How To Impress A Girl In College?

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Updated On: August 11, 2023
how to impress a girl in college

You are in college only once. Those of us who are already past that phase in life fondly look back at those memories, wishing we could go back to the simple old days. College is arguably the best time in life for most youngsters. The dating scene in college life is also much more exciting. Most guys are always looking for answers to how to impress a college girl.

College is the single best opportunity for most guys to pick up girls. The chances of you being in the regular vicinity of hot girls are the highest in college. It always goes downhill from there. So if you are in college and reading this, take action. NOW!

10 Best Ways To Impress A College Girl

The great thing about college is that your social life is always abuzz. With very little or no worries at all, friends around you all the time and parties whenever you want them, it’s hard to imagine anything better. However, we don’t want to overlook the most important aspect of college life for a guy. Girls!

Whether you want a serious girlfriend or simply start casual dating, we can show you how to charm a college girl. Let’s further look into the 10 best ways on how to impress a college girl for all you GenZers out there!

1. Groom yourself

College and being young is a lot about physical attraction. The first thing a girl will look at is the way you take care of yourself and groom yourself. This doesn’t refer to movie star looks and a Greek god physique but getting the basics right.

Things like smart clothes, properly groomed hair and fresh breath do wonders in wooing college girls. You would be surprised at how many people get these simple things wrong!

2. Know where to meet them

The next important step of wooing girls in college is to know where to meet them. Libraries, cafeterias, student activity groups and parties are some of the best places. All you have to figure out is which one works the best for you.

If you’re a book nerd, go chat up a girl in the library about Karl Marx or Foucault. If you’re more on the wild side, dress your best to college parties and woo women with a smile and lots of dancing. The options are endless!

how to impress a college girl
Know where to find them and start a conversation with them

3. Take college societies seriously

College is a time where people often discover their passions, interests and causes that consume them. Women are often attracted to men who are passionate and driven. If you are a part of a college society, such as the music society or the art society, a college girl will know that you are passionate about your hobbies.

This is great because it makes you seem like you have an all-rounder personality and can certainly do much more than just studying. How to impress a girl in college is about finding the right ways to show her the best parts of your personality.

Show her that she could be dating an artist, a musician or a writer. Being serious about extracurricular societies can do just that!

4. Keep it simple and be yourself

Girls in college fall for guys who have attractive personalities. They love men who are comfortable with themselves and don’t appear needy. To attract women in college, it’s important to have an air of positivity around you and show them that you are an honest and genuine person.

College is full of phony guys and girls really do like to steer clear of that. Hang out with fun people, smile more often, have a good sense of humor and don’t be afraid to show everybody who you are.

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5. Being proactive

To make sure that all the right eyes are on you, you really do have to be the Belle of the ball. If you sit in a corner, not a lot of girls will be able to notice you among the sea of other college guys trying so hard to hit on them.

To impress a girl, not only do you have to be attractive but also visible. Make sure that you are active in college sports, fests and even classroom discussions. You need to plant a little bait for a girl to find attractive so she can come and talk to you.

6. Having the right impression

College girls and their networking skills are no joke. These girls always have each other’s back and are always willing to expose the wrong guys to save their friends from dealing with the pain of heartbreak. So make sure you have a decent reputation among your peers.

If you’ve gotten into fights, have been involved in other kinds of drama – try to keep it on the down-low. Women have a nose for these things and will try not to get involved with a problematic guy.

7. Make good small talk with people

Most people these days consider small talk annoying and worthless, but socially, it can be used to great advantage. Everyone loves a guy who can charm a room without having to make too much effort. Also when you consistently make small talk with your batch mates, you establish decent relationships with them which further leads to them having a good impression of you.

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8. Have the right friends

The best way to impress a college girl is by showing her that you are a simple, decent guy. And having the wrong group of friends is not going to help your case. We’re not saying choose hoes over bros, but just be careful of the company you keep.

If a girl feels like she would be uncomfortable around your friend circle, she will not indulge you. Spending time with friends is good, yes, but spending time with the right friends is much more important. Show women that you are a wholesome guy with a wholesome circle that she would love to be a part of.

art of wooing

9. Be the good guy

College is full of men trying to woo, impress and flirt their way into the pants of girls. Sadly, girls know that all too well. So you have to step up your game and show them that you are much more than a guy who does not take women seriously.

This does not mean that you have to indulge in a serious or exclusive relationship. But you do have to show these girls that no matter what your relationship is with them, you respect all the women around you and are honest and upfront. Women deal with too many young guys being evasive, not texting them back or ghosting often. No matter what your intention is, just don’t be him.

10. Have the right approach

Respecting boundaries and reading social situations is what we mean. How to impress a girl in college is not just about attracting her to your outward charms but also about doing things the right way. For example, don’t hit on Aisha and then on her best friend Neena at the same party.

Maintain boundaries and be mindful of the things you do and say. Don’t run around on a flirting spree and try to keep your feelings intact if you have to.


1. How do I impress a girl on the first day of college?

By being yourself and chatting her up. There are many ways to start a conversation with a woman. Just simply approach her, ask her where she’s from, try to get to know her and have a simple time.

2. How can I attract a girl without talking to her?

By showcasing your talents in other ways. You can do this by playing sports in college, excelling in academics, joining college societies and so on.

3. How can I impress a girl fast?

Groom yourself well, hold yourself together, have some interesting things to say, try not to banter or use too many quips in the first conversation and do a good job in getting to know her. Yes, it can be that easy sometimes.

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