12 Reasons Dating An Artist Can Be Exciting

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When one mentions dating an artist, people automatically assume you’re a sexy muse and your life is filled with the appreciation of arts, beauty, and philosophy. Well, this interesting depiction isn’t just a fantastical version of loving an artist. This could well be the reality.

We do not mean to typecast here but artists are the thinkers of the world. They feel more deeply, engage more seriously, and connect on a variety of levels. Of course, there can be downsides to being with an artsy person too, especially if your temperaments and hunger for novelty don’t match. Like with any other relationship, this one too comes with its share of pros and cons.

But one thing is for sure, being in a relationship with an artist will be markedly different from being with an average Joe. Whether it’s a relationship where you find your forever partner or a fleeting but heady romance, being in love with an artist will expand your horizons and give you a new perspective on love and life.

What Is It Like Dating An Artist? 

Musicians, poets, actors, or painters – artists are around us in many shapes and forms. These creative minds are a whiff of fresh air, as they intrinsically perceive and process the world around them differently. While each artist may have a unique personality and characteristics, most of them share some commonalities as well.  

  • Artists often have an elusive edge. They may not always appear available and ready for you
  • They are passionate and that reflects in the depth of their love. Relationships feel more meaningful with them
  • They are consumed by the art form that they are passionate about and their life often circles their art as the focal point
  • Most artists are also eccentric and show signs of mood swings
  • Some can even be borderline self-absorbed or sucked into their art world. There may be moments where they get so consumed by their creations that the world around them can fade into oblivion, and that includes their partners too

That’s probably why if you explore the life journeys of popular artists through annals of history, you may find that most struggled to maintain and build steady and healthy relationships.

Julianne, an advertising professional, recalls what being romantically involved with an artist was like for her. She was in college, he was doing his art residency. “We just crossed paths on campus, and I was enamored by how brilliantly his mind worked. For the year and a half that we dated, I was completely in awe of him. When he was not in his artistic element, we had some great times too – in the bedroom and outside.

“Then there were moments where he’d have this sudden ‘Eureka’ moment and shut himself away from the world. There was no telling whether this phase would last a couple of days or weeks. In the end, he usually had a brilliant creation that justified his actions but the ebb and flow of his attention took a toll on the relationship,” she says.

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The long and short of it is that having an artist boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t a walk in the park. “But it can also be a relationship that fulfills you in ways no other has or will. The good times are good enough to become memories worth cherishing for a lifetime,” adds Julianne.  

The biggest pro is that artists can often offer you a deeper meaning that you may not find in other relationships. Julianne says that if she had to give advice to prospective lovers of artists, it’d be this: accept that you – and everything else – will always come second in their life. Their passion is their first love. Be willing to offer space in the relationship. Lots and lots of it.

12 Reasons Dating An Artist Is Pure Excitement

Dating an artistic person has its ups and downs. While a lot has been said about the downsides, the positives of having a creative genius as a partner are often underrated. That’s a shame because if you look closely the positives can far outweigh the negatives.

To begin with, artists are insanely attractive. With their grunge look, thoughtful persona, and electric vibe, they can make you go weak in the knees no matter how long you’ve been together. So, keeping the erotic spark alive is the last thing you have to worry about. They stimulate you in a cerebral way like no one else may ever have. Being in a relationship with an artist means having a partnership that rests on intellectual intimacy.

relationship with an artist
Keeping the erotic spark alive is the last thing you have to worry about.

If that’s not enough to get you to act on your feelings, here are 12 other reasons why loving an artist is pure excitement. Plus, while we are at it, let’s break a myth or two about the economic struggles of dating an artist:

1. Artists have an enormous network

Having an artist boyfriend or girlfriend can be an eye-opening experience. The curious cats that they are, they mingle and make friends with people often. What’s better is that their circles are often varied and they enjoy different kinds of company. This might be good for you when dating exclusively since you can always dabble in your partner’s art world circles and meet new people every day. This can truly expand your horizons as an individual, giving you insights into how different people think.

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2. They like meaningful relationships 

Artists have an affinity for meaning and want everything to be much bigger than it really is. Artist relationships are not frivolous encounters. It could be a short encounter but never a shallow one. Even an acquaintance they meet at a party can turn into a life lesson for them. The most wonderful thing about being with them is that they understand the difference between casual dating vs relationships.

They do not tread lightly on things and seek a profound experience wherever they go. If they are with you, they’ll be prepared to dive in head and soul and expect the same of you. Loving an artist means not letting societal norms and dating trends dictate the pace of your relationship. You can follow your heart.

