15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

annoy your boyfriend

You are extremely lucky if you have managed to scour the planet and find the perfect guy. He cares about you, is committed, loyal, and always tries to keep you happy. Not just you, he is very mindful of your friends and family too. He knows you inside out. He’s even better on your bad days. He will do everything in his power to make you feel better. You have no complaints but one, the relationship has become a tad bit boring. How can you add the zing back in your relationship? It doesn’t hurt to bring some playfulness into the relationship and sometimes annoy your boyfriend!

Playfully annoying your boyfriend is amusing. It makes your bond stronger and rekindles the spark in the relationship. If he’s a keeper, he will always appreciate a good prank. This will also ensure you get his attention when required. Would it not be funny to see your patient boyfriend lose his temper once in a while and ask you to stop with your tricks? It will surely give both of you some memorable moments to think about later in life. But more importantly, making up to him for annoying him can be so cute, right?

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15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

So you are in a relationship with a guy who is super calm and composed. He never seems to get annoyed with any of your tantrums, but knows exactly how to annoy the hell out of you. Well, we have some amazing fun ways to annoy your boyfriend which you can follow to catch him off guard and annoy him!

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Here is all you need to do to turn off your boyfriend’s calm switch and enjoy watching him go berserk.

1. Interrupt him while he is playing games

A majority of boyfriends are crazy about games. So if your guy is one of them, then how dare he give more attention to a game when you’re around, right? How to annoy your boyfriend while he’s gaming? Here are a few ingenious ways how: you can hide his gaming console and even ignore it when he asks you about the same; sit on his lap when he’s in the middle of a game or even try to seduce him when he’s totally engrossed playing Call of Duty. Messing with his games and gaming is more than enough to annoy your boyfriend!

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interrupt his games

Annoy him by interrupting him Image source

2. Draw on his face to annoy him while he’s sleeping

Are you thinking about how to annoy your boyfriend while he’s sleeping? Read on.

You can draw on his face with tools like toothpaste, paint, glitter while he is sleeping and take good pictures of it. Wait for him to wake up the next day and see his reaction. The look on his face is sure to be priceless!  You can even put your wet hair on his face while he’s sleeping or tickle him. The possibilities are endless.

3. Ask him to choose what to do for the evening

Having to make decisions about your evening plans can be difficult. Usually, they hate to be put on the spot regarding this subject. Your man would rather that you make plans for an evening on the town! If you really want to annoy your boyfriend, reject whatever place/plan he decides on. Even when he picks something of your choice, tell him he doesn’t know you at all, when you both know he picked what you wanted.

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4. Do not respond to his texts

One of the most annoying things that boyfriends do is either not text back or respond to your texts in monosyllables. What you can do is return the favour. Read his messages, but do not respond to them. This will drive your guy crazy, making him think that he has done something wrong which has made you angry.

Do not respond to his texts

And he keeps waiting for Image source

A bonus would be that guys do not really like being ignored on texts, so it should annoy him more.

5. Tell him about random guys flirting with you

if you’re wondering how to playfully annoy your boyfriend over text, this is a foolproof way! Tell him about all the guys sliding into your DMs or the cute guy from college who is subtly hitting on you. When you are hanging out with your boyfriend, you can find an opportune moment and point the random guys, like those at the supermarket, restaurant, etc who are totally checking you out. Talk to other guys and ignore him. He may be the most composed guy in the world, but this will go a long way in annoying him.

6. Indulge in PDA on social media

One of the funniest ways to annoy your boyfriend is to be everywhere on his social media. Most boys aren’t very active when it comes to posting on social media. Keep commenting cute and annoying things on his posts, photos, and videos. Shower extra love on him on social media, which he will be unable to digest. You can even use your social media to tag him in various posts and annoy him to the core.

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7. Talk about things that gross him out

When your boyfriend is in a romantic mood, play along and get him all turned on before you totally ruin it by turning the conversation from intense to totally funny. Nothing will annoy him more than being all hot and heavy and then coming across a big blooper. You can totally gross him out by talking about something he finds icky like spiders. We all have our pet peeves and bringing them up at inappropriate times is one of the funny ways to annoy your boyfriend. Well, funny to you at least!

8. Disturb him while he is watching a movie/TV

No one likes rewinding to know what happened in the movie or TV show. So while your boyfriend is watching a movie or TV, you can sit down and start a conversation with him on purpose. If he’s watching a serious show that he loves, ask him a lot of silly questions about it. This will be enough to annoy anyone. Some have said that it annoys them to no end when their girlfriends change the TV channel or even radio stations in the car!

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9. Text him something irrelevant

When he is out with his friends or is attending an important event, text him gibberish or some random message about a fight you had months ago. This will leave him scratching his head, trying to figure out what you are saying and what has gone wrong this time. Bombard him with cute annoying texts.

10. Record his snoring and make him listen to it

Nobody likes being told that they snore, especially not men. In case your boyfriend snores, you must record his snoring. So when he denies it, you can play it for him on full volume. Remember not to share his recording with his friends and family, because that will cross a line and be embarrassing for him.

Record his snoring

Annoy him by playing audios of his snoring Image source

11. Play pranks on him with his friends

Get pally with his gang and play a prank on him with their help. They will know how to annoy your boyfriend in ways you cannot even imagine! Tell him you’re calling him for “an emergency” or make a friend do the same. You can feign an “emergency” with the help of his friends and witness him totally freaking out. Nothing too serious though, we wouldn’t want him getting the fright of his life either. Just plain old, good-hearted fun that will annoy him at first but later appreciate.

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12. Make him do things he dislikes the most

For instance, maybe he watched a movie or listened to a song you liked for the first time. But if you try to make him watch the same movie or listen to the same song repeatedly, he might get annoyed. You can also quote the dialogues to annoy him even further.

Boys dislike doing things they are forced to do, especially if you order him around.

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13. Take too much time while getting ready

Take too much time while getting ready

Take too much time while getting ready Image source

When you both plan to go out, make a fuss about what to wear, what makeup to put on, etc. After that, keep trying on different clothes in front of him and take time to decide on what you will finally wear. Then go ahead and finalise on the first outfit you picked out. This will annoy your boyfriend to the core.

14. Call him repeatedly

Call him two or three times in a row, especially when he is busy. Keep giving missed calls. When he calls back and you can sense the panic in his voice ask him, ‘Are you in the mood for Chinese tonight?” Calling just for the sake of disturbing him and having nothing relevant to talk about will irritate him. This can be funny as long as he is not driving or is on a tight schedule.

15. Be the crazy jealous girlfriend

Men usually hate it when their girlfriends ask them where they were and with whom. Therefore, pretend to be a crazy jealous girlfriend and forbid him from doing certain things, but do not get too caught up in the charade.

A word of caution: No matter what tricks you use to annoy your boyfriend, be careful to not cross the line and remember to keep things happy and joyful in the relationship.

Playfully annoying your boyfriend is always fun as long as you aren’t doing it at an inappropriate time and making things hard for your partner. Make sure you read the room before you indulge in all these points.

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