How To Talk To Women And Impress Them Instantly

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how to talk to women and impress them

Wooing is an art and when it comes to this art of how to talk to women and impress them instantly, unfortunately, not all men are artists. . The age old battle of the sexes rages on because not many men know how to talk to women and charm them. Even at a time when seeking a date is as easy as swiping right, men falter and how! Perhaps that’s why they say men are from Mars and women from Pluto…oops, Venus! (Well, given the communication gap that often arises between the two sexes, they may as well be from planets at two ends of the spectrum!)

Long story short, there are very few men who know exactly how to talk to women and impress them instantly, what not to say that will annoy them and how to make them fall for them with just the right words and deeds.

There are certain elements in the way the love game is played that need to be kept in mind: it’s not cheesy lines, borrowed quotes, gifts that try too hard or fake laughter and put-on humor that will win a woman. If you want to learn how to talk to women and tickle their fancy, you need to develop some other qualities. Read on…

How To Talk To Women And Impress Them

It may sound like a surprise but in the tough, competitive world of romance, knowing how to talk to women is more important than being well-dressed or flashing your impressive credit card and career details. It’s far more important to talk to a woman and get to know her rather than boasting about yourself.

Of course, wealth, class and well-groomed appearances are definitely great assets to possess but everything comes to naught if she does not enjoy your company. So guys, words are all you have, at least in the first phase, when you have to talk to a beautiful woman! So load up on some conversation starters and learn some tips before you make your next move. Here’s how to talk to women and impress them instantly:

1. Know what to convey to her

When you get a chance to talk to a woman you have just met, you need to know how to steer the conversation in a way that catches her interest. After all, you can hope for things to progress only if she wants to continue! Indulge in some topics that you know she’ll find interesting or consider asking her some fun questions. Keep it light but keep it going.

It is all about having a normal conversation while squeezing in hot topics, stories, subjects that are creating a buzz. Your demeanor should be that of someone who knows how to interact with a woman and not some nervous college kid.

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2. Conversation starters are important

If you know how to start a conversation with a woman, it’s half the battle won in the game of how to talk to women and impress them. The first five or 10 minutes are crucial to making her think you’re interesting especially when you are trying to talk to a woman you just met. Do not, we repeat, do not make it all about yourself.

If she is a stranger to you, naturally you will begin by asking about her and picking on points from her introduction to take it forward. For example, if she says that she’s a teacher – your conversation can naturally flow to asking her more questions about her work and her students or bring up a funny anecdote from an interaction with an old teacher of yours! Show genuine interest in what she has to say and gently prompt her to chat more.

talk to a woman you just met
To talk to a woman you just met, show genuine interest in what she has to say

3. Stop trying too hard

To be able to impress a girl with words and woo her the same way, the key rule can be described in just four words: Stop Trying Too Hard. The books and self-help articles may say women like men with swag, polish, a sense of humor or some such. But all of that goes unnoticed if you’re obviously working to the bone to make her notice you.

For example, when Charlie took Mallory out to the town fair for a date, Mallory had initially been looking forward to the date until she realizing that Charlie was being too overbearing. He was dominating the conversation to show off about himself, never letting her pay for anything and was cracking jokes like he was a stand up comic and had been put on stage to do a set. He wasn’t being his natural self or letting the conversation flow naturally which really turned her off.

Your demeanor on a date has to come from within. Don’t try too hard to impress and make her feel like you memorized all your lines in front of a mirror. Dress to impress a woman, hold yourself well and be confident you can show her a good time. You can show her how wonderful you are without shoving your qualities in her face.

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4. Listen, just listen well

This sounds easy but most men falter when it comes to listening well to a woman. When you want to talk to women rouse their interest you, remember NOT to talk about yourself too much. Pay attention to what she says since she didn’t meet you to be ignored or talked over.

Ask lots of questions and give her a chance to realize that you’re really invested in this conversation and serious about understanding her better. If she is in a field you have no clue about, tell her honestly, ‘I don’t know anything about data science, but I’d love to understand your profile a little better!’. When she talks, do not interject. Just listen.

5. Avoid subjects you disagree on

To talk to a beautiful woman online you need to understand that it is a separate ballpark when it comes to flirting over text or other texting habits. So the first hurdle has been crossed and she has agreed to get coffee with you. Great! Now comes the next step of how to talk to women and impress them instantly. Hereon, that the conversation will become more intimate, be careful what you talk to women. After all, you don’t have the safety of the screen and delete text anymore — it’s now face to face, buddy!

