Here’s why working out together can save your marriage

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Updated On: January 27, 2020

Well, we know as much as you like your whisky on the rocks, it tastes a little less smooth when your marriage is falling apart and you are left wondering what exactly went wrong! You might already have spent sleepless nights and countless brooding phases where you’re more inclined to channelise all your considerations that drive you to recollect all the hurt feelings, nasty fights, and uncounted nights that you spent shedding tears! We feel you and we know that mere empathising won’t console your wounded heart. And that’s why, we’ve got good news for many like you.

What if we say, take a minute to think whether it’s worth giving one more chance and work towards making it a better relationship? We promise, we are not keen on giving you false hopes and make your suffering even worse. Let’s admit, every relationship needs work, a bit of give and take, be it on an emotional level, or sacrificing for one another; you emerge as a winner when things fall into place. And that’s where working out together comes in.

Here are 5 reasons why you should workout together to save your marriage.

Start slowly and consistently

The hectic schedule of our daily lives leaves no room for taking care of our health, and it’s proven! Take only 10 minutes of your time to focus on your health everyday ­ whether going for a jog together or sweating out at the treadmill in a gym or doing basic stretches just to start off. Do it consistently. Just remember to increase the workout time eventually.

Couple running

It’s your ‘US’ time

No escaping from the fact that we have targets to meet at work, manage kids, household chores at home, cook, clean, socialise and what not! And in this rut, we forget the most important thing, ourselves. Yes, with these creeping into your mind almost always, you miss the warmth of togetherness. Let us just rekindle your passion and make things work for good and that’s where a couple workout plays a significant role. That 10 minutes of your daily routine gives you an opportunity to slowly re-build your bond as a team and bring the spark back by talking about your feelings, hopes, fears, dreams, love, affection, anger, resentments, and much more. This ultimate use of break-times helps you to reduce negativity and reconnect with your partner.

Couple workout

Mind suffers when health takes a backseat

Our body is framed in such a way that everything is related to the other! If the soul is not fed the way it should be or in general, it has its own reason to feel not-so-good, the body bears the brunt and vice-versa. The idea is to take your health seriously and act upon it, together. Eventually, you stay accountable for your betterment at a holistic level. While your workout regimen advances and intensifies, you learn to set goals together and work on it as a team.

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Health is wealth, literally

When you workout together or workout in general, your body releases a happy hormone called endorphin, which is responsible for elevating your mood, boosting your energy, stamina, confidence and gives you a sense of well being! Most of us know that. But the add-on is, it helps you make your bond stronger. How, you may ask! The answer is, it also creates a sense of desire by making you more confident about yourself, and when you put in an effort to work on getting those lovely moments back, you become irresistible to your partner. Your efforts mean a lot to your other half when you give it a try.

Couple workout

Failing is winning in disguise

We all hit the wall in attempt to reach perfection. But reality shows its dreadful presence by gnawing at our minds with its sharp claws and reminds us that you have to fail to win. And that is when you grow for better. Working out is a lifestyle choice and sometimes you need to push yourself a little more to get the most out of it. In this process, when you have your partner along, who sees you failing, crashing, and still getting up to start afresh, you take a step further and encourage each other in attaining your fitness goals and that construes positively into the weaker areas of your relationship.

Couple working out

Like every other thing in life, marriage too needs work and constant nurturing. We can’t blame you if that’s been shoved aside due to much bigger priorities like rearing children, doing better in your profession, saving, buying properties, etc. and health gets ignored. When couples workout together, they manage their health better by giving it the attention it needs and the results reflect in better stress management, relationship management, clearer focus on your profession, and smarter lifestyle management. Try this and I’m sure you will realise hope is not dead yet and your marriage will survive too!

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