How To Manifest Love In Your Life – 5 Proven Ways

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Most energy healers and modern-day spiritualists vouch for the power of manifestation. Manifestation essentially means bringing something concrete and tangible that your heart desires through intent, belief and positive thoughts. These techniques are quite powerful which is why as die-hard romantics, we all want to know how to manifest love.

Being in love is one of the biggest gifts of life and when you find someone who reciprocates your love with an equal passion, it can be a life-changing experience. Love makes you creative, compassionate and helps you create happy memories that bring joy. So if there were some actionable techniques on how to manifest love, we are pretty sure everyone would want to learn and practice them.

What Is Love Manifestation?

They say the power of manifestation is similar to the law of gravity. Whether you believe in it or not, it works for you. It’s entirely up to you to take advantage of these powers to get what you want in life, including love. The next question that naturally comes to mind is – how to manifest love or any other thing you badly desire. The simple three-word mantra is: Ask, believe and receive – in that order!

Anamika Deb, a stylist based in Australia is a firm believer in the law of attraction. Even before she met and fell in love with her current husband, Sanjay, she started manifesting her relationship.

“I was earlier trapped in a bad marriage, which ended in a messy divorce. Yet I never gave up hope,” she says. “I tried to write down exactly what I expected when starting a new relationship, right to the last detail. I would imagine scenarios of how we’d behave and how he’d take care of me.”

It wasn’t easy but as Anamika picked up the threads of her life, circumstances led to her meeting a man with whom she connected instantly. Long story short, they fell in love and are now happily married. “It’s almost magical how my dreams have come true without me planning it. I just dreamed and believed that I would find true love and that the universe has some plans for me, despite all odds,” she says.

True love, which we all seek, is definitely not a mirage. It is out there for you to seek and love manifestation is all about making that dream a reality through the law of attraction. When you put the right vibes into the universe and express your desire, love will make itself available to you. Perhaps you may not even have to wonder how to manifest love; it might just happen naturally and organically – that’s the magic of manifestations for love.

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Law Of Attraction: How To Manifest Love Using It

The law of attraction, popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s worldwide bestseller, The Secret, is all about making things happen for you through the belief in the universe and the power of manifestation.

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The same law of attraction can be used for learning how to manifest love. The basic premise is the same: you attract what you think, your thoughts direct your actions so if you have positive thoughts and beliefs, you will naturally attract that particular energy. Often there are questions surrounding the laws of attraction and how it works in the realm of love and relationships, the most common ones among them being:

  • Can you manifest love? The simple answer is yes. Just like other desires, it is possible to manifest love using the law of attraction, provided you are willing to adjust your attitude and follow the steps (read below for the techniques)
  • Can you manifest a specific person? Now, this is the tricky part. The answer cannot be a definite yes. If you fancy Peter from your office because he is cute albeit unattainable, just manifesting him won’t magically make the signs you’ve found your soulmate appear. You can’t be too specific while learning how to manifest love because that may actually end up limiting your opportunities. Instead of asking the universe for a particular man or woman only, manifest a partner who will give you the happiness you deserve and make you feel special. If that partner is the person your heart beats for, well and good!
  • Can you learn how to manifest someone to like you? Unfortunately, you can’t. By focusing on one person only you are ironically putting yourself off for someone better. Also it shows a certain desperation on your part and that you are operating from a scarcity mentality, which will not allow the law of attraction to work
how to manifest someone
Law of attraction can be used for learning how to manifest love

How To Manifest Love Fast?

The law of attraction and manifestation is not just about wanting and creating a space for the energies to align. When you manifest and visualize, you have to BELIEVE strongly that it will work for you and behave as if it already has.

Andrea D’Souza, a yoga instructor, was a former skeptic but has become a die-hard believer of the power of manifestation. “I had always wanted to get into a relationship with a non-Indian or someone with a more globalized appeal yet rooted to his culture. I had met this guy, an Indian-Austrian years ago during a yoga training camp in Austria and we became friends. But almost organically, we became a couple. In fact, it was much later that I realized that the kind of person I wanted was in front of me yet I had not been aware of it. That’s when I actually started believing in the power of manifestation,” she says.

Experts have noted that at times self-limiting beliefs about love, an insecure attachment style and doubts will create roadblocks in learning how to manifest love. But as with other things, when you want to attract love in your life, you need to create space for it first. You have to be mentally prepared to receive the gifts that the universe is about to give you. If you do not know the art of receiving, you wouldn’t know how to manifest love.

Find out if you are open to love coming your way emotionally or whether you are closed to accepting someone in your life. The second thing you need to be sure of is whether you have faith.

