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How to identify if you are dating a man or a boy

Here are some ways you can recognise the ‘boy’ who is not so much of your dreams!

How to identify if you are dating a man or a boy?

We all want a life partner with whom courtship is fun and does not turn into babysitting. A lot of us actually end up doing the opposite. Sometimes we are the only one who is at the receiving end of a compromise or acting a parent to our partner. In such dire distress you need to identify whether you are dating a man or a boy too sweet for your already disturbed life. Here are some ways you can recognise the ‘boy’ who is not so much of your dreams!

If he is running away from responsibilities

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Companionship and responsibility work hand in hand. Try and find out whether your guy is actually capable of taking up responsibilities in times of distress or is just a loudmouth. Because action speaks louder than words!

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He is not a one-woman man!

Boys are flirtatious and gullible. They would cheat, flirt and then come back to you all teary eyed with butt loads of ‘sorry’. But if you have your right man he will stick by you. That’s because he is not easily swayed by some stupid emotion. No poking his nose around here and there.


The insecure prick

If the person is constantly and unnecessarily being insecure about you around other men, know that he is still a kid. Because real men trust their partners and are confident about themselves. Boys often give you absurd reasons for their jealousy.

Jab-Harry-Met-Sejal asking

Constant nagging and poor decision making

How many of you have been bothered by boyfriends who are always confused? If he has myriad questions even while doing the least important of jobs, know that you are in trouble for the rest of your life. You want a partner, not a parasite.


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He does not like to use a condom even when he has one? These are the impeccable signs of immaturity and you cannot really try and negotiate with this. Because you are not here to teach somebody life lessons.



If you see him jumping into wrong decisions and conclusions all the time, you are into the wrong person. Boys have a fleeting nature. Random bad decisions become the crux of your relationship. They regret their actions immediately after but often it’s too late for that. And if you don’t want to be dragged into all that trouble every time, keep a safe distance.

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Wrong career choices

Boys often oscillate between jobs or even do not want to have one. They have this weird idea about freedom and revolution. Men work and do not exploit your resources. Boys are always looking for jobs. Why? Because he quit the last one! His excuses will always be ready and sometime soon after you will be paying for all their finances.

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Ego clashes

These kids would never let their ego falter and never at your expense. Because their masculinity is way too much in your face and they hold a grudge against you even for the smallest of reasons. Real men sort out misunderstandings without bickering and quarrelling. There is no flamboyancy involved either.

Men trust your intellect

If the guy doesn’t really care about your consent or opinion and does what he pleases, he is surely not a man. And if you try to make an intervention you are being too smart. Men ask their partners even if the matter concerns their official work. They appreciate your opinion and look forward to it.

So if you are already in a relationship, think about it twice now. If not then, suck it in and look for the ‘man’ of your dreams. Stop dating kids and save your time and health.

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