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This happy couple and their open marriage

How does a couple stay happily married when they are in a fully open relationship and have several partners outside of their marriage?
Happy couple

“One can be in a happy marriage, and still have relationships outside it,” Rishi said emphatically. He had come visiting, and we snacked as we chatted in the living room of my house.

“But isn’t a marriage supposed to be sacrosanct?” I stared at him as I spoke.

“Of course it is. However, my interpretation of ‘sacrosanct’ is that one must not hide any fact about one’s extramarital relationships from one’s spouse,” he replied with a smile.

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  1. Personally, i feel that honesty and being friends of minds have to be the ground rules of an open marriage. When you understand each other’s emotional functioning , and be unabashedly honest with each other, there comes a certainty in both the partners about each other, and that certainly would help the bond flourish. Another thing is, something like an open marriage has to be based on a mutual consent. And most importantly, if the individuals concerned can pull it off with content in their heart , then that is it. They need not bother about anything else.

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