You may have had bad experiences in the past but has that made you totally hopeless or do you still have faith? And lastly, figure out if you are trying too hard to manifest someone in particular, instead of manifesting love seamlessly. Here are some techniques on how to manifest love:

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1. Believe in love and decide what kind of love you want

To know how to manifest love is to first and foremost believe that love exists. Do not, even for a moment, doubt that you are not worthy of love. Based on your past experiences and disappointments, it might be tempting to believe that you may never manifest someone who will be your soulmate.

Ignore such thoughts and set your clear intentions in how to manifest love. As Anamika points out, “I just tried to visualize with as much clarity as possible the kind of relationship I wanted. Then I began to believe that this is what I deserved.”
In fact, you can even write it down or create a mood board if it helps. Do not block your manifestations or desires due to any preconceived notions or doubts. The first step is believing that love exists for you – somewhere in the universe – and it will happen sooner or later. Right now all that you need to do is ASK what you want.

And when you ask, do so from a place of gratitude and belief that you will get it than from a feeling of emptiness after a breakup/end of a long-term relationship or the fear of being alone. The reason you look for love is equally important. Do not look for love to quell your fears or apprehensions.

2. Write it out

The next step is to spell and write it out. Maybe you can list down the qualities of a good relationship and the traits of your dream partner (if he or she is still in your dreams). Draw him or her out. Matching the vibration of what you want in your romantic life is an important step in how to manifest love

Of course, while you are allowed to let your imagination run wild, keep it feasible. Don’t dream of a big fat wedding in the next three months with a celebrity. Instead, keep your ideas of the kind of love you want to attract in your life realistic and write them down with a strong belief in what your heart wants.

Write about the type of connection you want with a partner and what you are expecting in return. Making a list also gives a lot of clarity to your thoughts and visualizations. Andrea says, “Can you believe I had a desire to date a vegetarian with clean lifestyle habits? The man I eventually dated turned out to be a vegan!”

This kind of journaling is an important spiritual exercise as it gives concrete shape to your desires and dreams. At times, you may even want to revisit your list and modify it. Overall, this makes your ask from the universe more precise and apt, improving the chances of your love manifestations becoming a reality.

3. Meditate on your partner and visualize life with him/her

This is the time to get more focused on your vision. Now that you have the belief and the clarity of thought about what to look for in a relationship and the kind of love you want to attract in your life, meditate on it. That’s an integral part of how to manifest love.

Meditation is also an opportunity for visualization. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe. So surround yourself with people who believe in your vision too – those who want you to have this kind of dream love in your life.

More importantly, behave as if you already have found what you are looking for. Indulge in self-care. “When I wrote in my journal about the man I wanted to attract, I gave a lot of importance to me – how I wanted to be treated and taken care of. I kept myself in focus,” says Anamika.

4. Align your actions to your vision

Just dreaming about how to manifest someone to like you or how you would like to attract someone is not going to work. You need to take actions that align with your dreams. The good news is: you don’t need to go the extra mile to manifest love in your life.

Once you know in your heart and soul what you want, you will naturally work toward it and the universe will also present opportunities that align with your goal. All you need to do is recognize the signs. When you feel attracted to someone, they feel it too.

Build yourself up and put yourself out there. Don’t be shy. So yes, you may need to go out on a few dates, be a little more vigorous on the dating app you just downloaded and give some people a chance. Don’t feel too attached to the outcome of each date, just go with the flow. When it is with the right person, it will work out magically.

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5. Surrender and feel the gratitude

This is the big and final step in your journey to mastering how to manifest love. The law of attraction and manifestation says that you should not worry about how you will find what you want (in this case, love). That is the universe’s headache.
Your task is to make a wish, ask for what you want, believe that your desire will come true and then completely surrender your wishes to the universe. In the meanwhile, focus on being the best version of yourself and walk with confidence.

Gratitude is an important part of this entire process. You have to feel grateful as if you have already welcomed the love of your life. Surrender to the will of the universe without attaching to a very precise outcome or being too rigid. Be excited about the possibilities. The universe may surprise you with even better options than what you may have thought of.

The path of love is not easy and not everyone gets the man or woman of their dreams but once you set your intentions clear and hold on to the belief, approach your relationship with a positive attitude and live a life of gratitude, true love – the kind you deserve – will definitely come to you. So never hold back and don’t give up!


1. How to manifest love with an ex?

If you are sure about what you want, have pure intentions, you can manifest an ex back into your life. However, let it come from a place of true emotions and not anything destructive or depressing. 

2. How to meditate to manifest love?

You can meditate to manifest love by seating yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and focus completely on your intention for love. You may chant a mantra or just make affirmations that relate to love.   

3. What is the best time to manifest love?

You may be manifesting your desires and wants all day long but generally, mornings are the best time to set intentions, visualize and meditate – all important steps in manifestation. Early morning is the best time to raise your vibration after a night’s restful sleep. 

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