15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
Annoy Your Boyfriend
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You are extremely lucky if you have managed to scour the planet and find the perfect guy. He cares about you, is committed, loyal, and always tries to keep you happy. Not just you, he is very mindful of your friends and family too. He knows you inside out. He’s even better on your bad days. He will do everything in his power to make you feel better.

You have no complaints but one, the relationship has become boring, just a tad bit. How can you add the zing back into your relationship? It doesn’t hurt to bring some playfulness into the relationship and sometimes annoy your boyfriend. Playfully annoying your boyfriend is amusing. It makes your bond stronger and rekindles the spark in the relationship. If he’s a keeper, he will always appreciate a good prank. This will also ensure you get his attention when required.

Would it not be fun to see your patient boyfriend lose his temper once in a while and ask you to stop with your tricks? It will surely give both of you some memorable moments to think about later in life. But more importantly, making it up to him for annoying him can be so cute, right? Whether you’re wondering how to annoy your boyfriend IRL or how to scare your boyfriend through text, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for you.

15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

So you are in a relationship with a guy who is super calm and composed. He never seems to get annoyed with any of your tantrums but knows exactly how to annoy the hell out of you. Well, we have some amazing fun ways to annoy your boyfriend which you can follow to catch him off guard and annoy him.

From romantic pranks for boyfriend over text to practical jokes you can pull off to make him want to pull his hair out, whatever your style, we’ve got you covered. Excited? Let’s get started with our lowdown on the 15 tricks with which you can turn off your boyfriend’s calm switch and enjoy watching him go berserk:

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1. Interrupt him while he is playing games

A majority of boys are crazy about games. So if your guy is one of them, then how dare he give more attention to gaming when you’re around, right? How to annoy your boyfriend while he’s gaming? Here are a few ingenious ways: you can hide his gaming console and even ignore it when he asks you about the same, sit on his lap when he’s in the middle of a game, or try to seduce him when he’s totally engrossed playing Call of Duty.

Messing with his games and gaming is more than enough to annoy your boyfriend. Need more ideas to irritate your boyfriend? Check out this new get naked In Front of your bf/gf and get their reaction TikTok challenge. This is an ingenious way to annoy your boyfriend while gaming. And if he’s really into you, chances are, he will be pleasantly surprised.

Or, if you want to make your boyfriend go crazy over text while he is in the middle of an intense gaming session, you can send him incessant messages. From random forwards to memes and GIFs, make his phone beep incessantly. If you’re not in the same place as him, you could even send him texts to the effect, “Need to you now. It’s urgent”, to make him drop what he’s doing. When he calls, ask something like, “Should I order a black lacy bra or a solid burgundy one?”

Annoy him by interrupting him
Annoy him by interrupting him

2. Draw on his face to annoy him while he’s sleeping

Are you thinking about how to annoy your boyfriend while he’s sleeping? Read on. You can draw on his face with tools like toothpaste, paint, and glitter while he is sleeping and take good pictures of it. Wait for him to wake up the next day and see his reaction. The look on his face is sure to be priceless! You can even put your wet hair on his face while he’s sleeping or tickle him. The possibilities are endless.

Jenine, for example, used her mascara, eyeliner, talcum, and red lipstick to paint a joker face on her boyfriend while he was asleep. Then, went on to take some pictures and shared them on a chat group that had all their common friends. He was irritated beyond measure while she – and all their friends – were in splits.

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3. Ask him to choose what to do for the evening

Having to make decisions about your evening plans can be difficult. Usually, men hate to be put on the spot regarding this subject. Your man would rather that you make plans for an evening on the town. If you really want to annoy your boyfriend, ask him to plan something for a change, and then, reject whatever place/plan he suggests.

Even when he picks something of your choice, tell him he doesn’t know you at all, when you both know he picked what you wanted. This is hand-down one of the things to say to annoy your boyfriend that will never fail to yield results. Likewise, one of the fun ways to make your boyfriend go crazy over text is to ask him to send you restaurant recommendations for a dinner date, and then not only shoot down whatever he suggests but also pretend to be mad at him when he says, “Fine, you pick.”

4. Do not respond to his texts

One of the most annoying things that boyfriends do is either not text back or respond to your texts in monosyllables. Want to mess with your boyfriend over text? Why not give him a taste of his own medicine? Read his messages, but do not respond to them.

make boyfriend go crazy over text
Keeps him waiting for your messages

This will drive your guy crazy, making him think that he has done something wrong which has made you angry. A bonus would be that guys do not really like being ignored on texts, so it should annoy him more. Sherry says her boyfriend had an annoying habit of replying to her texts in emojis.