Unless you have established a good connection, do not jump into controversial subjects like politics or religion or anything that she may feel strongly about. The key is to keep it light and easy until you know each other well. You want to impress a girl with words and not throw her off completely because you have strong opposing views on marriage!

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6. Do not talk dirty

How does a man try to impress a woman? Often he thinks that saying something too sexual will make her drag him straight to bed so they can steal the deal but that is rarely the case. Remember this as a golden rule that you must avoid talking dirty to a woman if you are serious about impressing her. Memorize this tip and go through it before you begin a conversation. Never ever crack sex jokes or bawdy one-liners thinking they make you look cool. They don’t.

Locker room talk is best left to be indulged in with your male buddies (though women find that too rather crass and a little off-putting). Don’t drop the ‘f’ bomb too often in the chat, it’s a put-off. And we aren’t being old-fashioned here. It could truly be one of the biggest turn offs for women.

7. Know when to back off

Knowing how to talk to a beautiful woman is also about knowing when to stop talking. We’re giving you plenty of advice about what to say and so on but now understand how sometimes, you must not say anything at all. This is where you have to develop some sensitivity to gestures and body language.

Getting to know her does not mean you ask too many personal questions and invade her space. If she is uncomfortable speaking about something, back off and understand her cues. Do not probe and do not violate her comfort. The point of how to talk to women and impress them instantly is to make them feel like they are safe and happy with you. So avoid pressing on topics which she’s not interested in.

talk to a beautiful woman
Know when you might be asking the wrong questions and pull away

8. Send interesting text messages

How to talk to women in text requires a different skill set, as mentioned before. To talk to a beautiful woman online is one art of charming a woman that you will have to master as well. Avoid texting her until you have something interesting to share. And if you don’t have a talking point, try forwarding something truly funny or chat-worthy that can evoke a response.

Texting can be very addictive. But do not blow it by sending silly good morning messages. Always stop the chat at the right time to avoid the risk of boring her into bolting. This will also leave something for you to carry forward in the conversation the next day.

9. Be polite and well-mannered

Etiquette never goes out of fashion. Saying thank you, excuse me, you’re welcome etc shows you as a well brought up, polished guy – a quality that most girls appreciate.

When Benjamin and Marissa went out to a Mexican restaurant on their first date, Benjamin seemed to have put in a lot of effort at how to talk to women and impress them, but all his efforts instantly went in vain the moment he talked rudely to the waiter. Marissa was enjoying his company immensely, but the moment he shot a rude remark at the waiter, Marissa had half a mind to walk out.

So keep in mind that being polite is everything. It also shows that you know how to be considerate about others’ needs. In a world where being brash and irreverent is in vogue, a bit of old-fashion charm always works well when you talk to women.

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10. Keep up the sense of mystery

This age-old trick always works wonders. Even if you are a playful man who does a fair bit of healthy flirting, when you talk to women, do not reveal all your cards at once. Keep some mystery about you and let her guess things about you. If you show too much too quickly, you risk her losing interest in you.

As mentioned in point 4, listen more and talk less. This will incite her curiosity about you and your life. Even when you want to impress a girl with chatter, do not tell her all about yourself during your online conversations. Give it time and meet each other more. Then you can open up, bit by bit. This will also keep her interest in you alive.

11. Be yourself

Often when you have to talk to a woman you just met, you believe that you have to make them believe that you see them as some sort of wonder woman, in order to sustain the conversation. In the process this makes you act too nice, too ingratiating, too cocky or too reserved. Basically, everything but one who is truly himself for he is preoccupied with putting on a show of what she may like.

To impress a girl with words and with your personality, do not send out signals that you see an attractive women as potential girlfriends. Try and consciously talk to women the way you would with a stranger or your male friends. Don’t try to do things ‘differently’ just because you feel the pressure to impress. That’s when you start faltering and you might end up misunderstanding how a woman wants to be treated.

The bottom-line in learning how to talk to women and impress them instantly is to be your authentic natural self. You cannot change your innate personality but never ever try and become someone else. Because that attraction and passion will also only last a few minutes.

So if you want to impress a girl with your conversational skills or think of ways to woo her in person — focus on your strengths and let that shine. Someone, someday will get be in awe of what you are all about.

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