3. They are appreciative 

Having an artist girlfriend or boyfriend means that they will always have something wonderful to say about the things around them. Falling in love with an artist means falling in love with an ardent lover of the world. From the edges of butterfly wings to how you take your coffee, your partner will look for beauty in the most minute things and see things in a way that you might take time to observe. This is just a part of their creative process.

Being with them, you will learn to appreciate the little things in life. You would see yourself with a pair of eyes that makes even your flaws beautiful, making you feel special. Did you ever notice your eyebrows are the most stunning features of your face? You might just when your artistic lover compares them to cupid’s bow!

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4. They have strong feelings for things 

Artists do not have an unequivocal stance or a lazy perspective. They like to engage and create, which is why they have opinions on just about everything and they feel strongly and passionately about things close to their heart. These could be good or bad feelings. 

Creative people either hate too strongly or display unconditional love. They are always passionate, committed, and invested in things. Dating an artsy girl or an art-head guy is not going to be all about passionate lovemaking covered in body paints. It also means having a partner with strong opinions on matters of the world. This headstrong attitude is often mistaken as a downside of dating an artist.

Look at it this way: Your artist lover will challenge you at every turn, which can result in constructive growth for both of you, only if you are able to take it in a good spirit. Even if you have a contradicting opinion, they wouldn’t write it off or resent you for it as long as you can back it up with a reason, logic, or at least a sensible argument.  

5. Your own creativity will blossom 

Perhaps, the biggest perk of dating an artist will be that their creative projects may ignite your creativity. Just talking to them, getting to know them, and understanding their art could help you discover a passion inside you. Artists are not just creative in what they make but also in how they think. Rest assured, some of that will certainly rub off on you too.

If you’re someone who has a latent artistic streak, it can really help hone your skills, get over your inhibitions and find your voice. History is rife with examples of artist couples who not only formed deep soul connections but also inspired some of each other’s best works. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot, and Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning, to name a few.

downsides of dating an artist
Artists will bring out your own artistic side

6. Artists have extreme highs and extreme lows 

Dating them means dating their art too. Artists are committed to their work and it means everything to them. Whether they’re a bassist or a writer, their art is not just a job or a hobby to them. It serves a much greater purpose. This can affect their moods, tolerance, and general well-being, and may leave you feeling like you’re dating a workaholic with no time for their love life.

They are soulful on the inside but are held hostage to their passion. To some, these behavioral traits may count as cons of dating an artist. If you are the kind of person who is too invested in a relationship, you would seek consistency in your lover’s behavior.

In that case, dating a creative woman or man could be challenging. To make such a relationship work you must give them space and take a step back when they’re reeling from the pains of a creative breakthrough. You also need to manage your alone time with personal projects to lessen your dependence on them.

7. Artists are mavericks in the best sense 

Let’s talk about the perks of being in a relationship with an artist for a second. With a hop in their step and passion in their eyes, artists are super easy to spot and fall in love with. They are not necessarily brooding or have massive egos. Artists just think far too much than us and far too differently. They always process things outside the box and do not shy away from expressing their innermost thoughts.

Their art helps them become who they are. They are free-spirited, independent thinkers who often go through life doing as they please, often annihilating every societal diktat in their wake. When you are dating a creative man or woman, you’d have a partner who will never try to bind you into a trap of certain dos and don’ts. Broadly speaking, artists are the best lovers; they are above all ordinary couples’ issues and petty jealousy in a relationship.

Live your life on your own terms oh-so proudly and let their creativity enrich your mind and soul. This makes a relationship with an artist an extremely liberating experience. Being with them, you learn how not to view yourself through the eyes of others or let their expectations define you.

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8. You might be a muse 

If yours is an artist-muse relationship, you will be a lot more than a partner to your significant other. The romantic gestures they make for you might as well go down in history as a celebrated work of art. Take, for example, sculptors Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin, who channelized their fierce passion for each other into sensual famed sculptures that invoked awe even today.

Likewise, Pablo Picasso created a one-of-a-kind ring for his love and muse, Dora Maar, with a miniature rendering of her, characterized by lopsided, wide eyes and a blue-striped chemise, in place of where a stone would typically be. Though their romance didn’t last long, Maar held that ring dear till she breathed her last.

They will love you but they see you as something much bigger. Something that perhaps gives meaning to their life and is a source of inspiration. That’s why they will always be observant of you and will know you in and out as a person. 

