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How to manifest love

Being in love is one of the biggest gifts of life and when you find someone who reciprocates your love with an equal passion, it can be a life-changing experience. What if told you that by understanding how to manifest love, you can take a step toward willing your dreams into reality?

We can sense that this has you asking, but does manifestation work? Well, that’s most simply a paradox. You can only make it work for you if you believe it will work for you. Most energy healers and modern-day spiritualists vouch for the power of manifestation. These techniques can be quite powerful. Want to know what it takes to will your love into existence and build a wonderful relationship with the partner of your dreams? Let’s dive in.

To talk to us about the power of manifestation and using manifestation techniques and Law of Attraction to manifest love, we consulted Shivanya Yogmayaa, who is an astrology consultant as well as a relationship and intimacy coach. We share with you not only her expert tips on how to bring to you what your heart desires but also what has been coming between you and the romantic relationship of your dreams till now.

What Is Love Manifestation And Law Of Attraction?

Anamika Deb, a stylist based in Australia is a firm believer in the Law Of Attraction. Even before she met and fell in love with her current husband, Sanjay, she started manifesting her relationship. “I was trapped in a bad marriage before this, which ended in a messy divorce. Yet I never gave up hope. I tried to write down exactly what I expected when starting a new relationship, right to the last detail. I would imagine scenarios of how we’d behave and how he’d take care of me,” she says.

It wasn’t easy but as Anamika picked up the threads of her life, circumstances led to her meeting a man with whom she connected instantly. Long story short, they fell in love and are now happily married. “This is how I manifested love and my perfect partner from imagination to reality,” adds Anamika. That explains manifestation in a nutshell. It is bringing something concrete that your heart desires to life, through intent, belief, and positive thinking.

Now that we’ve touched up the concept of manifestation, let’s also look at another concept closely related to it – the Law of Attraction. So, what is the Law of Attraction? Popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s worldwide bestseller, The Secret, LoA is all about like attracting like. Positive thoughts put you in a positive mindset or a positive “frequency”, which in turn attracts positive results. And, vice versa. The simple three-word mantra is: Ask, believe and receive – in that order and with the same emphasis!

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In the book and the movie, The Secret, the universality and reliability of the power of manifestation and the Law of Attraction are compared to universal laws such as the law of gravity. It says, whether you believe in it or not, manifestation works! “You are constantly attracting,” says Shivanya, “It’s entirely up to you to take advantage of the power of the Law of Attraction to get what you want in life, including love.”

While the Law in itself is quite simple, putting it into practice to intentionally manifest what you desire is not particularly easy, needing a fair share of inner work. To learn what gets in the way and how to fix it, read ahead

Why Can’t I Find Love?

To understand how to attract love, it might help to begin with why you have been pushing love away. Jerry and Esther Hicks, commonly identified as Abraham Hicks, are renowned Law of Attraction experts, speakers, and authors. They advise people to be in alignment with the frequency of what they desire, or “be in the vortex”, or be in a state of joy. “Put your energy in being happy, and let the universe work for you.”

It’s not easy coming into alignment with the frequency of what you desire if there is some deep-seated force within you that is causing you to vibrate at a different frequency. Here are some of the “forces” that may be causing resistance in you, not allowing the magic to happen:

1. You think you don’t deserve it

Whether someone believes in new-age practices such as attraction, manifestation, channeling, etc or not, self-worth is often the most important factor pointed out by new-age practitioners as well as traditional mental health practitioners. Perhaps, there is a part of you – unbeknownst to you – that is not letting love into your life because it feels like you don’t deserve it.

Famous Law of Attraction practitioner, teacher and author, Louise Hay calls it “deservability”. Shivanya too says, “You may be dying for love, asking for love, but if you are not open to receiving love, how will it come to you?” Simply put, you are not able to find love or attract the kind of love you want to have because you don’t think you deserve it. This could result in the following:

  • Low self-esteem or poor self-image might be causing you to self-sabotage your love life
  • You could be setting yourself up for failure by picking the wrong person, or an unavailable person
  • You could be focusing too much on a person rather than the quality of love itself 
  • You could be settling by having low standards of a relationship you envision for yourself
  • You are not putting yourself out there, reducing your chances of actually meeting someone

2. You have contrasting beliefs about what you want

You may not realize it but you may be subconsciously tethering to opposite beliefs. If you approach your manifestation journey doubtfully, wondering, “Does manifestation work?”, chances are you will find it difficult to see the results. Similarly, you may have contradictory deep-rooted beliefs, opinions, or feelings about love, relationships, or other people that are getting in your way.

