15 Simple Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Love You More- (With One Bonus Tip)

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Updated On: October 21, 2023
how to make your girlfriend love you more

Relationships can’t always be rainbows and lilies. When you are going through a tough time, you often wonder – how to make your girlfriend love you more? Again, you might also be craving more and more as each day passes. So, what should you do to revive the spark?

Even if you are in a happily committed relationship, even if you’re both madly in love, you can’t seem to find that enough. Craving more love from your partner is a desire that never ends, right? So, what will make your girlfriend love you more than ever? What will you do to make your girlfriend love you more every day?

Since you’re here, we assume you’re looking for ways to show your girlfriend how much you care for her. You might have trouble understanding her. You might be in two different time zones. Or you might just want more love in the relationship. The possibilities are endless. Here are 15 brilliant tips to make your girlfriend love you more.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Love You More – 15 Tips

Whenever you feel like your relationship needs a boost of love, affection, and passion, make it happen. How you ask? Lucky for you, we have 15 incredible ways you can make your girlfriend love you more and more and more with each passing day.

Girls aren’t as difficult to show love to as most shows would have had us believe. There are so many simple and adorable ways to make your girlfriend love you more and more. Take out time. Make efforts to study your girl and get to know your girl better. That’s the key to making your girlfriend love you more every single day. Once you’ve got that covered, use these 15 tips to make sure love continues to blossom in your bond.

1. Remember what you hear

Most men possess the rudimentary understanding that you should hear your better half to have a good and wholesome conversation. But when she actually speaks, most men let their minds wander to the last football game.

Try to remember what you heard and take interest in it. It will let her know that you value her thoughts and care about what she says. When you see what interests her, it will be much easier for you to hold conversations with her that have her interested and make your girlfriend love you more every day. Deep and interesting conversations add to intimacy and love between partners.

This is an extremely ignored gesture, but very influential. A perfect point to begin in association with the larger mission of making your girlfriend love you more.

2. Learn to comfort her

When she cries in front of you or shows any signs of vulnerability, understand that it is taking up a lot of courage to do so and she may not always be looking for advice. Sometimes she just needs a kind ear or a shoulder to cry on. Try to imagine yourself in her shoes, be an empath, and turn your therapist switch on to make your girlfriend feel loved and heard.

She doesn’t need an outing or gifts; all she needs is a warm, comforting hug and maybe, some ice cream. Be there for her and cradle her in your arms. Let her know how much you understand and love her despite everything. Ultimately, you’ll notice your girlfriend already loves you more than before.

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3. Quality time together

Planning weekend getaways every now and then is one of the easiest ways to make your girlfriend love you more than ever. Going out and planning a trip together will rejuvenate your bond. Never forget to have fun with each other.

When you meet, discuss what each of you does for fun and try to find new things to do together. Take out your calendar, mark the nearest holiday (make sure your girlfriend is free that day), and bring your car out in front of her house. She will be thrilled to see the surprise. If you are environmentally conscious, you can even simply go cycling together.

Doesn’t it sound special? Think about how she’ll know that her mere presence brings you joy. Spending quality time together strengthens and deepens the love and intimacy you share.

4. Compliment her

Sounds like a no-brainer, yes – everyone knows that compliments make girls happy, right? Say all things that your girl wants to hear and mean them! Are you only complimenting her appearance, or do you praise her other strengths as well? What should you tell your girlfriend to make her love you more?

I mean, don’t we all just melt when our favorite on-screen heroes praise the women they love, like Augustus Waters in The fault in our stars? Romance novels and classic rom-com will tell you what to tell your girlfriend to make her love you more, better than anywhere else.

Tell her she is pretty, sure. But don’t forget to tell her how strong, resilient, and intelligent she is. Remember to appreciate the little acts of kindness she does for you. Address her actions. Acknowledge them. Let her know how she makes your life better. Thoughtful compliments definitely top the list of tips on how to make your girlfriend love you more.

5. Don’t be controlling

Learn to give your girlfriend freedom and respect her privacy. You’re in a relationship, but you don’t always have to be together. It is essential to be at peace by yourself.

Encourage her to spend time with her family and to go out with her friends as much as possible. You can’t be everything to her, right? You cannot perform every role satisfactorily. Respect her time alone and the time she enjoys without you.  And do that selflessly. It might be hard at first, but we all need some me-time.

And believe it or not, giving her some space will only make you look more attractive and desirable, and eventually you’ll be able to make your girlfriend love you more with each passing day.

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6. Make her laugh

Be dumb together. Have a pillow fight. Tickle her till she can’t talk straight. Make her laugh till her sides hurt. Think of what you can tell her to make her love you more. Dirty talking? Acting dumb?

It’s the easiest way to ensure she’s having a good time with you. Good humor will make her want to talk more. Take advice from Jake on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and surprise your girl the way he never failed to surprise Amy.

Tease her, use cheesy but funny pick-up lines. Share funny stories about your childhood. Tell her about your embarrassing moments in public. Be romantic, but also be someone she has fun with. Be the man she’s always dreamt about. Give her every reason to love you more than anything.

The art of wooing

7. Keep an open mind

The worst way to bring a girl down is by being narrow-minded and stubborn. This is something that serves as red flags for most of them. Of course, you will disagree with her on many subjects; you can’t always have a mutual opinion. But it is important how you express that disagreement.

Never yell, and always explain your point of view in a calm manner. Don’t push your views on her and make sure you listen to her perspective. Respect her opinions. Talk it out but ensure that she doesn’t hold back her thoughts because of you. Your understandable nature and acceptance will make her fall in love with you all over again. We bet.