“I’d write long texts and he’d respond with a string of emojis. Half the time, I’d not even get what he was trying to say. So, I just stopped responding to his messages for an entire day. By the time we met after work, he was so annoyed, he was practically fuming.” It’s also equally important to know what to say to your boyfriend to scare him after you’ve left him on read for a while if you want to take things to the next level.

Something like, “I can’t believe you’re pretending like it’s business as usual between us after what you’ve done”, could be a great way to get him all riled up. He’s definitely going to wonder what he’s done to upset you so much. Probably, even rush to see you. You can ROFL him till his face turns red with annoyance.

5. Tell him about random guys flirting with you

If you’re wondering how to playfully annoy your boyfriend over text, this is a foolproof way. Tell him about all the guys sliding into your DMs or the cute guy from college who is subtly engaging in some harmless flirting with you. When you are hanging out with your boyfriend, you can find an opportune moment and point out the random guys, like those at the supermarket, restaurant, etc who are totally checking you out.

Talk to other guys and ignore him. He may be the most composed guy in the world, but this will go a long way in annoying him. One of the tricky but bankable pranks to make your boyfriend mad over text is to on purpose ‘accidentally’ send him a text meant for a guy who has been hitting on you.

Such cheating pranks on boyfriend over text can be a double-edged sword though. Try these only if you know your partner is absolutely secure and has no trust issues. Otherwise, that accidental text can become a bone of contention in your relationship. That would defeat the whole purpose, after all the idea here is to have fun with – to some extent, at the cost of – your partner and not give rise to relationship issues.

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6. Indulge in PDA on social media

One of the funniest ways to annoy your boyfriend is to be everywhere on his social media. Most boys aren’t very active when it comes to posting on social media. Keep commenting cute and annoying things on his posts, photos, and videos.

Shower extra love on him on social media, which he will be unable to digest. You can even use your social media to tag him in various posts and annoy him to the core. He is going to cringe at all the over-the-top PDA you’ve been resorting to. And if it’s out of character for you, he’s going to be secretly very worried about what’s bringing on this behavior.

“My boyfriend has posted some horrible-looking pictures of me on his Instagram. No matter how much I begged him to take them down, he just failed to see what was wrong with them. He refused to remove those photos, saying, “My profile, my choice.” So, I decided to get back at him by posting cringy, overly sentimental posts and tagging him in all of them. I knew it’d drive him up the wall and it did!” says Monica.

7. Talk about things that gross him out

When your boyfriend is in a romantic mood, play along and get him all turned on before you totally ruin it by turning the conversation from intense to totally funny. Nothing will annoy him more than being all hot and heavy and then coming across a big blooper.

You can totally gross him out by talking about something he finds icky like spiders. We all have our pet peeves and bringing them up at inappropriate times is one of the funny ways to annoy your boyfriend. Well, funny to you at least! To make your boyfriend go crazy over text, you can bring up something gross or off-putting while you’re in the thick of a hot sexting session.

If you respond to an erotic message with, “Speaking of, have you ever seen period blood up close”, you can rest assured your boyfriend is going to be annoyed six ways from Sunday. You’ll have to go without your virtually induced orgasm though (you can always take matters in your own hands *wink*).

8. Disturb him while he is watching a movie/TV

No one likes rewinding to know what happened in the movie or TV show. So while your boyfriend is watching a movie or TV, you can sit down next to him and try to have a conversation with him on purpose. If he’s watching a serious show that he loves, ask him a lot of silly questions about it. This will be enough to annoy anyone.

Some have said that it annoys them to no end when their girlfriends change the TV channel or even radio stations in the car. You could stand in front of the TV and pretend to strip-tease for him right when he seems engrossed in an intense scene. He won’t have the heart to ask you to stop but would sure be cursing you under his breath.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and wondering, “How to scare your boyfriend through text?”, here’s one for you. Send him a “We need to talk” text when you know he’s going to be catching up on his favorite show or is at the movies with friends. When he calls, scared of his life, just say that you wanted to hear his voice and hang up. Annoyance guaranteed.

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9. Text him something irrelevant

When he is out with his friends or is attending an important event, text him gibberish or some random message about a fight you had months ago. This will leave him scratching his head, trying to figure out what you are saying and what has gone wrong this time. Bombard him with texts when you miss him but be cryptic.

Juana says, “My boyfriend was visiting his parents over a weekend and I was home alone. By Sunday, I was bored out of my mind and had no plans at all. So, I started sending him these really cryptic messages about heartbreak, love, moving on, closure. It freaked him out. When he called, sounding all concerned, I couldn’t stop laughing. Boy, I’d say, this is hands down the best way to playfully annoy your boyfriend over text.”

Such random, out-of-context messages could also make for great pranks to pull on your ex-boyfriend over text. But proceed with caution. This is a good idea only if it’s been a while since you broke up and are on good terms with your ex. Otherwise, he may misconstrue the message as a hint that you want to get back together.

