. Make him do things, he dislikes the most

For instance, maybe he watched a movie or listened to a song you liked for the first time. But if you try to make him watch the same movie or listen to the same song again and again, he might get annoyed. Boys dislike doing things they are forced to do especially if you order him around and blackmail him emotionally.

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13. Take too much time while getting ready

Take too much time while getting ready
Take too much time while getting ready Image source

When you both plan to go out, make a fuss about what to wear, what makeup to do and so on. After that, keep trying out different clothes in front of him and take time to decide on one pair of clothes. Even take more time to finally get ready. All in all this will annoy your guy as no one likes to wait for so long.

14. Call him repeatedly

Call him two or three times in a row when he is busy. Keep giving missed calls. Calling just for the sake of disturbing him and having no relevant conversation will irritate him. This can be funny as long as he is not driving or is on a really tight schedule.

15. Be the crazy jealous girlfriend

Men usually hate it when their girlfriends ask them where they were and with whom. No one likes to be questioned, so is the case with your guy. Pretend to be a crazy jealous girlfriend, forbid him from doing things but do not get too engrossed in the role.

A word of caution for all you ladies: No matter what tricks you use to annoy your boyfriend, you have to be careful so as to not cross the line and keep things happy and joyful in the relationship.

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