8. Little surprises occasionally

When life gets too boring or monotonous, surprise your girlfriend in a way she wouldn’t have expected. Remember how Leonard wore Penny’s lingerie to lift her spirits up in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory? Wear a funny costume when she comes home. Prepare a candle-light dinner. Surprise her with an unexpected present. Take her someplace nice. Leave notes everywhere.

Give her everything you’d want to be done for you. If you want to make your girlfriend love you more over something as simple as a text, pen down a romantic, cliché poem, and just wait for the million-dollar smile that lights up her face.

9. Communicate!

One of the most critical problems about relationships today is the lack of communication. This tense buildup slowly becomes the mountain of misunderstandings and distancing. Communicate with her about anything that troubles you. Tell her what makes you insecure. Tell her what you want. Be open like an adult.

This might sound like it is all about you initially. But as you proceed, the communication gap narrows down, and your girlfriend will be equally inclined in sharing her secrets with you. The more open you are to each other, the more inseparable you become. The outcome? A girl who is head over heels in love with you.

Communicate better to increase intimacy and make your partner love you more.
Communicate with your partner to establish stronger bonds

10.Shower together

Well, this might sound odd to some people, or common to others. However, showering together is an extremely intimate activity that boosts affection. Think about wholesome, non-sexual touching like shampooing her hair and telling her how beautiful she is. You’d wipe off her insecurities in a whip.

With half an hour of silent time together, you strengthen your bond and rejuvenate the relationship. Add a bottle of wine and candles for a special occasion, and she’s in love with you more than ever before. If you’ve been worried about how to make your girlfriend love you more and haven’t had a shower together yet, you must hurry now!

11. Meet her friends and family

Be a gentleman. Meet her friends and family. Take her parents out to dinner or go golfing with her father. By trying to be a part of the family, you foster a deeper sense of intimacy. When you take an interest and treat the people she loves with respect and admiration, it would make your girlfriend love you more than anything.

Let her know that you want to be involved in her roundabouts. Involve her in your family. Be proud that she’s your girl. This is also extremely helpful if you’ve been going through terrible patches. By showing her how much you care about her people and her interests, you’ll be able to make your girlfriend love you again. Much more this time.

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12. Don’t let texting become monotonous

Send flirty text messages or even simple, considerate ones. “Did you eat today?” or “How did you sleep last night?” are too pure to resist. Let her know you care more about her than she thinks. When you have known each other for a while, texting can become predictable and boring.

You’re concerned about every little aspect of her life. Ask her questions she doesn’t expect. Catch her off-guard and make your girlfriend love you more over text. You could try thinking outside of the box, replace the old i-love-yous with something else to add to the zing or just surprise them with breakfast!

Be kinky to add some romance or be extra-caring when she’s down. Choose the time wisely. Don’t let her lose interest in texting you. Put in some effort, and it will make your girlfriend love you more than ever.

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13. Be you

Being who you really are is very important. Don’t be afraid to show her your weaknesses. Be weak around her if you want to. Let her console you. Make the relationship be a win-win for both of you. Make your girlfriend love you more by letting her know that you need her.

By exposing yourself, your girlfriend realizes how free you are with her. This will compel her to express herself freely too. Be crazy together, cry together and laugh together. Show her how meaningful she makes your life. Show but don’t tell. And soon, the girl of your dreams will love you more than anything.

14. Be patient

If you’re wondering how to make your girlfriend love you more and are impatient with her at the same time, then that’s some irony to beat. One thing you want to avoid is rushing in too abruptly. Taking things too fast might run the risk of your partner getting bored. Talk out your pace.

Be patient with how explicit she wants to be. Learn from Barry, in The Flash. If you can take care of your girl in a way that is remotely close to how he treated Iris, you are the best boyfriend out there. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Understand her boundaries and respect them. When the time finally comes, tell her you love her so much before you plant a gentle kiss on her. These small gestures will make your girlfriend love you more than anything.

15. Be good in bed

Might sound weird, but who wants to date someone who’s bad in bed? And if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, it’s quite possible that your ways are getting too predictable. Communicate about what they want and experiment. Try out new things to make her love you more every single day.

Remember the Hot Springs on Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow and Ygritte got it on in Season 3. Now we’re not asking for a place as crazy as Grjótagjá, but it’s not too crazy to think of a sexy place.

Tell her how crazy she makes you. Tell her you want her. Tell her she’s all you need. Be gentle but still liven up the spark. Knowing how to make your girlfriend love you more is easy; the difficult part is acting upon what you know.

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16.  Bonus: Start over

Do you think it’s already slipping away? You’re still on the right track if you’re willing to fix it. You want to make your girlfriend love you again, which is difficult, but possible.

Apologize if you think you’re wrong. Take her out on dates. Revive the spark by doing all that she likes. Give her more time. Teach her video games while she teaches you to bake cookies. Make your girlfriend love you more through text. Don’t just share memes but share wholesome photos to make her laugh and feel fuzzy in her heart. Live through the flirty phase again. Experiment on new pick-up lines and use memes to flirt and make her all blushy.

Tell her you love her without saying it. Prepare a hearty breakfast for her. Pick out her outfit and kiss her goodbye. Tell her how you can’t lose her. Do everything you can, explore every option, and make your girlfriend love you more. You can do it.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner boosts one’s physical and mental health considerably and keeps you happier. However, that doesn’t happen by default. Remember to love your girl unconditionally, and don’t be too scared to demonstrate that love. Yell it out to the world. Do little things out of love. Forgive more and forget less.

Study her inside out and make a mental list of how to keep her happy, and how to keep making her love you more and more. Give her all that she needs – be protective, be jealous, but at the end of the day, be the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Do things she likes and spend time with her. Nobody knows better than yourself the ways to make your girlfriend love you more, right?

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