Shivanya shares the story of a male client who we will call Bob to protect his privacy, to help us understand this better.

  • Case study: Client name, Bob (pseudonym), Age, 42. Bob had been looking for love. As much as he wanted to have a deep soul connection with someone, he mostly ended up with superficial interactions with women
  • Finding: Together with his manifestation coach, a deep-seated subconscious disgust for women was revealed, which had its root in a past relationship where he was cheated upon. It was clear that even though he was looking for the woman of his dreams, he did not realize that he held contrasting judgments for the female gender
  • Result: Through positive inner work and practicing gratitude and forgiveness, under the guidance of his manifestation coach, he could address the root of the problem and eventually find his perfect match
how to manifest love fast
What view you hold of other people will influence whether you are able to attract them or not

3. There could be outside forces at play that are out of your control

If you don’t check any of the boxes listed above but still can’t find love, the answer could be hidden in astrology. Shivanya says, “You can find the answer to your love problems through past life readings, karmic relationship astrology, or other astrological analysis. Astrology consultants can help you look at your charts and see if there is alignment between what you seek and how your stars look.”

The point is, the obstacles between you and your love life are not uni-dimensional. And that is important news. You can manifest your ideal relationship not through a single technique, but through a comprehensive approach to tackling your limiting beliefs based on your current reality. 

How To Manifest Love Fast Using The Law Of Attraction

Experts have noted that self-limiting beliefs about love, doubts, and insecure attachment styles will create roadblocks in manifesting love. As with other things, when you want to attract love in your life, you need to create space for it first. You have to be mentally prepared to receive the gifts that the universe is about to give you. If you do not know the art of receiving, you wouldn’t know how to manifest love.

The Law of Attraction and manifestation is not just about ASKING for what you want. You must BELIEVE strongly that it will work for you, and then prepare yourself to RECEIVE it. Here are some techniques for being prepared to receive what you seek by trusting it will come:

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1. Believe that you are worthy of love and that it’s going to happen

To know how to manifest love is to first and foremost believe that love exists and that it will come to you. Do not, even for a moment, doubt that you are not worthy of love. Based on your past relationships, your experiences, and disappointments, you might be tempted to believe otherwise. Ignore such thoughts and set clear intentions.

In fact, it is suggested that you act as if you already have it. No, this is not about wearing a wedding ring or changing your surname without a partner. Or treating a love interest as if you’re already in a relationship with them. This is more about feeling how you would feel if it would have already happened.

Abraham Hicks compares it to being pregnant with a child. They say, “Even though you might not have the child in your arms, you have faith it’s coming. You know it. You can feel the anticipation, enthusiasm, and joy. You trust! Your ideal partner, your ideal life, it’s all there. It’s coming! It will come in its time. You gotta trust!” 

Have you experienced soulmate energy yet?

2. Lay down what you want with clarity

The next step is to have a clear idea about what you want. This calls for some self-reflection. The clearer you are, the easier it is to believe and focus. The Law of Attraction doesn’t allow for much doubt. List down the qualities of a good relationship, the type of connection you want, and the traits of your dream partner. Draw them out. Experts advise that you do your manifestation practice in affirmative sentences, in the non-conditional present tense. This is how:

  • Instead of: “I want a relationship with an honest man”
  • Say: “I am in a relationship with an honest man”
  • Instead of: “My partner will/would/is going to take care of me”
  • Say: “My partner takes care of me”
  • Instead of: “I don’t want an argumentative woman in my life”
  • Say: “It is easy to have a conversation with my partner”

Of course, while you are allowed to let your imagination run wild, keep your list feasible, or something that you can believe in. If the goal you set for yourself seems improbable to you, you will let doubt come into play. Keep it realistic and write it down with a strong belief.

This kind of journaling is an important spiritual exercise as it gives concrete shape to your desires and dreams. At times, you may even want to revisit your list and modify it. Overall, this makes what you ask from the universe more precise and apt, improving the chances of your love manifestations becoming a reality.

Falling in love and more

3. Meditate on your partner and visualize life with them

This is the time to get more focused on your vision. Now that you have the belief and clarity about what to look for in a relationship and the kind of love you want to attract in your life, meditate on it. Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision too – those who want you to have this kind of dream love in your life.