9. Artists travel the world

One who is inherently artistic is constantly on the lookout for sources of inspiration. Artists are observant and always seek out experiences that can help them better their craft and skill. Artists and creative people are not settlers. They like to move around and seek new experiences.

This often puts them on a globe-trotting path. From road trips around town to exploring a new culture in a faraway continent, they are up for it all. As long as you’re both together, you’d be along for the ride for sure. So, keep those bags packed and get ready for some travel for two!  

Just think about it, you are dating a creative person whose life is a series of road trips, studying life and nature along the way. You loan a camper van and ride through the deserts, or make a forestry land your home for a month. It will be the couple’s adventure of a lifetime! Art is a full-time job and so is the thrill that comes with it.

10. Their world is not tragic 

Contrary to what popular media represents, not all artists live tragic lives. We have been forced to assume that artists derive their inspiration from pain and torment, which they sometimes want to inflict on themselves even. That stereotype, fortunately, rings false. 

Being in a relationship with an artist does not mean that you are with someone who actively seeks pain. Or that your partner has an inherent streak for self-sabotaging relationships. Most of them are normal, receptive, and functional human beings. The only difference between artists and the rest of us is that they can be either too receptive or completely oblivious of the world around them. 

This loosely translates to the fact that the struggles of dating an artist go hand in hand with all the thrill and passion. There will be days when your partner might completely isolate themselves from the world. It’s inherently embedded in their nature and you can hardly do anything about it other than respecting their space and privacy.

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11. They are not judgmental 

Judgment is one thing you should never expect from an artist. A life with an artist means you never have to worry about who or what you are, or about being in a toxic relationship. It is indeed a wonderful shift from the world of snappy comments and judgments.

Artists always welcome the world with open arms and are often very understanding. They enjoy a landscape of views, ideas, lifestyles, and cultures, a streak that stems from their need to grow and will to learn. Nothing for them is too outlandish or out of the box because they simply do not believe in the concept of the box itself.  

When you are dating a creative woman, she won’t mind when you bring her a bunch of wildflowers instead of a luxury perfume. You cannot fathom just yet how beautiful it is to be dating an artsy girl. She will love you even more if you write a song about her. Far beyond materialism, artists crave real sentiments in life.

Stories about dating

12. They are not necessarily broke 

Do you remember O. Henry’s famous short story, The Last Leaf, about two broke artists who could barely make ends meet? Our classical literature and movies have impregnated in our minds that one of the biggest struggles of dating an artist is financial insecurities.

But, dating a broke suffering artist is a trope that has gone on for too long. Not all artists are cash-strapped strugglers who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. So, in all likelihood, you won’t have to worry about sharing expenses when you’re in a relationship with an artist.

In today’s dynamic world, any artist worth their salt can find enough well-paying opportunities to display their creations that they can afford a decent lifestyle. Then, there are some very successful artists who dabble in obscene amounts of wealth.

Key Pointers

  • Artists are the thinkers of the world. They feel more deeply, engage more seriously, and connect on a variety of levels
  • Artists can sometimes be hard to date because of their eccentricities
  • The benefits of dating an artist far outweigh the challenges
  • Since artist are passionate, eccentric people who love deeply, a relationship with them can be an extremely meaningful and life changing experience
  • A judgment-free life, an experience of passionate emotions, a motivation for your creativity to blossom, being able to travel the world, meet interesting people are only a few of the amazing perks of dating an artist

If you have your eyes and heart set on an artist, don’t let stereotypes and misnomers hold you back. The disadvantages of dating an artist cannot even stand in front of thousand worthy reasons to give this creative soul your heart. Besides, there is no doubt about the fact that artists are the best lovers. Perhaps, this is your chance to soak in all the warmth, the passion, and the never-ending stream of love.

With the right tips for dating an artist up your sleeve, you can totally make it work. And even if it doesn’t, being in love with an artist can be an experience of a lifetime that is just too good to pass up on account of your inhibitions.  

This article has been updated in October, 2022.


1. Do artists make good lovers?

Artists are often soulful and intelligent and make great lovers in bed. They are reasonably passionate and intense in regular life and show the same as lovers in bed too.

2. How do artists make love?

With all their energy, passion and excitement. Artists are not attracted to frivolous encounters and enjoy experiences that are more real and energizing.

3. Should one marry an artist?

One can. If you enjoy being with an artist and are fond of their talents, you might make a good pair. They have an artistic temperament which makes them different from regular people but it can be a good thing for a marriage too. You must be ready to deal with their mood swings, need for solitude and other behavioral traits of creative people.

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