10. Record his snoring and make him listen to it

playfully annoy your boyfriend over text
Annoy him by playing audios of his snoring

Nobody likes being told that they snore, especially not men. In case your partner snores, you must record his snoring. So when he denies it, you can play it for him on full volume. Remember not to share his recording with his friends and family, because that will cross a line and be embarrassing for him.

But hey, to take irritating your boyfriend a step further, you can always hold it over his head. For instance, if you want to mess with your boyfriend over text, you can send him a message saying if he doesn’t return home with your favorite chicken wings, you’re sharing the recording on the family/friends group. If he takes you seriously and goes all the way to get you the wings, it’ll just double the fun of the prank.

If you’re looking for more novel answers to the how to scare your boyfriend through text question, send him this: “Babe, I’m so sorry. I accidentally sent that snoring video to your boss.” You can rest assured he’d turn pale with fright at the mere thought of his boss getting a look at that.

11. Play pranks on him with his friends

How to scare your boyfriend through text? Get pally with his gang and play a prank on him with their help. They will know how to annoy your boyfriend in ways you cannot even imagine. Text him to say you need his help with an urgent matter or tell him you’re calling him for “an emergency” or make a friend do the same. You can feign an “emergency” with the help of his friends and witness him totally freaking out.

Nothing too serious though, we wouldn’t want him getting the fright of his life either. Just plain old, good-hearted fun that will annoy him at first but later appreciate. One of the pranks to make your boyfriend mad over text is to tell him that you had to urgently drive out of town for work and your car has broken down in the middle of the highway.

He’d most certainly have a moment of absolute panic. Be prepared to get an earful when he realizes that it was all for “harmless fun”. But you’ll succeed in making your boyfriend go crazy over text, and that’s worth a little lecturing from him.

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12. Make him do things he dislikes the most

For instance, maybe he watched a movie or listened to a song you liked for the first time. But if you try to make him watch the same movie or listen to the same song repeatedly, he might get annoyed. You can also quote the dialogues to annoy him even further. Boys dislike things they are forced to do, especially if you order him around and show the signs of a controlling woman.

“My boyfriend hates romcoms. Well, I’m not a fan of the genre either but I can watch a one-off every now and then. When we had just started dating, I’d always pick a mushy romantic movie for our date nights just to annoy him for I knew how much he hated them. It wasn’t long before he caught me on my trick. Sigh!” say Robin.

13. Take too much time while getting ready

When you both plan to go out, make a fuss about what to wear, what makeup to put on, etc. After that, keep trying on different clothes in front of him and take time to decide on what you will finally wear. Then, go ahead and finalize the first outfit you picked out. This will annoy your boyfriend to the core.

You can take this a notch higher by asking for his opinion on different outfits and looks you try. When he says he loves a particular dress on you, change out of it immediately. One of the annoying yet romantic pranks for boyfriend over text is to keep sending him pictures of different outfits options for your dinner date throughout the day.

Just when he’s about to show up at your door, send him a picture of yourself in sexy lingerie, with the message, “Couldn’t decide on what to wear. Guess we’re staying in tonight.” But make sure you’re ready to walk out the door when he arrives at your place or he’d go from annoyed to mad real quick.

14. Call him repeatedly

Call him two or three times in a row, especially when he is busy. Keep giving missed calls. When he calls back and you can sense the panic in his voice, ask him, “Are you in the mood for Chinese tonight?” Calling just for the sake of disturbing him and having nothing relevant to talk about will irritate him. This can be fun as long as he is not driving or is on a tight schedule.

You don’t even have to worry about what to say to your boyfriend to scare him with this one. Just the number of missed calls on his phone will be enough to get his heart racing. Of course, be prepared that he is going to blow his top once he realizes you were just pulling a prank on him, so have an antidote to his anger ready.

15. Be the crazy jealous girlfriend

Men usually hate it when their girlfriends ask them where they were and with whom. Therefore, pretend to be a crazy jealous girlfriend and forbid him from doing certain things. To annoy your boyfriend over text in a cute way, you can say something on the lines of “If you love me, you’d miss the game and spend the evening with me”.

But do not get too caught up in the charade or take this too far, as it can become a point of contention in the relationship. A word of caution: No matter what tricks you use to annoy your boyfriend, be careful to not cross the line and remember to keep things happy and joyful in the relationship.

When you’re thinking of how to scare your boyfriend through text, keep in mind that there is a fine line between annoying and hurtful. Do not cross it. Playfully annoying your boyfriend is always fun as long as you aren’t doing it at an inappropriate time and making things hard for your partner. Make sure you read the room before you indulge in all these tricks.

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