Meditation is also an opportunity for visualization. Visualize you being in love. Visualize how it would make you feel. Get into the vibration of being in love. Behave as if you already have found what you are looking for. Indulge in self-love and self-care. “When I wrote in my journal about the man I wanted to attract, I gave a lot of importance to me – how I wanted to be treated and taken care of. I kept myself in focus. That’s how I manifested love,” says Anamika.

Include daily affirmation in your manifestation practice. Affirmations are positive statements that you concentrate on and repeat so as to overwrite the negative script you have running in your mind. You can write down a few statements based on your unique challenges with yourself. A few examples of affirmations to manifest love are:

  • I love myself
  • I find love everywhere I go
  • I am worthy of a healthy, joyous, and loving relationship
  • I am open to letting love in
  • Good things are happening. My partner is on his/her way

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4. Align your actions to your vision

Only dreaming about getting someone to like you is not going to work. “You also need to make an effort to make yourself available to let love in”, says Shivanya. Taking action that aligns with your dreams is imperative. The good news is: you don’t need to go the extra mile to manifest love in your life.

Once you know in your heart and soul what you want, you will naturally work toward it and the universe will also present opportunities that align with your goal. All you need to do is recognize the signs. You know, when you feel attracted to someone, they feel it too! They might try to reach out to you, but you have to be tuned into the right frequency much like a radio.

Build yourself up and put yourself out there. Don’t be shy. So yes, you may need to go out on a few dates, be a little more vigorous on the dating app you just downloaded, and give some people a chance. Don’t feel too attached to the outcome of each date, just go with the flow. When it is with the right person, it will work out magically.

5. Surrender and feel the gratitude

“While you are doing all this, don’t stop living! People often say, “Until I find a partner, my life is not worthy.” That, again, puts you in a state of resistance and negative alignment,” says Shivanya. The Law of Attraction and manifestation says that you should not worry about how you will find what you want (in this case, love). That is the universe’s headache. Your task is to make a wish, ask for what you want, believe that your desire will come true, and then completely let go.

Gratitude is an important part of this entire process. There is enough positive psychology research evidence on the benefits of gratitude on an individual’s self-esteem and mental well-being. As per this study, “Thanking others, thanking God, cherishing blessings, appreciating hardship, and cherishing the moment (…) positively affected mental well-being, including depression, self-esteem, and psychological well-being.”

So, practice gratitude. And, in the meanwhile, focus on being the best version of yourself. Surrender to the will of the universe without attaching to a very precise outcome or being too rigid. Be excited about the possibilities. The universe may surprise you with even better options than what you may have thought of.

Key Pointers

  • Manifestation means bringing something concrete that your heart desires to life, through intent, belief and positive thinking
  • Law of Attraction asks that you put yourself in the same positive frequency as the things you desire to be able to attract it
  • A poor self image, contradictory views on love and relationships, past relationship baggage, cosmic interference based in astrology, such as stages in twin-flame reunion, may be getting in your way to finding love
  • You must increase your deservability by focusing on yourself. “If you believe, you shall receive,” says The Secret
  • Make a list of the qualities you want in your partner, visualize a life with them, practice meditation, do love manifestation affirmations, smudging, journaling to put you in alignment with your desires
  • Surrender to the will of the universe and let the magic happen

True love is not a mirage. It is out there for you to seek and love manifestation is all about making that dream a reality through the Law of Attraction. Once you set your intentions, express your desire, and put the right vibes into the universe holding on to the belief and living a life of gratitude, true love – the kind you deserve – will definitely come to you.

This article has been updated in November 2022.


1. How to manifest love with an ex?

If you are sure about what you want, have pure intentions, you can manifest an ex back into your life. However, if you are trying too hard to manifest someone in particular, instead of manifesting love seamlessly, you are limiting your options at happiness. Why not focus on the kind of love you would like to experience and let the Universe decide if it should come to you through your ex or a better partner.

2. How to meditate to manifest love?

You can meditate to manifest love or even heal relationships through meditation. Seat yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and focus completely on your intention for love. You may practice smudging to attract love by getting into the zone, chanting a mantra or making affirmations that relate to love, such as “I deserve love and I am ready for it.” 

3. What is the best time to manifest love?

You may be manifesting your desires and wants all day long but generally, mornings are the best time to set intentions, visualize and meditate – all important love manifestation rituals. Early morning is the best time to raise your vibration after a night’s restful sleep. 

4. Can you learn how to manifest someone to like you?

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be healthy. By focusing on one person only you are ironically putting yourself off for someone better. Also it shows a certain desperation on your part and that you are operating from a scarcity mentality, which will not allow the Law Of Attraction to work.

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